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Earlier this year, we were excited to announce the release of Muscle Pharm’s first edible supplement, Combat Crunch Bars.

Their newest innovation, a ready-to-drink protein shake named CocoProtein™, is even more exciting.

Touting it as “Nature’s Recovery Drink”, MusclePharm has combined coconut water and milk protein to create a delicious blend of high quality nutrition.

If you’re lactose intolerant, don’t let the milk protein scare you off — MP has made it very clear that CocoProtein™ is lactose free.

Also, there’s good news for the gluten sensitive…it’s gluten free as well.

The Flavors

As of now, CocoProtein™ is currently available in two flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Piña Colada

Both flavors received phenomenal feedback when they were sampled at this year’s Olympia expo. We expect it to be a huge hit, based on flavor alone.

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As we all know though, flavor is important, but it isn’t everything. What matters the most is what’s actually in the bottle.

Here’s whats going on with the ingredients:

CocoProtein’s Ingredients

As mentioned, CocoProtein™ is both lactose and gluten free. It’s also soy free, since MP chose to use milk protein instead.

The label will be released very soon — here’s what we know now:

Dieters have the opportunity to experience its delicious benefits as well, as it’s relatively low in calories, clocking in at only 130 calories per 12 oz bottle.

MusclePharm CocoProtein

Which flavor of CocoProtein are you going to try first… chocolate or pina coloda?

Furthermore, the sugar content has been kept under control, at only 5 grams sugar per serving.

The overall macro-nutrient breakdown looks like this:

  • Protein – 20g
  • Carbs – 7g (5g sugar)
  • Fat – 1g

As you can see, the ratios make it flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of goals.

According to the Brad Pyatt, CEO of Muscle Pharm,

“CocoProtein™ is the perfect complement to any workout and healthy lifestyle, with an excellent flavor profile and a smooth and light texture.”[1]

He continued on to say:

“The launch also marks our entrance into the beverage industry, an exciting new growth area for our company, with an innovative and differentiated product that underscores our commitment to fuel sport.”[1]

In other words, it sounds like this is just the beginning for Muscle Pharm, in terms of ready to drink beverages at least.

Following the trend

We love to write about MusclePharm’s movements. We love tracking their hit or miss record. No doubt, they are marketing masters, but we’re more interested in product quality and value.

Lately, $MSLP has been missing small and hitting big, and that’s where we see this one headed (hitting big):

This is obviously a smart play if you take a look at the trends[2]:

Coconut Water Protein

Protein Shakes and Coconut Water have been trending on the same path. So why have the two markets ignored each other for so long? (Image courtesy Google Trends[2])

Those of us who follow fitness have long known that high protein diets are key to both building muscle and burning body fat. Meanwhile, we’ve seen this coconut water trend continue to thrive in other corners of the market.

The trend similarity between this and “protein shakes” is uncanny, but the downside on coconut water is that it peaks in July and drops off sharply in the winter. MusclePharm clearly missed that date, so it might take a year to really see how this performs. We are heading into the “dry season” for coconut water.

New Year’s Resolution season is coming upon us, however, and that is a peak time for protein shakes.

Beneficial side effect: clearing the way for the Amino1 RTD

There’s huge upside for MusclePharm and their shareholders if CocoProtein takes off.

If they can secure individual bottle shelf space in refrigerators at convenient stores, grocery stores, and gas stations across the world, then that opens the door for the next phase in world domination: easy market entry for the Amino1 RTD, which is expected to take Gatorade and Powerade on head-to-head.

Hasn’t this been done before?

It wouldn’t be fair to post this without giving credit where credit is due. This exact thing has, in fact been done by Nature’s Best, who has had a product named Cocotein out for over a year.

The thing is that Cocotein is extremely expensive (nearly $3 per bottle… at best), and tastes rather plain (it’s good, but plain). With the Isopure RTD product line, Nature’s Best uses a protein that they try to make as clear, watery, and tasteless as possible.

MusclePharm is taking things in a different direction, and we believe that when the chips drop in the Cocotein vs. CocoProtein battle, MusclePharm will come out ahead on this one.

Treat yourself to some CocoProtein™ today!

Coco Protein

Try it for yourself!

Anyway, give CocoProtein™ a try and let us know what you think. We have a feeling that you won’t be disappointed.

Coconut water alone provides good (but possibly overstated) benefits, but it’s the addition of 20 grams of protein that makes it a nutritional powerhouse.

It’s not just about mixing coconut water and protein though. Much care has to be taken in order to create optimal texture and overall palatability, and we believe MusclePharm has done just that.

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MusclePharm CocoProtein - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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