WANTED: Two US Male Loggers for USPLabs Ultimate-T

USPLabs Ultimate-T Reviews / Logs in Progress:

  1. Colby’s Ultimate-T Log: 23 Year Old Powerlifting Training
Ultimate-T Loggers

WANTED: Two strapping (but not necessarily young) lads


We’re looking for two US male loggers to write open and honest reviews of USPLabs’ new natural testosterone booster, Ultimate-T!

Leave a comment answering:

If you’re in the US and are interested, please leave a comment below answering the following:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Are you on anything hormonal right now? Have you in the past?
  3. Have you logged anything before? Feel free to link to it if you like.
  4. Will you do before/after pictures? (If you’re on the fence, we don’t care if you crop your head out and use a moniker.)
  5. Are you a rep or otherwise affiliated with any other brand?

The products will be provided free by USPLabs, but everything else is operated through the PricePlow team.

24 Hours only!

We’re moving on this quick – we’ll be selecting users by the end of the work day on Tuesday, June 23.

Other requirements

You must be able to use Google Drive – that is how we’ll get your writing and put it onto this site. It’s free.

You will need to update your log at least 2x/week.

Thanks and good luck! – Team PricePlow

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  • jygsaw

    1. 32
    2. Not that I am aware of
    3. I have not logged anything before
    4. I can do before and after photos
    5. Not a rep

  • Devin Foley

    1. 29
    2. No
    3. No
    4. Yes
    5. No

  • Deven Merritt
  • Lance Hubbell


    • Lance, you’ve been selected! Just shot you an email, please hit us back.

      • Lance Hubbell

        Sweet, thanks. I just sent you an email with the information you needed. Looking forward to this, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Michael P

    Hey there,

    I’m Michael. I’m 22 years old and I’m a huge fan of the site and would love to be able to contribute. I want to be able to work on my writing particularly in the area of supplements.

    I’m currently sitting at 207 pounds at around 7-8% body fat. I’m currently a hopeful for a first physique show in November. My current regimen puts me at day 7 of 30 cycle of Chaos and Pain’s MK-2866 and GW-1516. Due to the chance of minor suppression post cycle, an OTC test booster seems fitting to run. Nothing prior to that.

    I am a former employee of Campus Protein and current employee of GNC, but I try to remain unbiased as I can.

    I haven’t run a log, but I have been a reviewer of Neon Sport products through one of their programs on major retail sites.

    I can absolutely do a minimum of two posts a week, and think more could keep me accountable. I can also do a before and after.

  • Bryan

    1) 28
    2) Nothing past or present
    3)No supplement logs but religious with workouts, and supplement cycling. Work as a quality analysis engineer for software. Meticulous.
    4)Perfectly fine with pictures.
    5)I am not a rep nor am I affiliated with any supplement brand.

  • Drew Douthit

    1. 28
    2. Nothing now, but past yes. Superdrol, Tren, Halo, Epi, Super DHAs
    3. Have logged before but was years ago. Have no issue with updating on a daily basis. I’m in the military in training right now and have class daily. So, I am not going to the field for awhile and have access to my computer everyday.
    4. Have no issues with taking pictures before, weekly, and end.
    5. I’m not a rep or affiliated with any supplement brand besides hard and consistent work ethic.

  • Jamar Averyhart