Olympus Labs ENDUR3 (Discontinued, Get it Before it’s Too Late)


Olympus Labs Endur3 is yet another fully-loaded supplement from the DemiGods! The only question is… do you want to get Endur3+ and add carbs??

It was a small surprise when Olympus Labs recently unveiled an amino acid formula because they’re typically one of the more straightforward supplement categories, and Olympus Labs has developed quite the reputation for releasing innovative supplements that sets them apart from the competition.

So when the DemiGod team does something new, we take note and immediately look for something different. They’ve been on fire so far in 2016, and we doubt they’re stopping yet!

A quick glance through the profile of their creation, ENDUR3, confirms our suspicion that this is not your run of the mill amino acid supplement. There are actually two versions of ENDUR3; one with a carbohydrate source, ENDUR3+, and the base formula which is carb free. Each version is available in two flavours, Pina Colada and Dragonfruit.

Carbs or no Carbs: To ENDUR3 Or ENDUR3+?

We’ve been on a workout carb kick lately, and we’re big fans of companies who offer multiple versions of a product to suit different user preferences.

If you stop being a carbophobe and look at the research and go by ‘feel’, most people will realize that carbs will provide added endurance and energy for your workout, which we’ll explore further below.

First, let’s take a look at the price comparisons – right now we’ve put them into two different products:

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The ENDUR3 Ingredients

ENDUR3 features four matrices with some of your typical intra-workout ingredients but some others that are quite intriguing. ENDUR3+ has an additional matrix with a unique carbohydrate source known as Carb10.

Endur3 Ingredients

The Endur3 Ingredients (this is the label without the carbs)

First let’s review the amino acid profile in ENDUR3, and then we’ll get into the carbs in ENDUR3+.

  • Maximum Amino Uptake & Ergogenic Matrix

    We’re going to start with this section, since it’s where the formula is interesting and different. After that, we’ll get to the amino acids and electrolytes, for those of you unfamiliar with them.

    Olympus Labs has added four ingredients that you typically don’t normally see in intra-workout formulas. This blend consists of 2g of HydroMax Glycerol, 1g Agmatine, 150mg of Schisandra Chinensis Fruit extract (standardized to 9% Schisandrins) and 100mg of (-)-epicatechin.

    • Epicatechin

      How Epicatechin Affects Myostatin Levels

      Epicatechin dropping myostatin! Will this work in younger users? Will it result in GAINS?

      Epicatechin is an flavanol found in cocoa seeds and green tea that has exploded in popularity as a muscle building supplement in the past few years because it’s been found to act as a myostatin inhibitor in rats.

      Myostatin is a protein that inhibits muscle cell growth and differentiation, so those seeking to add muscle would love to block it.

      So that begs the question, why does ENDUR3 contain non-phytofused epicatechin?

      Olympus Labs justifies its inclusion in ENDUR3 for its other benefits: the ability to enhance exercise and oxidative capacity and increase angiogenesis. These benefits were realized as low a dosage as the human equivalent of 75mg/day and ENDUR3 exceeds that amount.

      It also has been found to lower blood pressure in animal studies which is beneficial during strenuous exercise when your heart rate is elevated.

      You can read more about this ingredient on our massive epicatechin article.

    • Agmatine

      You may be more accustomed to seeing agmatine in pre-workout formulas to elicit that “pump” effect so why is it in ENDUR3? Perhaps a review of the mechanism of action will provide a logical answer.

      Agmatine and Arginine

      Agmatine is similar to arginine, but WAY better for our purposes.

      Agmatine is byproduct of arginine produced through a process called decarboxylation where the carboxylic acid end is removed. Agmatine acts directly on endothelial cells to increase the synthesis of nitric oxide, a gas that dilates blood vessels thereby improving blood flow. It’s also been shown to increase glucose uptake into skeletal muscle tissue.

      So this dual action will ultimately lead to the enhanced uptake of the amino acids in ENDUR3 and carbohydrates in ENDUR3+. Unsurprisingly, Olympus Labs uses an effective dose of 1g agmatine in ENDUR3 to induce that response.

      This is why we’ve always loved agmatine – it creates a “metabolic cascade” that does a whole lot more than just yield a pump when lifting.

      Double-dose alongside your pre workout?
      Olympus Labs Conqu3r Unleashed

      Have we mentioned how much we love this stuff?!

      Since there is also 1g agmatine in two scoops of CONQU3R UNLEASHED, the highly-rated pre-workout also from Olympus Labs, is there a conflict to use both products consecutively?

      Maybe, but most users find that they achieve a sufficient stimulatory and pump effect from 1-1.5 scoops of CONQU3R Unleashed so you would be getting less than 1g of agmatine from that pre-workout dose. However, it’s perfectly safe to use the 2g of agmatine from a full serving of both ENDUR3 and CONQU3R UNLEASHED.

      In fact, a study found daily usage of agmatine at 1.335 g/day agmatine sulfate for 10 days, 2.670 g/day for 10 days, 3.560 g/day for 10 days, and 3.560 g/day for 21 days were all well tolerated.

    • HydroMax Glycerol

      HydroMax Glycerol is a concentrated version of powdered Glycerol Monostearate (GMS), a naturally occurring metabolite. HydroMax Glycerol yields 65% free molecular glycerol, possibly more than five times the amount in GMS (which is lucky to realistically yield 20%).

      Supplementation with Glycerol can help you stay hydrated while minimizing fluid retention so you won’t feel weighed down from fluid intake. This claim was validated in a study where hyperhydration with glycerol combined with water was found to be far superior to water alone and significantly increased fluid retention by approximately 900mL over placebo.


      HydroMax is a high-yield glycerol that improves cellular hydration, endurance, and water-based pumps.

      Glycerol’s osmoprotective solute quality can be used to improve physical endurance. The reduction in serum blood osmolality and the effects on ionic gradients caused by glycerol ingestion delay fatigue; therefore, endurance and athletic performance are improved.

      This is known as “Hyperhdyration”, and endurance athletes have been known to successfully use it — just like with agmatine, it’s not just there for a good pump.

    • Schisandra Chinensis berry

      Schisandra Chinensis berry, commonly referred to simply as Schisandra, is an adaptogen herb native to Northern China and Eastern Russia. Adaptogens are a class of substances that normalize bodily functions and increase resistance to stress. In addition they can increase mental performance and working capacity which will undoubtedly benefit your workout.

      Several animal studies have demonstrated a positive effect on muscle atrophy, or the loss of muscle mass, from Schisandra. A study in humans, particularly athletes engaged in heavy physical exercise found that supplementation with standardized extracts of Schisandra Chinensis prevented an increase of cortisol in blood and saliva, while an increase was observed in the placebo group.

      Furthermore, there is data on Schisandra in animals that indicates it can increase glucose disposal rates and enhance insulin sensitivity by working as a PPAR-γ agonist. Other studies have also demonstrated an improvement in insulin-stimulated glucose uptake.

    Now we see the method to Olympus Labs’ madness with the Maximum Amino Uptake & Ergogenic Matrix.

    The Agmatine and Schisandra will both serve as an effective means to shuttle the amino acids into your muscles. Combined with the (-)/-epicatechin and HydroMax Glycerol, the ingredients work synergistically to enhance your workout performance and are fitting of the name, ENDUR3.

    Now let’s get into the stuff you probably already know about. If you’re familiar with aminos and electrolytes, you can skip down to read about the Carb10 carbohydrates next.

  • Amino acids: Maximum mTOR Igniting BCAA & EAA Matrix

    Endur3 Plus Ingredients

    The Endur3 Plus Ingredients – with the carbs. The amino acids stay the same

    The Maximum mTOR Igniting BCAA & EAA Matrix includes the full spectrum of essential amino acids and also L-tyrosine. ENDUR3 also includes two conditional amino acids, 2.75g of L-glutamine and 1g of taurine in the Fatigue Destroying Matrix.

    You’ve probably seen amino acids described as the building blocks of protein. While that’s a true statement, they are more specifically organic compounds that combine to form proteins.

    There are 3 distinct classes of amino acids: non-essential, essential and conditional.

    • Non-essential amino acids are naturally produced in the body.
    • Conversely, essential amino acids are not synthesized by the body so intake from diet and/or supplementation is necessary to realize their benefits.
    • Conditional amino acids are not produced in sufficient quantities in the body but are only essential during periods of physical stress.

    When your body goes into a catabolic state, or the process of muscle breakdown, it utilizes skeletal muscle as a major protein source. Having essential amino acids (EAAs) readily available in your system can prevent that process and in fact elicit an anabolic response by promoting muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

    There are 9 EAAs in total, and they’re all included in ENDUR3’s amino blend. Among those 9 there is a subset of 3 well known as branched chain amino acids (BCAAs): leucine, isoleucine and valine.

    BCAAs have the greatest impact on muscle protein synthesis and fatigue reduction. Olympus Labs knows this, and that’s why there’s a much higher amount in ENDUR3 compared to the other amino acids — 5g leucine, 1.5g isoleucine, and 1.5g valine.

    L-tyrosine is included in ENDUR3 for its ability to mitigate a reduction of cognitive function in response to physical stress.

  • Fatigue destroying Matrix

    • Taurine

      Taurine is an amino acid that is produced naturally in the body and is classified as a conditional amino acid.

      Taurine is best known among athletes for its ability to reduce muscle soreness and cramping. It can also improve insulin sensitivity, reverse cardiovascular disease factors and can be used a treatment for fatty liver disease. Since the human body does not produce enough taurine on its own it is necessary to increase intake through diet and/or supplementation to achieve the aforementioned benefits.

    • Glutamine

      Olympus Labs Endur3

      The dragon fruit powder is a bit more pink than you can tell in this pic. The powder is quite fluffy and needs to be packed in to get the right serving weight.

      Glutamine is also a conditional essential amino acid that plays a critical role in energy metabolism. In fact, glutamine promotes whole body carbohydrate storage and muscle glycogen resynthesis during recovery from exhaustive exercise. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body where the majority of it is stored in muscle tissue.

      However, during intensive exercise the body’s glutamine levels can become depleted so supplementation is necessary to replenish those glutamine levels to prevent fatigue and to enhance muscle recovery.

      Long gone are the days of promoting glutamine alone as a muscle builder. But it can still be thought of as another muscle saver, which is exactly what you’d want in a product named after the word “endure”.

  • Electrolytes: The Maximum Hydration Matrix

    Olympus Labs Endur3 Reviews

    Mediately after putting powder in — it nearly starts mixing itself!!

    The Maximum Hydration Blend in ENDUR3 with provides you with the full set of electrolytes:

    • 300mg of Sodium Chloride (NaCL)
    • 140mg of Potassium Gluconate
    • 80mg of Magnesium Aspartate, and
    • 160mg of Calcium Citrate.

    An interesting add-on that we’re seeing more frequently lately is the inclusion of 500mg of organic coconut water powder.

    Do we need them?

    Several intra-workout supplements contain an electrolyte blend, but are they really needed? The science would suggest they are beneficial since electrolytes are essential minerals that the body needs to function. These include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium.

    Electrolytes serve as a means of rehydration following the loss of fluid associated with intense exercise. Fluid loss can lead to accelerated fatigue, impaired cognition and a reduction in exercise performance. In addition, hydration with electrolytes help your muscles to contract and relax, ultimately prevents cramping. When we sweat the body loses electrolytes so supplementation can prevent loss of energy, fatigue and fluid imbalance.

    But why not just drink water? Electrolytes require less overall fluid intake than water so there is less risk of a weighed down feeling during your workout. They also break down protein and help your body absorb nutrients that will yield a boost in energy.

    The Coconut Water

    Olympus Labs chose to include organic coconut water powder in ENDUR3, an ingredient that’s been showing up in several intra-workouts in the last couple of years. But is coconut water just a fad? We trust Olympus Labs would not include an ingredient if it wasn’t beneficial, but let’s review the data to confirm.

    Coconut Water Electrolytes

    Coconut Water is often used for its naturally-occurring electrolytes. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

    Coconut water is a naturally occurring substance that is rich in potassium, contains sodium, chloride and actually contains a moderate amount of carbohydrates. It can be considered a viable alternative to water and sports drinks for those who need to ENDUR3 through gruelling periods of exercise that often require carbohydrate and electrolytes. In addition, coconut water typically does not cause the nausea and stomach upset that can occur with plain water and typical sports drinks.

    A study that compared the effectiveness of plain water, a commercial sports drink, coconut water and sodium-enriched coconut water concluded that sodium enriched coconut water was as effective as ingesting a commercial sports drink for whole body rehydration after exercise-induced dehydration but with better fluid tolerance.

    Getting to the next big decision…

    As previously mentioned there are two versions of latest from Olympus Labs, ENDUR3 and ENDUR3+. The only difference being the the latter contains 20g of carbohydrates in the form of Carb10.

  • The carbohydrate option in ENDUR3+: Carb10


    Carb10: Energy to Burn

    Carb10 is a non-GMO carbohydrate formally known as legume-based starch derived from Pisum Sativum (peas!).

    Due to its low osmolality, Carb10 is absorbed quickly in the body providing a fast acting energy source yet is not known to cause GI distress. Although it’s digested quickly, the molecule size is relatively large so it’s broken down slowly in the small intestine resulting in a sustained release of energy.

    Carb10 also has a minimal effect on blood sugar or insulin.

    Why choose Carb10 over another carbohydrate source, perhaps a cheaper one like maltodextrin? When compared directly to maltodextrin in a clinical study, participants had an 82% lower insulin response and 27% lower blood sugar response.

    Carb10 will replenish the glycogen in your muscles that’s being depleted as you workout but will not cause a spike in insulin levels. Therefore, Carb10 can be utilized as an effective means of muscle recovery. In addition, Carb10 consumes less stomach volume than maltodextrin which will minimize bloating.

    Carb10 Research

    Comparison of Carb10 and Maltodextrin for insulin response, blood glucose, stomach volume and glycemic index.

How does it stack up to the competition:

Companies are always trying to do something different with intra workouts, and Olympus Labs has a great jam-packed formula here.

While we’re pro-carb lately, most amino acid supplements are zero-carb, and we’re not sure how many people are really adding their own. It will be interesting to see which of these two products become more popular once there is an option available.

The price difference between ENDUR3 & ENDUR3+ listed on the Olympus Labs website is less than $10. This is actually more cost effective than the one competitor who sells the carbohydrate in bulk form (MTS Nutrition’s Machine Carb10 — Endure3+ comes in at 44g per dollar, whereas MTS Carb10 is around 40g per dollar!)

Who is it for?


Endur3+ has 70 calories per serving, from 17g of carbohydrates via Carb10


There are no ingredients in ENDUR3 that would preclude anyone from using it. The typical groups of athletes that typically need to pay extra attention to supplement labels, like female and competitive athletes, can use ENDUR3 freely. A more pertinent topic is what is the best way to use ENDUR3 to maximize its benefits.

The biggest decision is how you approach your carbohydrates throughout the day. We like to get most of them in or around our workouts, which is why we lean towards ENDUR3+.

It should also be stated that ENDUR3 is not limited to use as a intra-workout supplement, it can also be beneficial at any time of the day in the absence of proper protein intake. However, most will reserve those precious scoops for their workouts where its benefits will be maximized. The versatility of the profile allows you to use it in any combination that is convenient to your routine, pre, intra or post workout or any combination of the three you choose.

The added carbohydrates in ENDUR3+ will beneficial for the following scenarios:

  • If you follow an intermittent fasting protocol and need energy to power through a workout
  • If you workout very intensely or for long periods you may want the extra energy and recovery that Carb10 delivers.
  • It is important to re-fuel your body within 1-2 hours following exercise so ENDUR3+ is useful as a post-workout meal replacement if you will not eating a whole food meal immediately. We’d prefer not to have this situation though – get your meals in!

Preferred Dosing

Olympus Labs lists one serving of ENDUR3 at 22.67g and with the carbs in ENDUR3+ one serving is 42.67g, a much heavier serving size than most intra-workout formulas. Due to that high weight per serving both versions of the product require two scoops. In order to realize the full benefit of ENDUR3 you will want to use a full serving or two scoops… there’s no reason why you shouldn’t unless you’re an extremely small person.


Olympus Labs Endur3 Review

Dragon Fruit is mild but tasty. Very unique flavor to match the unique product. Mixes well with just a dash of foam.

ENDUR3 is so hot off the production line there has not been an opportunity for anyone to use the product for an adequate amount of time to validate its benefits. However, there has been some reviews of the two flavors of ENDUR3; Pina Colada and Dragonfruit. The consensus has been that Pina Colada is a very sweet tropical flavour while Dragonfruit is a more milder, fruity flavour. One tester commented that the flavoring was still delicious of both flavours at half a serving (1 scoop) in 16oz of water. That will be welcome news for those that like to drink their intra-workout with a large amount of water.

See Mike’s attached pictures. The Endur3 dragon fruit powder is actually quite “fluffy” and mixes very well, and a tightly packed scoop adheres to the weight quite well. This is an enjoyable drink, but isn’t overpoweringly sweet.


Well it appears that Olympus Labs has done it again, entering a new category with a bang and putting together yet another stellar formula. Similar to the release of ELIX1R and IGNIT3, the company has brought their mantra of Innovation, Value and Results to the intra-workout category.

Olympus Labs

Olympus Labs supplements: Turning Men into Demi Gods. Click the image to see our ‘Lab Report’ on the latest and greatest!

Olympus Labs is making it extremely difficult for the competition and the consumer to overlook them as one of the pre-eminent suppliers of effective athletic supplements. We’re all over these guys lately, and we’re not paid to do this either (we make our commissions from the stores you buy their stuff through, so we’re a bit more impartial).

Olympus Labs is quickly disposing of their past reputation as solely a manufacturer of muscle building supplements, but they still know their bread and butter and have brought some of those lessons learned into other markets.

That may not be welcome news for the competition but the continuously expanding DemiGod Nation will surely benefit. So it is not a matter of whether you should try ENDUR3 or not, it is more a question of whether to try ENDUR3 or ENDUR3+?

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About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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