BPI Sports Acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals in Bankruptcy Settlement

On September 18, 2023, well-known sports nutrition supplement brand BPI Sports filed for bankruptcy, with an interesting list of creditors that included employees, contract manufacturers, and even former business partners like Mike O’Hearn.[1]

We posted the following video on Instagram with some of the highlights:

Announced December 1, 2023, the expected has happened:

BPI Sports Acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

BPI Sports is to be acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals in a prepackaged chapter 5 bankruptcy process. But what’s to happen with 1MR and Mike O’Hearn?!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Acquires BPI Sports

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, run by founder and CEO Jared Wheat, issued a press release stating that they’ve implemented a prepackaged chapter 5 process in a bid to acquire BPI Sports.[2]

In a prepackaged bankruptcy, creditors support a financial reorganization that takes effect once the debtor company enters Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This must be approved by shareholders, but speeds up overall time under bankruptcy protection and is a lower-expense affair.[3]

Ultimately, it’s extremely likely that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, BPI’s primary contract manufacturer for over a decade, will come out as a majority owner of BPI.

The future of BPI… and 1MR?!

FunnBar Hulk Hogan

While it’s doubtful we’ll see Hulk Hogan and FunnBar back with BPI (this image is from March 2015), we do expect eventual changes to the 1MR pre-workout…

The press release includes additional quotes from Chris Mackenzie, BPI Sports’ CEO and long-time sales executive, who is confident that the new arrangement will fuel growth for the company. We’re told that Chris will be staying on as CEO.

We’re not sure what will happen to the products, but we’re willing to bet big money that the legendary 1MR pre-workout will likely have some modifications… and they’ll be on the more “aggressive” side of things that are closer to 1MR’s original intensity, to say the least.

The Hi-Tech Family Continues to Expand

It’s been a while since we’ve covered some of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ acquisitions, but this is not a surprise to those who’ve been following over the past decade. You can see it for yourself in Jared Wheat’s email signature:

Jared Wheat 2023 Signature: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Brands Family

Jared Wheat’s email signature at the end of 2023 is telling, with several of the Hi-Tech Pharma brands having been brought on through acquisition the past decade

PricePlow previously covered the 2015 acquisition of iForce Nutrition, Prime Nutrition’s acquisition in 2016, and Top Secret Nutrition’s acquisition in 2017. There have been more since then.

What about Mike O’Hearn?

The final question readers will have is, “What’s going to happen to Mike O’Hearn?”

Don’t worry, O’Hearn fans — rumor has it that Mike will be very well taken care of in this transaction.

Stay tuned to @PricePlow on social media for more information.

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