Inspired Nutraceuticals ISO-PF Whey: Pasture-Fed FLAVOR Bomb!

Inspired Nutraceuticals ISO-PF

Inspired Nutraceuticals has entered the protein game with their delicious and high quality pasture fed whey isolate protein ISO-PF.

Last we discussed Inspired Nutraceuticals, we had covered their newest creation Endless, an intra workout supplement that defines what a sports drink should be about. Well, the brand has also released another product these past few months that’s generating quite the buzz.

ISO-PF is a naturally flavored and sweetened protein powder using only the highest quality ingredients to deliver a superior tasting protein — Pasture Fed whey isolate (hence the PF)! There’s no artificial hormones, sweeteners, antibiotics, or other nasty business like in other whey isolates on the market!

If you’ve ever tasted the California Gold flavors of either Inspired’s DVST8 White Cut pre workout or Inspired’s BCAAs, you’ll know why we’re excited – their flavor game is top-tier!! So we’re expecting big things out of these proteins.

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Our ISO-PF Review and Tasting Panel

CJ and Robert put this one through the stress-test: weighing the tub, weighing the scoop, and then trying all four initial flavors released. Which one is best?

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ISO-PF Ingredients

ISO-PF uses only 100% Pasture-fed Whey Protein Isolate in ISO-PF and it also contains no antibiotics, hormones, gluten, colors, dyes or added aminos. It’s naturally sweetened and flavored to provide a superior quality product for those wanting only the best.

  • Pasture-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

    Inspired Nutraceuticals ISO-PF Ingredients

    ISO-PF is about as clean as it gets for proteins free of fillers, additives, and other junk often found in lower quality powders on the market.

    ISO-PF provides 24 grams of clean protein sourced from pasture-fed cows. As you may know, WPI possesses exceptional bioavailability with a biological value of 159, digestibility rating of 95, protein efficiency ratio (PER) of 3.6, and a perfect 1.0 PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score)![1]

    • Pasture Fed vs Grass Fed

      Many of you are probably wondering the same thing we did the first time we saw “pasture fed” whey when “grass fed” whey is more commonly seen when discussing high-end protein powders. Well, the difference is that pasture-fed cows, unlike grass-fed cows, may receive supplemental feed from organic grains during the harsh winter months in addition to their normal diet of wild grass, ryegrass, and white clover.

      Additionally, you may want to be a little more skeptical of all those protein powders claiming grass-fed whey, as it’s incredibly difficult to show certified proof that a cow was fed nothing but grass year round. Inspired Nutraceuticals looks at stating pasture-fed as providing a more honest portrayal of the quality of their whey vs other companies, who might try to pull one over on you.

    We will of course note that whey isolates are processed to the point where they’re mostly devoid of fat (WPI-90 is 90% protein by weight), so some of the benefits of a grass-fed whey — such as the better fatty acid ratios — do not apply as much. However, the benefits of less hormones, fewer or no antibiotics, and having ethically-treated cows do apply, for those of you who know how poorly big agra treats non-pastured cows. Sometimes you have to vote for ethical treatment with your wallet!

  • Sunflower Lecithin Powder

    Inspired Nutraceuticals ISO-PF Endless

    Endless + ISO-PF provide the ultimate intra / post workout nutrition combo.

    Sunflower Lecithin is an emulsifier added to proteins to improve their mixability and texture. Here we see another example of Inspired Nutraceuticals going the cleaner route by avoiding soy lecithin, which is more commonly used in protein powders.

    Why might you care? Because using lecithin derived from sunflowers avoids any of the potential GMOs that are rampant within the soy product market.

  • Other Ingredients

    To finish up the rather minimal ingredients list for ISO-PF, we have natural flavors, guar gum, salt, stevia.

ISO-PF Macros

Each serving of ISO-PF weighs in at 32g (depending on the flavor) and contains the following macros:

  • Calories: 120
  • Protein: 24g
  • Carbs: 3g (0g sugar)
  • Fats: 1.5g (0g saturated fat)

We’ve asked where the 3 carbs are coming from, since that’s slightly more than other pure isolates. They whey isolate could provide 1g or so, so we have to assume it’s the flavor system and/or guar gum that’s adding a dash more.

Most people don’t care when it tastes this good though, unless they’re on a crazy low-carb diet, and even then a scoop won’t hurt you!! Also note that Inspired’s always been pretty conservative on the labeling!

Initial Flavors Available

Inspired Nutraceuticals ISO-PF Flavors

ISO-PF comes in 4 delicious and unique flavors that play heavily upon your favorite childhood cereals.

Inspired Nutraceuticals comes in four delicious flavors that’ll remind you an awful lot of your favorite childhood breakfast cereals:

  • Cake Chocula
  • Iso Fruity
  • French Toasted
  • Vanilla Fluff


Well it’s about time the kings of flavor and the brand that brought you DVST8 came out with a protein powder!

Inspired Nutraceuticals continues to deliver the goods with ISO-PF, a superior quality protein that stands toe to toe with the best protein powders on the market. While pasture-fed whey might not be for the cost-conscious consumer, if you’re looking to avoid the chemical-laden, artificially sweetened, hormone filled proteins on the market, ISO-PF is a no brainer.

Now check out what we thought of these flavors in our review!

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  1. Rutherfurd SM, Fanning AC, Miller BJ, Moughan PJ. Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid scores and digestible indispensable amino acid scores differentially describe protein quality in growing male rats. J Nutr. 2015;145(2):372-379. doi:10.3945/jn.114.195438.
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