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Alison’s Epic iForce Stack

Alison's iForce Stack - See the Links to the Left!

See the links to the left for Alison’s iForce Stack, and check out her Admired Athlete interview!

Alison Jasper is a sponsored iForce Nutrition athlete, and this is a big part of her stack!

It brings energy, appetite suppression, muscle tone, and pure deliciousness – what more does a girl need??

Alison explains this stack in her Admired Athlete interview… stay tuned – it’s a good one!

Alison’s iForce Stack:

  1. iForce Protean 2 x 4lb, Vanilla Cake BatterClick Here
  2. iForce Dexaprine XRClick Here
  3. iForce Tropinol XPClick Here

Prices compared across 20 stores, with taxes and shipping to Alison’s state factored in. Tropinol XP was the biggest challenge – it’s not at many stores, so that narrowed the search down (we avoid giving you multiple shipping charges).

Protean - Vanilla Cake Batter

Protean – Vanilla Cake Batter

iForce Dexaprine XR

iForce Dexaprine XR – Potent Fat Burner

iForce Tropinol XP

iForce Tropinol XP – Lean Gains!

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