PEScience Renuvia: Hair, Skin, and Nail Support to Stack with Collagen!

Regardless of how invested you are in the supplement industry, the odds that you’ve heard of PEScience are relatively high. The brand has been around for years, and has consistently been held as one of the most impactful, trustworthy companies in the industry. “PES” was one of the first brands to embrace the science-based, clinically-backed approach that many other have since adopted. As the company has grown, so has their product profile.

PEScience Renuvia

PEScience Renuvia is a hair, skin, and nail care supplement with four unique ingredients made to keep your complexion young and strong!

PEScience originally made a name for themselves in making supplements for athletes, releasing spotlight-stealing products like Alphamine and Select Protein. They continued their run of dominance in athletic-focused formulas, but as the brand has grown, so too has their business model.

Introducing Renuvia – a formula that has your skin and hair in mind!

With a firm understanding of their performance-based supplements, PES has shifted some of their focus to more health-focused, niche markets. Following in the footsteps of the stress-relieving OmniZen and potent Collagen Peptides, the newest formula from PES is Renuvia. This one is another product that has overall health in mind, mainly concerned with skin and hair health! The formula delivers four powerful skin and hair boosting ingredients, each of which serves a specific purpose in delivering the benefits tied to the product.

In this post, we’ll get into everything going on inside Renuvia, discussing its potential benefits and its awesome stacking potential. Before we get into that, however, be sure you’re subscribed to PricePlow – we’ll get you great supplement deals, as well as informative reviews, news, and interviews!

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Renuvia Ingredients

A serving of Renuvia is from one simple capsule, and you just take one daily (with or without food). Here’s what each one delivers:

  • Biotin – 4500mcg

    PEScience Renuvia Ingredients

    Get improved skin and nail support with just one capsule per day, with or without food! It’s that easy!

    Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is an essential nutrient that facilitates an enormous amount of bodily processes. It’s a crucial cofactor for four different carboxylases, which are enzymes imperative for different carboxylations. In the case of biotin, the carboxylases it interacts with are heavily involved in mitochondrial processes, with the resultant being unique to each interaction:

    • Pyruvate carboxylase – uses biotin to convert glucose in the liver, kidney, and other tissues.[1]
    • Acetyl-CoA-carboxylase – regulates the metabolism of fatty acids.[1]
    • Methyl-crotonyl-CoA carboxylase – needed for proper leucine breakdown and absorption.[1]
    • Propionyl-CoA carboxylase – also helps metabolize fatty acids, as well as amino acids.[1]

    As you can see, biotin is a key factor in staying healthy, especially when nutrient metabolism is of focus. However, it’s when we are biotin-deficient where other areas the vitamin is important to come to light. Low biotin levels have been linked to hair loss and skin irritation,[1] symptoms that clearly relate directly to what Renuvia’s purpose is!

    Keeps nails strong

    Biotin seems to be most effective when used for combating brittle nails. In a study from 1990, scientists tested the effect of biotin supplementation in women who had chronic issues with brittle nails. Receiving 2.5mg daily for almost a full year, those given biotin saw their nail thickness increase by 25% and were ultimately less prone to nail splitting.[2]

    Similar research from 1993 further vouched for biotin’s nail-strengthening abilities. Researchers set up an experiment almost identical to the previous study from 1990, and found similar results. Patients took 2.5mg of biotin per day for around six months and 63% of them saw significant improvements in their nail strength.[3]

    It’s already easy enough to chip or split a nail, which can be very painful. Not only that, but keeping strong, long nails is important for some, making nail integrity even more important. Whether how your nails look is important to you or not, biotin can be a worthy adversary in the fight to keep them healthy!

    Research for hair and skin health?

    Biotin Cycle

    The Biotin Cycle. Image courtesy GeneReviews

    Although biotin is commonly associated with keeping a healthy head of hair, research remains rather inconclusive. When those already intaking enough biotin are administered more, little to no effects are found. However, when individuals who are biotin-deficient are of concern, the thinning and discoloration of hair becomes prominent.[4] Therefore, it’s impossible to ignore that there is a clear link between biotin and hair health.

    The same can be said for skin health, as well. Although research can’t confirm whether biotin supplementation can improve skin health or not, lacking enough of the vitamin has led to skin irritation.[4] Clearly, biotin plays a role here, too, but just as its relation with hair stands, it depends on your overall level of biotin intake!

    If you’re consuming enough biotin through foods (eggs, cheese, and leafy greens are great sources), then additional supplementation may not do all that much for you. However, if you’re lacking adequate biotin levels, adding in more biotin can help keep your hair and skin healthy. If you’re at all worried about your hair or skin, or the amount of biotin in your diet, it can’t hurt to make sure you’re getting enough of this crucial vitamin. Given how important it is in other processes unrelated to those two, we’d rather have our bases covered!

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HyabestⓇ) – 120mg

    Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

    A potential secondary benefit is that hyaluronic acid may help with joint pain too, as demonstrated in this study on knee pain!

    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance produced organically within the body, where its used to help tissues and organs retain water.[5] Functioning as a “water-absorber” of sorts, hyaluronic acid is most heavily concentrated within three areas – eyes, tissues, and yes, the skin!

    With over 50% of the body’s HA residing within the skin,[5] its powers as a natural moisturizer cannot be understated. As we age, the skin has a more difficult time holding onto water, which leads to things such as irritation and wrinkling. Luckily, research has shown that HA can help fight these unwanted symptoms. A scientific review found that ingested HA can interact with skin cells to increase moisture retention,[6] with a dosing of as much as 120mg showing effective.

    Given the relationship that exists between skin moisturization, irritation, and wrinkling, hyaluronic acid seems to be quite useful in keeping the skin healthy. At 120mg, Renuvia is providing just enough of the water-absorbing acid to keep your skin happy, healthy, and smooth!

  • Bamboo (stem) Extract (providing 20mg silica) – 30mg

    Silica is one of the most abundant substances on Earth, slotting in second behind only oxygen.[7] It’s heavily concentrated within the human body, where its shown to be important for the skin, nails, and hair.

    Silica is the one of the main base components that make up nails,[8] in addition to encouraging the body to produce collagen,[7] the protein used to upkeep joints and the skin. By promoting collagen synthesis, silica thus improves skin strength and elasticity.[7] Research has backed this up, with a study administering silica for 20 weeks to volunteers between 40 and 65 years old finding that the compound improved skin surface characteristics and functioning.[7]

    PEScience Wellness Stack

    This is the “PEScience Wellness Stack” (you only need one of the multivitamins of course). Quite an impressive lineup coming from a brand that started with athletic supplements!

    The elasticity of hair has shown a relationship to silica, as well. Research has shown that silica supplementation increases hair tensile strength.[8] This essentially means that it silica may strengthen hair, which can help keep it on your head a bit longer!

    When you consider every other ingredient in Renvia, silica fits in very neatly onto the label. By promoting collagen synthesis, it puts the aforementioned moisturizing and vitamin–related benefits to use. In improving hair elasticity, it synergistically works with the rest of the hair-promoting effects on this label, as well. At a full 20mg dose, you’re getting enough silica to provide both of these great benefits!

  • CERAMOSIDESⓇ Wheat Seed Extract – 30mg

    Wheat seed extract brings another key skin health-boosting ingredient to the table, ceramides. These lipids are produced independently at early ages, providing the skin with another outlet for elasticity and water retention.[9] However, as we age, the body struggles to maintain ceramide production, leading to things such as skin cracking and wrinkling.

    Ceramide supplementation has shown capable of coming to the rescue when natural ceramide stores become lacking. In research funded by SEPPIC, the manufacturer behind CERAMOSIDESⓇ, ceramide put its strengths on full display. In two studies, randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies found that 30mg of ceramide powder hydrated the skin and fought skin-related anti-aging effects.[10] An independent study backed up these claims, showing that ceramides via wheat oil extract increased skin hydration and improved symptoms of healthy skin after three months of supplementation.[11]

    PES strives to use the top form of any ingredient it decides to include in its products. That rings true here, as CERAMOSIDESⓇ is a potent wheat seed extract packed full of skin-boosting ceramides. At the clinical 30mg dose, this ingredient teams up nicely with the rest of the label, helping to provide a well-rounded skin health-boosting experience!

Stacking – creating top-notch skin health stack!

PEScience Collagen Peptides

PEScience quietly released their Collagen Peptides… but wait until you see how they’re making it taste better!

While Renuvia is a great supplement all by itself, the methods by which it delivers its hair and skin health benefits allow for the freedom to introduce other aids. With the key components of health in these areas covered, one can easily build upon any of them. If you’re not too concerned about your skin or hair past this product, that’s fine! But, if you’re searching for a bit more help, PES has something that can be extremely useful when stacked with Renuvia!

PEScience recommends stacking with their Collagen Peptides!

If you’re at all familiar with skin health, you’ve likely heard of collagen. As we mentioned earlier, this protein is the building block of the structures that make up cells, tissues, and ligaments. It’s shown to be useful as a skin health supplement, supplying the types of collagen necessary for proper skin maintenance. Collagen also seems to be important regarding nails and hair, too. PEScience saw the overall potential here, and moved quickly to get their own version of this crucial protein on the market!

PEScience Collagen Peptides is a high-quality, effective, and strong collagen peptides supplement, full of types I and III collagen, as well as known collagen absorption-booster, vitamin C! Stacking this supplement with Renuvia launches a full-fledged attack on poor skin health and does everything it can to ward off skin irritation, skin dehydration, wrinkling, and even hair loss!

PEScience Renuvia Dosage

Just one capsule, once a day, with or without food. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Conclusion – Rejuvenate your skin and hair with Renuvia!

PEScience is a true supplement company, and they make formulas that you simply don’t find anywhere else. They do more than a typical sports supplement brand, providing additional products that can be useful in other areas unrelated to exercise. In recent years, these champions of general health have really expanded their profile of products focused on consumer’s overall needs, and this new release falls into that category nicely.

Renuvia is a powerful skin, hair, and nails-enhancing formula that’s built to help anyone looking for additional help in those areas. Whether you’re dealing with age-related balding or wrinkling, or are simply looking for something to keep you feeling a bit more young, Renuvia is worth digging into! Adding their Collagen Peptides for even more rejuvenating gains is a smart move, but regardless, Renuvia is a flexible formula that can be added to virtually any regimen!

We often spend a lot of time worrying about nutrition for our muscles while keeping fat cells at bay, but other parts of the body need adequate nutrition, too! Renuvia is a great way to ensure that your hair, skin, and nails are getting enough of the key nutrients they need to remain healthy! After all, your skin is your body’s largest and fastest-growing organ!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public. Mike is currently experimenting with a low Vitamin A diet.

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