Cutler Nutrition Total ISO: Ultra-Clean Protein from the Bodybuilding Legend!

When Jay Cutler was dominating the world of bodybuilding, he did so via the two avenues that are known to build incredible physiques – intense training and on-point nutrition! That last component is often the more difficult variable in the bodybuilding equation, as eating clean and controlling macronutrients on an every-single-day basis is tough. As Cutler is a four-time Mr. Olympia, he clearly knows how to get this done!

Cutler Nutrition Total Iso

Cutler Nutrition Total ISO is out, and great news — it’s not a “sucralose bomb”! Prepare to enjoy your protein!

With building muscle being the primary goal in bodybuilding, Mr. 4X of course relied on protein as a lean mass building block. However, he didn’t want to just use any protein source – someone as accomplished as Jay only wants the cleanest forms of protein available. Now that he has moved over to the supplement side of the fitness world and is re-igniting his own brand Cutler Nutrition, he’s made it a point to share some of what he built his legacy on with the world!

Total ISO: A Pure Whey Isolate that’s not a “sucralose bomb”

New from Cutler Nutrition is Total ISO, an incredibly clean, high-quality whey protein isolate from the bodybuilding legend himself. Maintaining adequate protein intake is one of the most important parts of putting on muscle, even more so for someone preparing for a competition or show. This product is short and to the point – it only contains what you need, nothing you don’t! Total ISO is virtually pure protein that when accompanied by the Cutler brand, we can’t help but get excited about!

We’ll have a bit more on Total ISO below – why whey protein isolate, its available flavors, and some more info on the relatively new Cutler Nutrition brand! Before we get into that, be sure you’re subscribed to PricePlow for some of the best supplement deals, news, reviews, and interviews you can find!

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Check out what Ben thought…

PricePlow got our hands on Total ISO for a review, and it’s yet another Cutler-style review – not over the top with sucralose / sweeteners! If you’re not into these insane sweet tooth proteins that are out anymore, this has to be an option:

Total ISO – totally clean whey protein isolate!

When it comes to getting in some quality protein, it’s hard to find something as great as whey protein. It’s a highly bioavailable, easily consumable complete protein that gets the job done. It packs all of the amino acids your body needs to properly build muscle. There’s a reason you can now find whey protein drinks, powders, and bars virtually anywhere – the stuff works!

That being said, not all whey protein is created equal. There are different variants, each with their own set of benefits and advantages. Total ISO makes use of whey protein isolate (WPI), which happens to be one of the most clean whey protein sources out there. What makes WPI so special?

WPI is stripped of almost everything that’s not protein

Jay Cutler Total ISO

Mr. 4X showing off his new protons!

There are a few steps that go into making a whey protein powder, with the end desired product determining just how many the manufacturing process will follow. Things start with the dairy first – in pasteurized whey, non-protein constituents that are relatively easy to get rid of are removed. This process yields whey protein concentrate (WPC), which you’ve likely heard of before. WPC’s protein content can range anywhere between 20% to 80% of pure protein,[1] with the rest of its makeup being fats and carbohydrates. Processing can stop here, however, it doesn’t have to!

Further processing can be done to yield a cleaner product, whey protein isolate (WPI), which contains somewhere around 90% protein by weight![2] It removes more of those excess fats and carbohydrates, ultimately containing more protein than an equivalent serving of WPC. In addition to more protein, there are other benefits too, most of which relate closely to Jay’s background in bodybuilding!

Less sugars, specifically lactose

If you’re at all familiar with dairy products, you’ve likely seen lactose before. This sugar is native to milk products, is made up of glucose and galactose,[3] and is ultimately broken down by the digestive enzyme lactase.

Cutler Nutrition Total ISO Fruity Cereal

Cereal’s the name of the game this year, but this one was done without too much sweetener!

Some people have issues with lactose, particularly because their body struggles making lactase. Without this key enzyme, consuming lactose often leads to things like stomach pain and bloating. That’s never a good thing, but is even more problematic when trying to build a show-worthy physique!

WPI contains as little as 1% lactose, whereas WPC is about 4% of lactose by weight.[4] With less lactose, WPI is less likely to cause the type of discomfort often linked to dairy products. Not only that, but less sugar alludes to another advantage of using a high-quality WPI like Total ISO!

Better macros!

There’s no other way to put it – achieving a lean physique requires some sort of awareness about your caloric intake. Specifically, optimizing macronutrient ratios are a huge component of getting lean, with protein being arguably the most important piece of the caloric pie. Tracking macros is something that someone like Jay Cutler is all too familiar with, which means he knows what he’s doing by putting his name on something like Total ISO!

As we said earlier, the additional processing required to make whey protein isolate means that it has less fat and carbohydrate content than most other whey proteins! That lowers the overall calories per serving, as well as makes it easier to fit into a diet when in something like contest prep. As you’ll see soon, the macros in Total ISO allow to be a much more versatile protein powder than others out there, something that is easy to appreciate!

Easier on the stomach!

Lastly, whey protein isolate digests faster than other proteins, likely due to its lack of all of the “other stuff” other protein powders contain. Having a quick-digesting protein can be widely beneficial, especially when looking to refuel your muscles as fast as possible post-exercise. After training, your body practically craves protein – it needs it to rebuild muscle fibers so they can grow back larger and stronger!

Total ISO nutritional info

Cutler Nutrition Total ISO Nutrition Facts

Just 110 calories per scoop, yielding 24g protein! Not much room for “other stuff” in there at that point!

Now, for what makes ISO really special, check out these awesome macros:

  • Calories: 110
  • Fat: 1g
  • Carbohydrates: 2g
    • Less than 1g of sugar!
  • Protein: 24g

It’s also worth noting that Total ISO is 90% protein by weight, which means there’s barely anything in here that’s not protein! In fact, Total ISO contains a total of 26.67g of protein in each scoop, which yields a full 24g of protein – an incredible ratio, no doubt!

If you’re prepping for a show, or are just simply on a diet of some sort, the value of those macros speak for themselves! Jay knows what it takes to build a lean physique and sometimes that means watching your macronutrients a bit. It can be a tough job, but with a tool as clean as this, it becomes a tad less daunting!

These are pretty typical for a WPI, but nonetheless are still impressive. Being able to add a solid 24g of muscle-building protein at only 110 calories is a huge benefit, regardless of whether you’re dieting or not! Total ISO is a straight-shooting protein powder that doesn’t mess around – protein is what you wanted, and protein is what you’re getting!

Available flavors

Cutler Nutrition Total ISO Flavors

For the first two flavors, Jay didn’t want to go the “standard” route, instead opting for the cereal milk flavors!!

Although whey isolates often trail behind their dairy-derived cousins in taste, that’s not the case here with Total ISO. Cutler Nutrition spent months of time and resources on maximizing the taste of its WPI, ensuring that its a great-tasting powder that’s enjoyable to drink… but without too much sucralose! For people watching their macros, finding ways to keep things with friendly macros that taste good is imperative towards sticking to a routine. Jay knows this, which is why Total ISO aims to be on the most flavor-packed isolates on the market!

Here are the awesome variations of Total ISO you can get your hands on:

    Conclusion – Cutler Nutrition Total ISO is a protein for athletes!

    With an incredible passion for the sport of bodybuilding and what it takes to be successful in it, Jay Cutler has long strived to put out effective and well-formulated supplements to give people a hand in their fitness endeavors. He has the knowledge to do it, the personality, and the platform – all he needed was the right team behind him!

    Cutler Nutrition PricePlow

    Don’t miss our article on the Resurgence of Cutler Nutrition!

    After revitalizing Cutler Nutrition in 2019, Cutler and his hand-picked formulators and sales team have been on a roll! They were ready to hit the ground running as soon as they hit the scene, launching a number of exciting formulas like their pre-workout Prevail or cognitive-boosting Cognition. As great as the rest of their product portfolio is, Cutler knew that almost every great supplement company is built on a solid protein powder, and his team wasn’t wasting any time on putting their name on one!

    Cutler Nutrition Total ISO is a whey protein isolate that embodies everything Jay has stood for for years – quality nutrition, effective results, and versatility. Total ISO supplies muscle-building protein in an efficient manner, keeping overall calories low so that it can be used even by those on a strict diet. Despite lacking in calories, it also delivers a great flavor, something that’s hard to accomplish in WPIs. Total ISO was made for the masses – whether you’ve just began training, have issues with lactose, or are aspiring to reach the heights of the great Jay Cutler himself, adding a whey protein isolate like Total ISO to the mix is something worth looking into!

    Cutler Nutrition Total ISO – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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