The Resurgence of Cutler Nutrition: NEVER Sleep on Jay Cutler.

We all know Jay Cutler as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, if not the greatest. But now it’s time to meet Jay Cutler the CEO.

Cutler Nutrition Makes a Mr. Olympia Worthy Comeback

Cutler Nutrition

Cutler Nutrition is making a comeback, and it’s all due to the foresight of world-classCEO Jay Cutler!

The industry has been abuzz over the new products from Cutler Nutrition, a brand that’s been through a few different generations. All along the way, Jay has been putting out fantastic content on his Jay Cutler TV YouTube channel, and he’s been the best ambassador that the sport of bodybuilding could ever ask for. Bar none.

We were fortunate enough to steal 30 minutes of time from Jay, with a phone call that left us thinking one thing:

“Whoa — Jay Cutler is really smart”

We started things off understanding the structure:

Jay bought out the entire Cutler Nutrition brand / name / portfolio and is no longer partnered with any other company or manufacturer.

This is all Jay Cutler and his hand-picked team.

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After that, we talked about the brand and Jay’s role, and realized that everything a sports supplement company needs to do, Cutler Nutrition is currently doing it:

  • Solid, cutting-edge formulas with fully compliant labels?


  • Jay Cutler Supplements

    Jay Cutler’s doing things right with his supplements. It’s time to take another look at Cutler Nutrition!

    Excellent flavors?


  • Amazing stack synergy?

    Oh hell yeah! (wait until the first review drops)

  • Stellar customer support?

    Yep – sometimes even stamped by the man himself!

  • Likable and knowledgeable “Face of the Brand” who understands media?

    This one’s not even up for debate!

  • Excellent pipeline of hot products coming?

    Just wait…

At some point, we realized that Jay’s not just a “figurehead”. And he’s definitely not just a bodybuilder. Instead…

Jay’s actually a real-deal CEO!

Jay is literally doing everything a great CEO should be doing. Focusing on his strengths, while bringing in an all-star team for specifics like customer service and formulations / flavoring. And he’s letting his experts do their thing.

So after the call, we emailed with Jay and his right-hand man, Richard, who went on the record confirming the following:

The Cutler Nutrition Formulas: A word from the formulators

We’ve been working on these formulas for quite some time, and we did a TON of R&D revisions on them. Prevail was particularly tricky, since Jay wanted a pre workout that was more than just a “crack-powder.” We probably went through a dozen different beta versions of the formula to really nail the focus and energy.

The reason I bring this story up is I’ve worked with other brands in the space, and for 90% of them, the attention to detail (and patience) isn’t there. I have to give Jay all the credit in the world for being patient and wanting to really make sure we nailed every aspect of the products efficacy down to the smallest of details.

Cutler Nutrition Prevail

Cutler Nutrition Prevail is exactly what Jay wanted – a compliant, focus-based pre workout that isn’t crack in a can. The pros don’t need crack!

You’ll hear brands do a bunch of revisions for the taste of a product… but it was refreshing to see Jay constantly greenlight revisions for the “feel” of the product and not once rush the process because we wanted to get it out by a certain date. In fact, our goal was to launch on January 1st, and we were late by a month because of how many times we wanted to revise the formula to make sure we were squeezing every ounce out of a product.

Another thing I’ll give Jay credit on: being open to spending some serious money for a product’s formula.

Again, working in the space… a lot of companies are gun-shy when it comes to putting a lot of money into the cost of goods (or what goes in the bottle), knowing that it’s going to leave less in the budget for marketing. There’s a level of uncertainty that makes most brands nervous to put so much money into a products formula and its mainly the uncertainty of when a customer will come back and buy again.

We went in confident that the focus on quality is going to make this brand a long-term powerhouse and seeing Jay have that long-term vision and doubling down on the premise that quality creates staying power is extremely refreshing.

And it’s worked: month over month we’ve seen 300-500% increases in returning customer revenue on our website alone.

— Richard, Team Cutler Nutrition

Some old products to return? And new products teased

I asked if this was correct to say: “If you liked any of the old formulas, they’re out there (some on PricePlow’s Cutler Nutrition page), but will eventually sell out. They’re occasionally on discount.”

Richard responded:

“Yeah, and we’re eventually going to be replacing some fan favorites. Obviously protein will be new, and drastically improved (in terms of protein quality & taste). A new multivitamin is in the works, too.”

— Richard, Team Cutler Nutrition

Good news up above for legacy Cutler Nutrition fans, new users, and deal-finders!

Jay gets involved in customer service

I also asked if this was correct: “Jay is very hands on with the brand. If you get the Cutler sticker, it was stamped by Jay himself!”

And he dabbles in customer service, too. Our main customer service team members will sometimes pass the training and nutrition questions onto Jay and he’ll answer some from time to time. Obviously he can’t answer every single one, but it’s awesome to see him take the time to answer questions.

— Richard, Team Cutler Nutrition

Richard offered more info if you’d like to hear about the launch itself, so drop your questions in the comments below or on PricePlow’s social media and we’ll get an update going!

In the meantime, we’re excited. The Prevail / Prevail stack is superb. And there’s a whole lot more coming, so get ready and sign up for our Cutler Nutrition news alerts below:

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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