Nutrex N-Vein: Multi-Faceted Pump Aid

N-Vein is the all-new stimulant free pre workout from Nutrex Research that delivers huge pumps without caffeine.

N-Vein is the all-new stimulant free pre workout from Nutrex Research that delivers huge pumps without caffeine.

Nutrex Research has long been synonymous with making incredibly effective and well-dosed pre workout supplements. From their original pre workout Outlift to the newer offering Outrage (both of which have spots on our Best Pre Workout guide), the company has always put quality and science first, and hype last.

Recently, Nutrex revealed yet another pre workout option for the community, except this time, it’s all about THE PUMP! Outlift and Outrage may not have been your cup of tea due to the caffeine that each contained (Outlift having 350mg!)

However, N-Vein included everything you’d want in pump-heavy pre without the heavy hit of any stims. The full breakdown is below, but first make sure to sign up for price drop alerts and check the best deal:

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N-Vein Ingredients

Like all of their latest pre workouts, Nutrex uses a completely open label with N-vein. Rather than throw the same old pump aids in there as every other product on the market, Nutrex opts to include a few different and interesting ingredients:

  • Cluster Dextrin® (5g)

    N-Vein uses a versatile mix of ingredients to cover pump needs on all fronts, including carb-based, water-based, and NO-based pumps!

    N-Vein uses a versatile mix of ingredients to cover pump needs on all fronts, including carb-based, water-based, and NO-based pumps!

    Cluster Dextrin is a patented form of Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) produced by Glico Nutrition Co.[1] HBCD is made from the breakdown of amylopectin, a starch that’s commonly found in plants. The benefit to HBCD is that it possesses a low osmolality and high molecular weight molecule.[2] Basically, it doesn’t sit around in your stomach like some other forms of pre workout carbs, it flies through the GI system to be absorbed by the intestines and shuttled to your muscles where it gets to work!

    We all know that carbs are the body’s preferred source of energy during intense exercise, and that’s one of the primary reasons to include them in any pre workout, and frankly we wish more products had them.

    Aside from that though, HBCD has been shown to help alleviate DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and improve stamina.[3,4]

    Unique in a stim-free pre workout

    Although this isn’t a whopping dose by any means in terms of energy, it will help contribute to a bit more of a carb-based pump – especially more than any zero-carb pre workout. It’s also the only stim-free pre workout we can think of that uses this (two popular stimulant-based pre workouts with 10g and 15g of Cluster Dextrin are Muscle Elements PreCre and NutraBio’s Pre Extreme, respectively).

  • HydroMax® Glycerol (2g)


    HydroMax is a high-yield glycerol that improves cellular hydration, endurance, and water-based. pumps.

    Most of you are quite familiar with this noteworthy pump aid. Glanbia’s HydroMax has become the go-to choice for glycerol products included in pre workouts today. The reason is that HydroMax contains 65% glycerol compared to glycerol monostearate (GMS) which only contains about 25% glycerol and 75% saturated fat![5]

    Higher glycerol content isn’t all that separates HydroMax from GMS though. We’ve noticed significantly better mixability in pre workouts compared to GMS. No longer do you have to deal with little clumps or gobs of goo stuck to your shaker bottle robbing you of your gains.

    HydroMax® acts as a cell-volumizer by helping to pull water into your muscles, giving them a fuller, more well-rounded shape. This helps to foster “water-based” pumps, as opposed to nitric oxide based pumps.

    Finally, HydroMax® also induces something called “hyperhydration.” Basically, you body stores extra water which will help to improve stamina and endurance during your workouts.[6,7,8] This is a big plus for not only endurance athletes but bodybuilders who engage in 1.5-2 hour long lift sessions.

    To get the most of the ingredient, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the time leading up to your workout!

  • Nitratene™ (1.5g)

    Think you're ready to handle the pumps that N-Vein has in store for you?

    Think you’re ready to handle the pumps that N-Vein has in store for you?

    We leave the world of water-based pumps and enter the realm of nitric oxide induced pumps thanks to Nitratene™. This is a patented form of sodium nitrate developed by Purus Labs, and used in their pre workout D-Pol[9] (which is actually a D-Aspartic Acid based natural testosterone booster).

    Nitrates have taken the industry by storm the past few years as more studies have been published espousing the many benefits they possess. First and foremost, they act as potent vasodilators[10,11], which improves blood flow and yields one hell of a pump. Secondly, they also boost nitric oxide (NO) levels which supports cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and protecting against endothelial dysfunction.[12,13]

    Perhaps most importantly, nitrates increase athletic exercise performance by lowering the oxygen cost of exercise and increasing energy efficiency during workouts![14,15]

    Just make sure you give yourself a good 45 minutes to get nitrates working in your system as they can take quite a while to get active in the body.

  • Potassium Bicarbonate (641mg)

    Potassium is a crucial electrolyte in the body that’s responsible for helping muscle to fire properly during your workouts. On top of that, research has demonstrated that potassium can exhibit some pretty significant vasodilatory effects on its own.[16,17] This only helps to further increase blood flow and muscle pumps.

    Carbonates function similar to beta alanine in the body in their role as buffering agents in. They help to prevent the buildup of acidity in the muscles which leads to greater endurance and increased performance.[18,19]

  • Dimagnesium malate (500mg)

    N-Vein is stimulant and flavor free making it the perfect addition to any pre workout or for use as your only pre workout

    N-Vein is stimulant and flavor free making it the perfect addition to any pre workout or for use as your only pre workout

    Our last ingredient is another vital mineral and electrolyte in the body. Magnesium is heavily involved in protein synthesis, muscle contraction, and energy production.[20,21,22]

    As you’re well aware, loads of electrolytes like magnesium and potassium are lost through sweat during exercise leading to dehydration and muscle cramping. This not only impairs your workouts but can lead to rather serious consequences if left unchecked.

    Including a healthy dose of both in N-Vein ensures your muscles keep firing from your warm up sets until your last drop set with no hold up whatsoever.

Flavors Available

N-Vein is only offered as an unflavored product. This allows it to be added to virtually any other pre workout you choose to use it with, further increasing its versatility if you do opt to stack it with Outlift, Outrage or whatever your top pre workout is.


N-Vein’s blend of ingredients gives the body several avenues to increasing pumps. From boosting nitric oxide to improving water-based pumps and endurance, N-Vein is truly a multi-faceted pump pre workout – and it’s one of the first to include both carbs and sodium nitrate. We’re nearly certain this is going to have a very good feel to it.

N-Vein from Nutrex is a great addition to the company’s line of well-dosed pre workout formulas. Whether looking to further increase the pump you already get from Outlift, or wanting to go the stim-free route for a late night lift session, N-Vein is versatile enough to be used in any situation.

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