Magnum Drip Dry – Get Chiseled Before the Big Event!

Magnum Drip Dry

When it’s time to get your leanest whether that be a physique competition or strolling the beach, Drip Dry from Magnum Nutraceuticals is the diuretic of choice.

When it’s time to step on stage for a big contest or hit the beach for that photo shoot, you want to look your absolute best. That means no puffiness, no bloating, no distended (“puffy”) belly caused by the common culprit: water retention.

When getting your leanest, your body fights tooth and nail to hold onto every last reserve of this life-sustaining liquid no matter how much dieting or cardio you do. While this is a vital part of keeping you alive, it also does something else…covers up the lean muscle you’ve worked so diligently to achieve.

The way to beat the bloat is to help flush the excess water from your body. Magnum Nutraceuticals with the perfect solution for your water weight loss problems. Drip Dry is a scientifically formulated diuretic to give you that ripped and chiseled look you’ve always wanted. It’s made from all natural ingredients and minerals, meant to ensure no muscle cramps though, a common problem with most diuretics on the market.

@HardMagnum is on fire lately. We can’t stop raving about how well their nighttime stim-free weight loss pill, Magnum After Burner, is helping us sleep. But Drip Dry is something completely different.

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Drip Dry Ingredients

Magnum’s Drip Dry is a combination of some of the most powerful water-eliminating agents commonly used in just the right doses to help shed the water weight and get shredded.

Note: Doses listed below are for one full serving (3 capsules).

  • Dandelion Extract 20:1 (500mg)

    Drip Dry uses only all natural ingredients and minerals, meant to ensure no muscle cramps though, a common problem with diuretics.

    Drip Dry uses only all natural ingredients and minerals, meant to ensure no muscle cramps though, a common problem with diuretics.

    Dandelion extract, otherwise known as Taraxacum officinale, is one of the most commonly used water-eliminating agents. Once ingested, it exerts a strong pro-diuretic action in the body helping to flush out excess water.[1] Moreover, not only does consuming dandelion extract increase urine output, it also increases frequency for a period of up to 5 hours post ingestion![2]

    If that’s not enough reasons to embrace this humble plant extract, it also improves glucose uptake in skeletal muscle,[3] ensuring those carbs you ingested to support muscle growth go to where they’re needed (your muscles) and not stored around your hips.

    One last tidbit, dandelion in and of itself is a rich source of potassium, one of the crucial minerals you want to keep around when shedding excess water weight.

  • Oxystelma esculentum 20:1 Aerial Extract (375mg)

    Oxystelma esculentum is a flowering plant native to much of Asia and Northeast Africa. It has a long history of use in Traditional Medicine as an herbal remedy for diseases of the liver and kidneys as well as helping relieve stress.[4] Similar to our previous ingredient, when used in clinical trials, the potent plant extract possesses powerful diuretic effects post-ingestion.

    In particular, one particular study found that at 5 hours and even 24 hours after consuming the extract, “The urine output increased significantly in urea, furosemide and both MEOE (Oxystelma esculentum aerial parts) groups (p<0.001). MEOE increased the urine volume and electrolytes balance in a dose dependent manner.[5]

  • Horsetail 20:1 Aerial Extract (250mg)

    Magnum Drip Dry Water Loss

    When it comes to safe and effective water loss, Drip Dry is the only product you’ll ever need.

    dYou’ll start to see a common theme here in Drip Dry, the use of numerous ancient herbal remedies to accelerate water weight removal. Keeping with that train of thought, up next is Horsetail Extract (Equisetum arvense).

    Traditionally used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, this herb was used to treat a number of differing pathologies, from ulcers to incessant bleeding to even modern day problems like tuberculosis and kidney disease.

    However, horsetail extract also eases inflammation in the urinary tract which helps improve urine flow and frequency. Research demonstrates that horsetail extract is in fact just as effective as some prescription diuretic medications in increasing urination and alleviating swelling in the urinary tract (a common hindrance to optimal urine flow).[6,7]

  • Juniper Berry P.E. 4:1 Extract (250mg)

    Just about as commonly seen in diuretics as Dandelion extract is Juniper Berry extract. Traditionally used to treat all sorts of ailments including, nerve pain, gout, arthritis, and even the common cold, Juniper also helps the body sheds that unsightly water weight. It confers potent pro-diuretic effects[8,9] that flush excess water from your system and leave you with a defined, dry look.

  • Potassium Orotate (250mg)

    One of the potentially hazardous drawbacks that goes along with all diuretics is the excessive loss of minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes due to increased urination. Because of this, it’s essential that you’re consuming extra amounts of crucial minerals like potassium and magnesium (our next ingredient).

    Potassium orotate is potassium plus orotic acid, one of the more bioavailable forms of the mineral. This mineral is one of the most crucial in terms proper muscle and nerve function. Reduced levels of it can lead to a laundry list of problems including:cramping, fatigue, and delayed reflexes.[10] One last benefit of potassium, is that it has anti-anxiolytic effects, meaning it helps reduce stress, anxiety, and cortisol levels.[11]

  • Magnesium Citrate (150mg)

    Magnum Drip Dry List

    You won’t find any weird ingredients in Drip Dry, only the highest quality all natural extracts and minerals to ensure safe and effective water weight loss.

    Magnesium is another of those vital minerals required from proper functioning of both the nervous and skeletal muscle systems of the body. Additionally, it’s also the second most abundant mineral in the body,[12] and the second most common nutrient deficiency in people.[13]

    Magnesium is involved in over 300 different processes in the body including protein synthesis, energy production, and blood pressure regulation.[14,15,16] Due to the vital nature of magnesium, it’s widely supplemented, but with that, there comes several different forms you could consume. Some of these have incredibly low bioavailability, like magnesium oxide. However, Drip Dry includes Magnesium Citrate which has one of the highest bioavailabilities around 35-40%.[17,18]

  • Cornsilk Stylus (100mg)

    Cornsilk is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the shiny threads (fibers) at the top of an ear of corn that you remove before grilling a fresh ear. While the conventional thing to do is throw away these threads, traditionally, they’ve been used as a means of treating bladder infections, prostate inflammation, kidney stone formation, and bedwetting.

    In modern times, some cultures will brew a tea from the cornsilk and drink it to treat these symptoms. Clinical trials using cornsilk have shown that it reduces the symptoms of urinary tract infections as well as improves the body’s metabolism of glucose.[19,20]

  • Buchu Leaf (100mg)

    Buchu is a low growing shrub native to South Africa. In African medicine, Buchu is used by holistic practitioners to treat urinary tract infections and prostate inflammation.[21] Here, we’ve got yet another ingredient to help promote optimal urine flow from the body, as both UTIs and inflamed prostates can lead to urinary system complications.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg)

    Magnum Markus Kaulius

    Meet Magnum’s CEO Markus Kaulius, he’s not your typical fat-cat CEO you’d find running a company. He’s ripped and proof positive Magnum’s supplements deliver the goods!

    What supplement isn’t complete without a little helping of the universal pick me up caffeine? While most of you may think that it’s included because it causes you to use the restroom, science has in fact shown that consumption of caffeine has little impact on significant fluid loss from the body.[22]

    More likely, it’s here to give you a little energy bump and help keep easing things along down the line.

  • Hydrangea 4:1 Extract (50mg)

    Our last ingredient is another flowering plant used in the formulations of medicines to treat infections of the bladder, urethra and prostate. Consumption of various hydrangea extracts have been documented in clinical trials to reduce pro-inflammatory markers.[23]

Once again, another absolutely loaded supplement. This is for diuretics what Magnum’s MIMIC is for glucose disposal agents – strong!

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But the best part of the formula comes out when you use it properly:


The bottle’s standard dosing says to take 1 serving (3 capsules), twice per day. One serving in the morning and one serving mid afternoon. Don’t take for more than 14 days consecutively.

But that’s not what we’re really going to do here….

Contest Prep Mode

Magnum Justine Munro

When it’s time to hit the stage and look your absolute BEST like Magnum’s Justine Munro, Drip Dry is where you go.

Possibly the coolest part of this product is the fact that Team HardMagnum includes a packet with your Drip Dry bottle that runs you step-by-step through your contest prep week!

The following abbreviated instructions assumes a Saturday physique competition event (or beach day, photo shoot, etc..) so you’ll need to time it up properly if your big event is on a non-Saturday by shifting this schedule appropriately.

Note that in this plan, any water you use in protein (Magnum Quattro) or pre workouts counts towards your daily water consumption allowance.

  • Monday (Day 1):

    • Drink 2.5 to 3 gallons of water on this day.

      Tip: Buy three one-gallon containers and have them pre-filled. Now you know exactly what to drink.

    • Take two servings of DRIP DRY (6 total capsules). Three caps in the morning, and three caps mid-afternoon, around 3pm.

    This is typically a low-carb day, but talk to your coach if you have one. Otherwise, the booklet that comes with Drip Dry contains some good diet instructions to follow.

  • Tuesday & Wednesday (Days 2 & 3):

    Same water (2.5 to 3 gallons) and same two servings (6 total capsules each day at two different times, per above)

  • Thursday (Day 4)

    • Drink 4 gallons of water!
    • Increase to 3 servings of DRIP DRY – 9 total capsules: one serving early AM, one serving at lunch, and one serving around 3 or 4pm.
  • Friday (Day 5)

    Magnum Drip Dry Ad

    Markus at HardMagnum is the creator of this plan, the founder of the company, and follows it himself – the man practices what he preaches! Drip Dry helps you drop the water weight safely so you don’t have to worry about cramping.

    On this day, you trick your body by cutting out water midday. This would normally cause your body to react by releasing aldosterone (a hormone that causes water retention), but thanks to your supersaturation earlier in the week, this will be delayed!

    You should see your body change before your very eyes hour by hour.

    • Only consume ½ gallon water throughout the entire morning!
    • Use four servings of Drip Dry (12 total capsules):
      • One serving early morning
      • One serving late morning
      • One serving mid-morning
      • One serving late afternoon or early evening (around 5pm)
    • After noon, for the second two doses above, use the bare minimum water needed to swallow capsules of DRIP DRY after that.

    Diet-wise, you’ll have to talk to your coach, but this is typically when you eat four to six meals containing 40-60g carbs each, as well as your regular protein diet. The booklet contains key advice for these diets if you don’t have a coach / plan.

  • Friday Night (Evening of Day 5):

    Hot bath soak time! Before going to bed, fill a bath with as hot of water as you can safely tolerate, and add 400g Epsom salts.

    • Soak for 20-30 minutes.
    • Add more hot water as it cools.
    • Beware that spray tans will wash away if you do this, so the best bet is to get a tan right after you do this, perhaps by a mobile spray tanning company. You can get another coat on your tan the next morning.
  • Saturday (Day 6 – Contest / Photo Shoot Day)

    Drip Dry Dandelion

    Some of the ingredients in Drip Dry may seem strange, but all have been proven effective in accelerating water weight removal.

    • Breakfast depends on how you look. See the booklet for instructions on what to do if you do not have a coach.
    • 45 minutes prior to pumping up for your shoot, Magnum has further diet instructions and recommends 4 capsules of Magnum Volume. Combining proper sugar loads and the nitric oxide boosters in Volume will make your muscles pop up against your skin
    • Don’t over-pump! Too much and you’ll spill over and smooth out, and there’s no need to pump the legs – we want those cuts! The pump will come quick, especially in the shoulders, chest, and back.
    • Stay warm – the warmer you are, the longer your pump will last.

Good luck!! You’ll receive this detailed dosage guide plus the diet instructions with your bottle! Honestly, if this is your first time running a contest and you can’t afford a coach, the details in this book make it worth the purchase alone!


What was once a source of incredible frustration for those looking to get stage-ready and photoshoot-ready is no more. Drip Dry helps to effectively eliminate water using a multi-tiered approach that not only increases urine output and frequency, but also helps smooth out the flow of urine by reducing inflammation in the body and relaxing the urinary tract.

Diuretics are a double-edged sword though, yes they can help you get incredibly lean, but caution must always be taken to ensure adequate mineral and electrolyte levels are in check so you can make sure your muscle and nervous system are firing properly.

Thanks to the instructions supplied by Magnum Nutraceuticals with Drip Dry, you’re now in for a safe yet very aggressive attack on water weight!

Magnum Nutraceuticals Drip Dry – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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