Christian Guzman’s Blue Lime Ghost Legend Pre Workout is Here!

Another legendary flavor for a legendary athlete for Ghost Legend has arrived!

Christian Guzman Ghost Legend Blue Lime

Add “flavor innovator” to Christian Guzman’s growing resume.

After releasing a new Ghost Whey flavor and the Maxx Chewning Mango Margarita Ghost Legend, Ghost dropped its latest twist on an original product, opting to take the “athlete edition” approach for two consecutive months.

Now on to his second flavored edition of Legend is fitness and YouTube star, Christian Guzman!

Already a YouTube sensation and the Alphalete Gym and clothing creator, we can add another impressive accomplishment to Guzman’s resume.

The hot new flavor this spring?

Blue Lime!

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Ghost’s been busy

Back in March, Ghost unveiled its Maxx Chewing “Mango Margartia” edition of Ghost Legend and nearly a month later, the rising company has given fans two new flavors in the Christian Guzman Edition! While Guzman’s flavors won’t make you feel like you’re sipping cocktails on a Mexican beach, they sound equally refreshing and delicious!

Ghost Legend Christian Guzman Editions

Different packaging and different flavors, but the label is essentially the sames!

So now Guzman’s latest edition comes in a Blue Lime version to complement his previous Lemon Lime one!

Although the packing looks different for both flavors, the ingredient profile is the exact same (with the exception of the Lemon Lime flavor getting an assisted 25mg of added sodium).

Guzman Gets the Energy

Unlike Maxx’s Legend edition which focused on helping users get more pump, Guzman’s edition of Legend will incorproate a bit more caffeine than the original version or Chewing’s edition.

The new additions get a decent bump in caffeine compared to other Legend editions. Guzman’s Ghost Legend will pack 250mg of caffeine, coming from caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate. The original Ghost Legend boosted a fairly low dose of caffeine, at 165mg and Chewing’s edition still falls short of the Guzman Edition with only 202mg of caffeine.

Ghost Legend Guzman Ingredients

Essentially the same label in Guzman’s two lime-based flavors!

Fans of Ghost rejoice, because this company continues to deliver innovative and marketable supplements to the industry! Who knows what these guys will come up with next!

To read more about the above ingredients, you can check out our analysis on the original Ghost Legend!

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