Dymatize Pre W.O. — A Mainstream Pre Workout that DELIVERS!

Dymatize Pre W.O.

Dymatize is back with a bang as they debut a brand new clinically dosed pre workout featuring 125mg of TeaCrine!

Dymatize is one of the true behemoths in the supplement industry. The brand has long been known as one of the giants of protein, primarily due to the incredible popularity of its top-rated ISO-100 whey protein isolate protein powder.

Over the past few months, Dymatize has been on a serious mission to revamp their look and feel within the supplement community and appeal to athletes of all kinds. Along with a sleek new look, the brand has recently launched a monstrous pre workout that’s sure to turn some heads.

Pre W.O. is a clinically dosed pre workout that brings focus, pumps, and endurance, but where it really stands out is the 125mg Theacrine included in each scoop!

As one of the major mainstream brands out there, we love to pit Dymatize against Optimum Nutrition, and the honest truth is that Dymatize is eating ON’s lunch all day long lately!

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Pre W.O. Ingredients

The tagline “Never waste a workout” looks to be dead on.

Dymatize Pre W.O. hits all the right notes of pre workouts these days — it’s open labeled, clinically dosed, and brings energy, focus, stamina, and pumps. But, where the product really jumps off the page is when you take a look at the 125mg TeaCrine dose, which we’ll address coming up! Can they make it taste great though? Rumor has it that the answer is yes….

  • Citrulline Malate (8g)

    Dymatize Pre WO Ingredients

    This is a true weight lifter’s pre workout. It’s got it all, pumps, energy, focus, and hydration support!

    Dymatize is bringing some serious pumps with a full 8g of Citrulline Malate. We generally recommend 6g as the minimum dose to get the true nitric oxide-boosting power of this ingredient, but Dymatize has really upped the ante by going above and beyond including 8g of Citrulline Malate, which yields 4g of pure L-Citrulline, enough for significant nitric oxide production, athletic performance enhancement, and most of all PUMPS![1,2]

    Right off the bat we know we’re in for a good one here. Yes, we’ve seen these doses from smaller brands and specialty products on Amazon, but compared to other “mainstream” big box companies and they don’t even hold a candle to this.

  • CarnoSyn Beta Alanine (3.2g)

    Beta Alanine is a proven endurance enhancing ergogenic used by athletes of all kinds to crush fatigue and elevate their athletic performance. In the body, beta alanine binds to histidine to form the powerful intracellular buffer carnosine.[3] During exercise, pH drops in muscle tissue due to acid ion accumulation, which ultimately induces fatigue.

    Carnosine buffers the buildup of these acidic ions, which blunts fatigue, increases time to fatigue, ultimately increasing endurance.[4] Just be wary though, that the 3.2g dose will induce a nasty bout of paresthesia if you’re not already used to taking beta alanine on a daily basis.

    This is going to be a love-or-hate proposition, but the most popular pre workouts have BA in it, so the marketing gurus with all their data over at Dymatize clearly knew that the benefits outweighed the small amount of people who get the cons.

  • Taurine (2g)

    Dymatize VIP Access

    Never waste a workout! Dymatize has been sending out special VIP Access goodie boxes to loyal fans of the brand to test drive the new Pre W.O.

    Taurine is a great little amino acid that supports hydration, endurance, focus, and even pumps! The reason taurine is so powerful, is that it is an osmolytic compound, meaning it encourages cellular swelling by attracting additional water into skeletal tissues. Taurine is primarily stored in the brain, heart, and muscle tissue, which is why it’s able to exert so many effects in the body.[5]

  • BetaPower Betaine (1.5g)

    Betaine is another well known ergogenic that has regained the spotlight the past few years due to increasing amounts of research showing the ingredient to be a powerful performance boosting compound. It’s known to synergize with creatine to improve bodily production of creatine, as well as regulate homocysteine levels, which serves to increase performance and prevent fatigue.[6,7]

    The dose here is a bit below the full daily dose prescribed in research (2.5g), but maybe Dymatize has a post workout formula in the works that will supply another 1.5-2g worth? Out of the first four ingredients, this is the first one that’s not “full monster” dosed, so we’re still winning here — and the next one keeps that rolling!

  • Nitrosigine (1.5g)

    Dymatize VIP Access Open

    Here’s a shot of the VIP Access box all opened up. It includes Pre W.O., a shaker, and a t-shirt.

    Ready for even more pumps in Dymatize Pre W.O.?! Good, because you’re going to get more nitric oxide-fueled pumps thanks to Nitrosigine, an enhanced form of Arginine that’s been gaining more and more headway in pre workouts.

    Whereas regular L-Arginine is essentially useless for elevating N.O. levels in the body, Nitrosigine is effective for acutely increasing N.O. production and even elevating baseline arginine levels in the body for a period of up to 2 weeks post consumption.[8]

    Between 8g citrulline malate and 1.5g nitrosigine, Pre W.O. is now in the “stupid pumps” territory — especially if you drink enough water to get the taurine flowing in too!

  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (350mg)

    Tyrosine is a well-known focus booster frequently used in pre workouts, fat burners, and nootropic supplements. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) is alternative form of L-Tyrosine touted for its superiority due to crossing the blood-brain barrier and have improved water solubility.

    However, as we’ve recently addressed, we believe NALT is an altogether inferior form of Tyrosine that is not as effective at increasing serum levels of tyrosine as regular L-Tyrosine[9,10], which means you’re probably not going to get a “mind-bending” focus-enhancing effect from this ingredient. Given the rest of this formula, that’s easily forgiven, and we’ll still take what we get here.

  • Caffeine (300mg)

    No proper pre workout is complete without a solid dose of caffeine, and Dymatize Pre W.O. is no exception. In fact, it’s got a rather strong hit of the age old stimulant at an impressive 300mg per serving. This amount is plenty to get you going in the gym and provide you with ample energy to survive even the most taxing workouts.

  • Coconut Water Powder (200mg)

    Dymatize Pre W.O. Waste

    Never waste another workout on a crappy pre workout, with Dymatize Pre W.O. you’re always guaranteed a solid training session.

    Coconut water is loaded with potassium, which is a crucial electrolyte for muscle function.

    As you probably know, tons of critical electrolytes are lost through sweat during the course of training, which means that if you’re not well hydrated and replacing those lost electrolytes, you’re headed for muscle cramps, premature fatigue, higher blood pressure, and of course decreased performance.

    Including a hit of coconut water powder helps replace lost potassium and support overall hydration levels in the body, ensuring long-lasting performance, but in terms of a day’s worth of potassium, you’ll still need to get plenty more from eating properly.

  • TeaCrine (125mg!)

    Here’s where Dymatize Pre W.O. truly stands apart from all the other TeaCrine pre workouts on the market. To the best of our knowledge, Dymatize includes the highest dose we’ve encountered in a single serving of any pre workout available!


    Want longer-lasting energy? Here it is. This is the ingredient that’s going to make new users love this product. Note that the chart above used a 200mg dose, but Dymatize is the one coming closest to that!

    We’ve tried TeaCrine in several other pre workouts before, and you really only notice its long-lasting energy when it’s dosed around 100mg, anything less and you really don’t get much pop from the ingredient. However, we’re intrigued by what happens when you start going over 100mg, and if the ingredient’s effects are even more pronounced?

    We’ll be able to see in short order, as we just snagged a couple tubs of the product to put to the test ourselves. Stay tuned for the full review soon!

    The biggest issue here is the taste that comes with this ingredient. Few supplement companies have been able to make 75mg Theacrine taste good, let alone this massive 125mg dose. It’s that rough of a raw ingredient. But Dymatize isn’t just “some company” – they are big money and we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t release a mainstream product that’s got a bad Teacrine taste. Time will certainly tell!

Flavors Available

Dymatize Pre W.O. Girl

Dymatize Pre W.O. may taste good enough to not even need mixing!

Although Dymatize is one of the oldest brands around, they’re not using old school flavors like Fruit Punch or Blue Razz for their new Pre W.O. The brand has created three unique flavors sure to catch your eye and tickle your tastebuds:

  • Chilled Fruit Fusion
  • Handspun Cotton Candy
  • Sweet Cherry Lime

Again, biggest question is how they worked the flavors around the theacrine. Word is that they nailed it, but we’ll have to review this to find out for real.

Cotton candy’s definitely one of the hot flavors lately.

Dosage considerations

Light-stimmed users can easily get away with half a scoop and still have pumps that are better than a lot of the cheapo pre workouts out there.

We also have to wonder if you shouldn’t take this too late in the day, because Theacrine lasts longer than caffeine. Be aware of that if you train after work and need to be in bed by 10pm or anything!

Takeaway: Dymatize is obliterating the other big name brands


We’re loving this new Dymatize. Click the image to see best deals on all of their supplements!

Dymatize has their rebranding effort off to an amazing start with a brand new pre workout that does just about everything right. While its formula is similar to many of the clinically dosed pre workouts on the market, where it stands apart from the rest is the increased amount of TeaCrine, which should give Pre W.O. a little bit extra juice compared to the rest of the other pre workouts you’ll come across on a daily basis.

Seriously, where the hell is Optimum Nutrition lately? Because of the “big two”, Dymatize seems to be squeezing the life out of them, and Pre W.O. is clear evidence of that. We can’t wait to use this.

Dymatize PRE W.O – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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