Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar: 15 Bars of Sweetness at a Sweet Price

Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar Reviews

The studs at Dedicated Nutrition have a new Crisp Bar you can feel good about sinking your teeth into… especially with a great introductory price!

A killer Canadian company that we are no stranger to, Dedicated Nutrition brought their products to American stores in April of 2018, and have been a strong contender in the market ever since. They started with a lower-caffeine, yet comprehensive pre workout formula Unstoppable and a unique BCAA product, BCAA Sensation, but have recently expanded with a new EAA formula aptly named YEAAH!

We’ve always loved what this brand offered, but now we have the Canadian powerhouse’s take on protein bars with the Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar. The quick selling point is that this is a very sweet, crispy bar (as the name implies) with 20g protein, but the bigger story is the pricing, especially in Europe: very few bar manufacturers have 15 bar boxes, and definitely not at the prices seen overseas!

In this article, we’ll highlight the features that make this unique, but before we do, be sure to sign up for our Priceplow powered coupons, and sign up for Dedicated Nutrition alerts to stay up to speed with this awesome brand.

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Mike’s Quick Dedicated Crisp Bar Review

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I was excited when I heard about these bars — we always have tons of protein bar deals on our supplement deals page, but when they said they were offering 15 bars in a box at an aggressive price, my ears perked up. I also love “crispins” (if you watch enough of our videos on YouTube and IGTV, you’ll see my excitement when “inclusions” and “crispins” and “crispity crunchies” get involved in products).

Collagen in a protein bar!

I also love the idea of using hydrolyzed collagen in a product, although I do recognize that the amino acid profile is lower in leucine. Yet with that said, we’re fans of collagen for times when we’re not eating meat off the bone, and it’s great for connective tissue, high in the amino acids like proline, glycine, and serine that are beneficial and we’re too often deficient in.

Very very sweet

Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar Review

Sink your teeth into these crunchy-topped bad boys

Recognizing that, I received two boxes, both of which were the Chocolate Caramel flavor. Make no mistake, these bars are sweet! The use of sugar alcohols, which rest well for me, works out very well. I love chopping a bar up and tossing it into a shake, or just crisping on a bar itself. It’s enjoyable, and beats most bars in flavor, even given the price.

The first day I received them, however, I had three bars. They’re addictively good. While my stomach was fine from the maltitol, my tongue was a bit “zazzed” out at that point. I literally over-sweetened it, and was just DONE with anything sweet for a good day.

Dedicated Nutrition told us that they’re not taking over the world or inventing a new category with these, and they’re right. But they did do things differently, given the collagen play.

Long story short, if these bars were $3.50 each retail like some others we see, I’d think less. But at the prices we’re initially seeing – 15 bars for $27.99 – I’m a huge fan.

Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar Nutrition Facts

Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar Nutrition Facts

The Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar Nutrition Facts. Bars vary a touch by flavor.

Dedicated Nutrition’s Crisp Bar comes with a strong profile, packing 20 grams of protein in a serving from a variety of sources (we’ll break those down in a bit), and 17-19 grams of carbohydrates depending on which of the two flavors you choose. The bulk of these carbs are sugar alcohols, meaning they have slightly less calories per gram than actual sugars. As for the sugar content, both bars come in with an impressively low amount – less than 2 grams each!

The bars launched in two delicious flavors: White Chocolate / Caramel Peanuts and Milk Chocolate and Caramel. Choose your crispy destiny!

White Chocolate & Caramel Peanuts

One of their two delicious flavors, this flavor has a slightly higher calorie count than the other, coming in at 216 calories. You are getting 20 grams of protein from milk protein, collagen hydrolysate, and soy protein isolate, making this a very unique protein blend.

The uber-specific label gives us the detailed nutrition facts – Also included in the calories are 9.9 grams of fat and 17 grams of carbohydrates, 15 of these being sugar alcohols from maltitol. Only 1.7 grams of sugars (none added) are in this bar, yet it achieves an incredibly sweet taste. To make up for the lack of sugar, sucralose is also used as a zero calorie sweetener.

Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar Ingredients

Ingredients screenshot egregiously ripped from the website!

As expected, the outside is a white chocolate-like coating, with crispy pieces sprinkled around the coating, and a gooey center that gives a variety of textures as you bite into this bar.

Milk Chocolate & Caramel

The second of their two flavors, Milk Chocolate & Caramel comes in at a slightly lower 210 calories per bar, but also with the same solid 20 grams of protein from the same protein sources of milk protein, collagen hydrolysate, and soy protein isolate.

The other macros differ slightly in their amounts as well. Total carbohydrates come in at 19 grams, with 17 grams of that being the sugar alcohol maltitol, and an additional 1.8 grams of sugar, again, with no added sugars. Total fat content is slightly lower than the White Chocolate flavor at 8.3 grams as well.

Similarly, this flavor has a chocolate like coating, but of course with milk chocolate, and also has the same crispy pieces embedded in it with a gooey layer in the middle.

Great value, great sweetness, and a unique profile

Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar Box

A box has 15 bars at a cheaper price than many 12 bar boxes!

Dedicated Nutrition‘s Crisp Bars are an impressive first product to introduce into the market, and come at a very reasonable retail price. Direct through Dedicated Nutrition’s website, you can pick up a pack of 15 (yes, 15!) bars for only $27.99, bringing the cost down to a very economical price of less than $2 per bar, and that’s before the budget retailers get their hands on them. We hope they can keep that price somewhere in that neighborhood as time goes on (this post may not get updated, but our price listings will).

Dedicated Nutrition has been bringing some great products to American shores ever since they landed, and these new protein bars are no exception. For those that want to satisfy their sweet tooth, but keep a clear conscience while doing so, Dedicated’s Crisp Bars may be the thing you need.

Be sure to check out Mike’s review up above where he gets a chance to try these bars out.

Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

Dedicated Crisp Bar

The flavor Mike didn’t yet try when publishing this post

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