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Milk Protein Concentrate

Myprotein Layered Protein Bar: More Layers, More Gains

Myprotein Layered Bar Graphic

Slowly but surely, Myprotein is starting to bring more functional foods to the U.S and they’re receiving incredible feedback! They first released the (now-discontinued) Triple Stack Bar, which was loaded with 30g of protein.

Vegans and vegetarians were still missing out because those products use whey protein, so Myprotein launched the MyVegan Protein […]
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Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar: 15 Bars of Sweetness at a Sweet Price

Dedicated Nutrition Crisp Bar Reviews

A killer Canadian company that we are no stranger to, Dedicated Nutrition brought their products to American stores in April of 2018, and have been a strong contender in the market ever since. They started with a lower-caffeine, yet comprehensive pre workout formula Unstoppable and a unique BCAA product, BCAA Sensation, but have recently […]
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Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites: A Must-Try Protein Bar Alternative

Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites Chocolate Frosted Donut

The protein bar market grows more and more crowded with each passing month and new companies continue to develop their own version of the portable, high protein snack. But at least we got something different here!

Optimum Nutrition has put their own unique spin on the traditional protein bar with this bite-sized treat:

Cake Bites[…]
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