Branch Warren Interview: Introducing Wicked Cutz Jerky!

Matt had the honor of doing an audio interview with the legendary Branch Warren, who takes us through his upbringing, his introduction into bodybuilding, and WICKED CUTZ Jerky!

PricePlow’s Interview with Branch Warren

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See the video version:

It’s audio only, but there are some images as well:

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Introducing Wicked Cutz Jerky

Towards the end of the video, Matt and Branch begin talking about Wicked Cutz Jerky, Branch’s new Texas-inspired jerky line in partnership with Scott James of BSN and Sinister Labs fame.

If we don’t have any products on our Wicked Cutz page yet, you can take a look at WickedCutz.co and try a variety pack!

What else is Branch Up to?

Branch Warren Kaged Muscle

We can’t wait to see the workout plan that comes out of this partnership!

Outside of his training (he’s still in beast mode!), Branch has three other things outside of Wicked Cutz:

  1. Updated: Branch Warren is now with Kaged Muscle!
  2. Black Skull Supplements, which will officially launch in the US at the 2018 Mr. Olympia
  3. Bodybuilding and Fitness Events and Expos – Learn about them at TheBranchWarren.com
  4. Ongoing sponsorship with GASP

You can check out Branch on Instagram: TheBranchWarren (and don’t forget about WickedCutzJerky)!

Thanks a ton to Branch for your valuable time!