Branch Warren Joins Kaged Muscle and Leg Day Will Never Be the Same

Branch Warren Kaged Muscle

Can’t wait to see the workout plan coming from this partnership!

In case you missed the big news, here it is again: Branch Warren has joined Team Kaged Muscle, adding to the forces of Kris Gethin, Fouad Abiad, Tawna Eubanks, and the rest of the KM Team!

This means that one of the world’s best and hardest-training bodybuilders is now paired up with one of the industry’s top brands.

Don’t believe it? See it for yourself in this videos below — leg day will never be the same once we get this one into the Kaged Muscle Trainers app:

The original announcement was on March 9, 2019, as shown here on Kaged Muscle’s Instagram page:

See the full announcement on KM’s Channel:

You can watch the full video on Kaged Muscle’s YouTube channel below:

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The full-length epic leg day video above is also featured:

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Clearly that workout was powered by Pre-Kaged.

Regarding other Kaged Muscle supplements, in the videos above, Branch is sitting next to a tub of Kasein (still the best vanilla flavored casein ever) and talks about replacing his Pedialyte with HydraCharge to get his electrolytes on.

(Note: Moral of the story here? When Kaged Muscle posts an awesome 1-minute clip on Instagram, go check their YouTube and you might find the full-length drop!)

A friendship over a decade long

Branch is no stranger to Kris Gethin, as the friends have several training videos out there today from the past few years:

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Below is what Kris had to say on Facebook:

Branch keeping busy

We’re no strangers to Branch, who is also based in Texas and was on our YouTube channel discussing his Wicked Cutz Beef Jerky. After recording that video Matt trained with Branch, and said he backs up his talk – nobody out-trains Branch. This man redefines what the phrase “Beast Mode” means.

Kaged Muscle Details the Plans

On to the details, we asked Kaged Muscle what the plan was with Branch, and they stated:

“Like all KM athletes, Branch will provide KM fans with training, nutrition, and supplementation content on a regular basis. This content will be shared across KM socials as well as his own. He will also do regular takeovers and live Q&As on KM socials. In addition, Branch will participate in future events, such as brick-and-mortar store appearances, military seminars, and expos.”

— Team Kaged Muscle

We recently detailed the Kaged Muscle Trainers App. Would Branch become a part of it too? We must get a Branch Warren workout in there!!

“We do plan to work with Branch to build out a trainer for KM in the near future. His trainer will be added to the KM app at that time.”

Kaged Muscle Trainers App

When Branch is in this thing it’s going to be game over. Don’t miss out on the epic free workout programs with daily videos in Kaged Muscle’s Trainers App!

All we have to say about that is HELL TO THE YEAH. Stay tuned for that one, if you feel like getting annihilated by a workout plan, that’s going to be the one.

Welcome aboard, Branch. This is gonna be good. Real good.

You can sign up for our Kaged Muscle news alerts below… the next thing we have up are the new Amino Synergy flavors. Long story short? You do not want to miss out on the Peach Tea flavor. That’s all we’ll say about that.

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