Free Sample of RedCon1 MRE via PricePlow!

MRE Free Sample

Get in on this MRE Free Sample! No guarantees which flavor you’ll get, but trust us, you’ll love it!

RedCon1 and PricePlow are back with another free sample offer! The industry’s fastest-growing supplement company wants you to try their fantastic new real food based meal replacement, RedCon1 MRE!

But we’re only giving away ten per day in the US, so you’ll need to get in here early!

Just follow the prompts below, and when you see the form, enter your name, address, and email.

Note: Ten sample packs will be given out each day. If you’ve come too late, then try again early tomorrow (clock resets at midnight central time).

This is a one scoop sample – meaning it’s 1/4 of a full serving (providing ~144 calories).

RedCon1 MRE Free Sample Terms

  • US only. Shipped via USPS (no tracking available)
  • Upon submission, you will be signed up for RedCon1’s Newsletter and PricePlow’s RedCon1 price drop alerts and hot deal alerts.

  • One sample per household (ever). Duplicates will be completely removed.
  • No flavor requests. You will get whatever flavor that RedCon1 is currently sending out.

What is MRE?

RedCon1 Meal Replacement

Read more on our RedCon1 MRE page but watch the review below!

MRE stands for “Meal Ready to Eat”, which are the notorious foods given to our armed forces (and delivered in any disaster/emergency situation stateside). MREs are meant to sustain you through battle, but whereas the military’s don’t always taste great, RedCon1 MRE does!

This is a real-food based supplement that’s completely dairy-free! The protein comes from beef protein, chicken, and even defatted salmon! The carbohydrates come from oats, yams, and sweet potato.

A full four-scoop serving provides 525 calories, 47g protein, 75g carbs, and just 4g fat, so this is great for lower-fat dieters or anyone running with the “bodybuilding lifestyle”. Remember that this packet is a single scoop serving, so you’ll be getting a quarter of those numbers here.

But the taste… oh the taste…

Our MRE Review

If you want to see it in action, check out our MRE Review:

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