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A Male Birth Control Supplement?! Maybe. Meet Gendarussa

Male Birth Control Male Birth Control?!

For far too long, the women of our world have been downing all sorts of hormonal concoction to prevent unwanted births. What if there was another way? The societal game-changer of a true male birth control is […]

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Spilanthes Acmella: Testosterone-Boosting Flower Power

Spilanthes Acmella

Spilanthes Acmella is a food used throughout history as a medicine specifically for its pain relieving properties. It’s also known as the Toothache Plant, or Paracress, for its frequent use in helping relieve toothaches.

More poignant to this […]

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Tongkat Ali: Get your Long Jack Back

Tongkat Ali Testosterone

Plant-based herbal medicines have a very long history of use. Occasionally, some of them get re-introduced to the Western world, mixed with our modern science, and the results are nothing short of fantastic.

Curcumin is one such natural compound we’ve […]

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Pink Magic Platinum Ingredients – A Detailed Analysis

Pink Magic Platinum Ingredients

In July, we announced the return of USPLabs’ Pink Magic, in the form of Pink Magic Platinum.

The bottle’s label states “Advanced Hormone/Libido Support”, and a quick glance at the ingredients shows that this will definitely be different […]

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