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CORE Vegan: Strawberry Cream & Frosted Cinnamon Bun Released

CORE Vegan Protein

CORE Nutritionals VEGAN protein powder has two new flavors: Strawberry Cream and Frosted Cinnamon Bun!

Nearly a year after the latest Core VEGAN flavor — Vanilla Créme — Core Nutritionals is back at it with two new flavors:


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It’s Snack Time! 5% Nutrition’s Unique RTD Protein POUCHES!

5% Nutrition Snack Time

It’s Snack Time! 5% Nutrition’s unique take on ready-to-drink protein shakes makes its way into the industry… by way of dairy-free POUCHES!

5% Nutrition has done it again – making a wildly different protein supplement that’s dairy free. This […]

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Rich Piana’s Egg White Crystals are BACK at 5% Nutrition

5% Nutrition Egg White Crystals They. Are. BACK!

If you’ve been following Rich Piana and his supplement brand 5% Nutrition for any length of time, you know the both Rich and 5% are incredibly passionate about consuming whole foods each and every day. You’ve also […]

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Myprotein THE WHEY: Digezyme, BC30, & Aminogen Amplified Whey Protein

Myprotein The Whey 2022

When it comes to protein powder, few brands can do it as well as none other than Myprotein, who has countless types of protein offerings. Over the past year, we’ve documented many supplements in their Pro Range, […]

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Throughout his years of bodybuilding and elite-tier fitness, CORE Nutritionals founder and CEO Doug Miller has kept a few things extremely consistent: Crushing It with high-volume training, a whole-food based MRP (CORE MRP, his first supplement), staying true to […]

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BEAM Whey Fruity Cereal Has Some “Tricks” Up Its Sleeve

BEAM Whey Fruity Cereal

It’s been far too long since we’ve covered BEAM on the PricePlow Blog. The brand run by Michael Yewdell strives to help you Be Amazing. You can learn about BEAM’s launch from Episode #030 of the PricePlow Podcast with […]

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Raw Nutrition Protein Joins the Breakfast Club with Fruity Cereal Flavor

Raw Nutrition Protein Fruity Cereal

Raw Nutrition has no intention of slowing things down in 2022. It hasn’t been a full two years since they arrived on the scene, and they’ve already made some very big waves.

Last year in 2021, Raw Nutrition earned our […]

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The Smüthe Company: Boost Your Protein Shakes, Smoothies, and Food!

The Smuthe Company

Protein shakes have long been due for a shake-up. Over the decade-plus we’ve spent covering protein powders on PricePlow, the majority of changes and innovations have come in terms of sourcing and bioavailability improvements. We’ve seen an increase […]

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Myprotein The ioPea: Optimized Pea Protein

Myprotein The ioPea

When it comes to exciting new supplement technologies and developments, we’ve done our best to stay on top of novel ingredients and the formulas that include them. The protein industry pioneers at Myprotein have a specific line of supplements named […]

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Glaxon PROTOS Vegan Amplifies Dairy-Free Protein

Glaxon Protos Vegan

Long-time readers of The PricePlow Blog will know that we’re huge fans of Glaxon, a supplement industry newcomer launched in late 2019 that rapidly became known for extremely innovative formulas backed by the bleeding edge of nutritional and biochemical […]

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