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Tomatidine: The Muscle-Building Nightshade

Tomatidine Structure

Tomatoes are one of the most commonly-eaten foods around the world. Over time, scientists have discovered a multitude of natural compounds inside, nearly every one of them beneficial in some capacity.

Never did we imagine that one of these compounds […]

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Antaeus Labs TITAN: Meet the Newest Anabolic Ingredient

Antaeus Labs Titan

Big news, folks! Antaeus Labs, creator of unique supplements like BAIBA and PSyche has come up with a brand new natural anabolic ingredient that’s never before been used – and is actually healthy to boot!

Ready to become a[…]

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Want to Die Sooner? Then Don’t Eat Your Vegetables

Fruits Vegetables

We’ve always “known”, but now we know. Eating your fruits and vegetables makes you live longer.

Or, to put it in a way that will hit closer to home, not eating vegetables makes you die sooner.

Nearly every […]

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BPI Roxy Weight Loss Lemon Drop Softgels Don’t Impress

BPI Roxy

A highly anticipated new weight loss product from BPI Sports is out: BPI Roxy Weight Loss.

BPI is focusing on a marketing campaign titled #ProjectYou, with the too-true tagline, “The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU”[…]

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