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Statement Regarding Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie Lawsuit

Lenny and Larry Lawsuit

Are Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies a bit less complete than consumers thought? We don’t know, because lab tests haven’t been released and these are only allegations.

On February 28th, 2017, two Illinois citizens filed a class action lawsuit against […]

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The 2016 FDA NDI Draft Guidance Document: How To Destroy The ENTIRE Dietary Supplement Industry in 102 Pages

FDA NDI Draft Guidance 2016

Disclaimer: This article was co-authored by Bruce Kneller and Mike.

On August 12th 2016, the FDA published a new Draft Guidance Document for NDIs (New Dietary Ingredients), in the Federal Register. Since this document is 102 pages long, there is […]

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Giant RUSH: Straight Stim Pre Workout by Giant Sports

Giant Sports Giant Rush

Update: Giant Rush is now in America! See the updated label below!

Giant Rush is the new DMHA stim pre workout from Giant Sports that’s all about energy.

Regular readers of our blog have no doubt seen the four letters […]

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DMHA / 2-Aminoisoheptane / Octodrine: 2016’s Stimulant


DMHA: A new workout/focus stimulant that’s roughly ~80% the strength of DMAA, has animal research, and seems to be compliant? Healthy and experienced stimulant users read on!

New year, new stimulant? You bet your ass!

In the wake of the […]

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Picamilon Banned by FDA: More than Meets the Eye?

Picamilon FDA

UPDATE: We now have a copy of the FDA’s official declaration against Picamilon, and we have one last industry response to it. The imminent “ban” seems to be as good as done, regardless of the debate and discussion below.


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Eria Jarensis Extract / N-phenethyl dimethylamine: The Next Big Thing?

N-Phenethyldimethylamine 2D Receptor with Protection Highlighted

Eria Jarensis Extract: a source of N-phenethyldimethylamine. Is this the next big stimulant?

Here in the sports nutrition industry, we’re always looking for the “Next Big Stimulant”. Something to take you to the next level.

Here in the summer […]

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Breaking News: Gaspari Nutrition is FOR SALE

Gaspari Nutrition Rich Gaspari

FOR SALE: Do you want the whole company, or just a part of it?

Big industry news, folks!

You didn’t read the title wrong — we’re not talking about a sale on Gaspari products… the entire Gaspari Nutrition company […]

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Giant Sports Announces Metabolic BioShock Pre Workout

Giant Sports Metabolic BioShock!

We’re always excited when a small company comes out of nowhere and starts selling crazy amounts of product. In the case of Giant Sports, it’s not a huge surprise: their Delicious Protein, despite having some filler content, lives up […]

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