Bruce Kneller’s Patent-Pending Nootropic Ingredient Coming in 2024?

Are you ready to get “red pilled”?!

Bruce Kneller Stimulant

The industry awaits Bruce Kneller’s next-generation nootropic ingredient!

Perhaps the better question is,

What’s in a “red pill”?

We don’t know much, but we do know this:

  • Three or more active ingredients totaling >100mg.
  • All three are chemically related.
  • None of the three are ‘PEA back-boned’.

The components come from a group of compounds (consisting of about 100 total) that Bruce Kneller is trying to cover in a non-published patent application currently before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

If you’re not familiar with our YouTube channel or Podcast and aren’t sure what’s going on here, then watch the video below:

2018: Bruce Kneller’s Mystery Nootropic Ingredient in Action

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This was published in Episode #009 of the PricePlow Podcast titled “A Day with Bruce Kneller”.

2023: Bruce Kneller gives new updates on the PricePlow Podcast

As an update to this article, Bruce came back to the Podcast for Episode #104 giving us the updates in the post-2020 world. You can also watch it below:

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What’s up with this Bruce-class nootropic?!

Every compound, including the three originally in the red pill (we’re not sure how many compounds will be in the updated ingredient slated for 2024), have been vetted by an industry attorney who is a bona fide subject matter expert in this area. The attorney has provided Bruce with an eight-page Memorandum supporting why these compounds are DSHEA-compliant and why Bruce should be able to legally manufacture and sell any or all of compounds in the United States without any issue whatsoever.

All of these compounds, including the three in the red pill, have been vetted by “a qualified academic (credentialed) scientist” who looked at the structure of these compounds and believes that they are likely to be “biologically active” – this scientist has provided Bruce with a five-page summation of his opinion and findings.

What’s next?

Bruce Kneller Announcement

See Bruce Kneller’s Major Announcement and watch them get ramped up on the red pill!

Currently, Bruce is prosecuting his patent application before the USPTO and is waiting for a NOA (notice of allowance) to arise from the application.

Once his findings are “patented”, Bruce intends to have a “by invite only” meeting with the Top 10-20 companies in the industry to allow them proper briefing on these compounds and to provide them with working samples to bring back home to test out and play with.

Dosage ceilings to be enforced

Because safety is paramount to Bruce, there will be “dosing ceilings” per serving written into any company seeking a license of any of these compounds. No exceptions!

At this time, Bruce believes that there will never be more than 6-12 companies in total to be allowed to license any of these compounds in order to keep the integrity and value of these compounds both “high” and “cutting edge.”


It all depends on the patent office. Bruce says to expect to see these hit the market by Q4 of 2018 or Q1 of 2019 2024.

Our written review

You’ve seen the video below, but here are our personal thoughts.

Bruce Kneller Nootrpoic

Look how proud he is of his three babies!

First off, we were laser-focused and may have even liked it more than the predecessor (and now banned) ingredient – and that’s saying a lot because we’re talking about the KING of workout focus ingredients!

In general, it was an insanely fun day. Moods were good, everyone was sharp, and everyone was as active as you can be while sitting there talking. You’ll see more videos in Episode #009: A Day with Bruce Kneller, which we posted to the PricePlow Podcast. From the day over time – Mike and Bruce got into some very interesting topics, starting with Bruce’s announcement that he was leaving Giant Sports.

No anxiety, no blood pressure, no heat – just good, clean, focused conversations.

This was not noticeably thermogenic, and it provided a fantastic mood and energy feel that made us believe it’d be an incredible workout nootropic ingredient first and foremost. Didn’t really feel any noticeable appetite suppression, but we weren’t thinking about that either.

Long story short? The pre-workout ingredient race has a heavyweight horse!

So now what?

We wait. And given that we’re waiting on the government, it may be some time.

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