Prolab Whey Isolate Review – Where’s the Damned Leucine?!

Prolab Whey Protein Isolate Blend

WTF is right… this is NOT a Quality Protein

Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees.

I was so excited about the great chocolate taste of Prolab’s Whey Protein Isolate, I never carefully looked at the amino acid blend!

Prolab’s Amino Acid Blend: Where’s the Leucine?!

And there it is, plain as day:

L-Leucine: 245mg

This is the single most important detail on a whey protein product.

In an entire scoop of whey protein, you get less than a quarter of a gram of leucine — the most anabolic of the three branched chain amino acids — out of roughly 23 grams of total protein!

It’s highlighted on the right for you, and the caption says it all.

Without leucine… there’s almost no point to even taking this. I mean, it’s not bad for you, but you’re missing out on the key ingredient here!

Yes, the Taste is Good

As you’ll see in the video, it tastes great. The mix of some strong cocoa and maltodextrin (which also isn’t good for those of you who are looking for a whey isolate in order to diet) does stir up well and taste great. But there’s great tasting proteins that actually help you build muscle too.

Our Review Video

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In the end, Prolab Whey Isolate is


Maybe all Whey Isolates are Like This?

Nope. After checking into a bunch of other pure whey isolates, they are all about 10X more than this, but many do not disclose it at all. Here’s a brief leucine list of just a few I found:

You’ll notice that the bottom two on that list are the “value” brands too, and they do perfectly fine with this.

So you gotta wonder, what in the hell did Prolab do to these cows? What kind of cheap protein extraction process did they use? Because I want to stay away from it…

Undisclosed Amino Acid Ratios

At this point, I’m thinking two things:

  1. At least Prolab was nice enough to put their garbage leucine content on the label, when they really didn’t need to. I wonder why they did that…

  2. I am now convinced that we need to see amino acid ratios of proteins in order to give proper reviews. If it’s not on the label (or their website somewhere), how can we really know what we’re reviewing?

    We want leucine, not an overabundance of glycine, taurine, and glutamic acid!

Normally, we recommend Cellucor Super Sport for whey isolates. But without it showing the full amino acid blend, can we really trust it??

Thank You CJ!

Our Prolab Whey Protein Isolate Review

Tastes Great, but it takes more than that…

You’ll note that it was CJ who caught this problem, even though I had torn through nearly an entire tub without noticing. I’m embarrassed, but oversights do happen.

The real point is — this is why it’s hugely important to have a training partner. Someone to catch what you miss. Someone to call you out on your mistakes, and someone to make you better.

CJ is a great video review partner, and an even better personal trainer and training partner when I get a chance to work out with him.

If you’re in Austin, you should work out with him too. He’ll catch the small things and make you do things RIGHT, and that’s why he’s awesome. He can be found at

Now I wonder what else I’ve missed…

Even Dr. Oz Calls this one out!

A video on the Doctor Oz show brings in a consumer expert who shows that this tested for only 8g of protein and way more carbs! So we’re not alone – you should stay away from this product.

Filmed at the Big Tex Gym in Austin

As always, this video was filmed at Big Tex Gym – The Best Hardcore Gym in Austin, TX.

If you’re still interested in buying it, find the best prices on our Prolab Whey Isolate page.

Otherwise, check our other Whey Protein Isolate products!

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Mike Roberto

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