‘Merica Labz Patriot’s Whey Review

'Merica Labz Patriot Whey Review

CJ & Robert review quite possible the best tasting whey protein powder on the market in ‘Merica Labz Patriot Whey.

Merica Labz has gone all-out to sell their patriotic theme. From the brand’s high-powered DMHA-fueled pre workout, Red, White, & BOOM to the stim-free pump pre workout Stars ‘N Pipes, ‘Merica Labz is on a mission to turn every last one of you into a Great American!

But nothing could prepare us for Patriot’s Whey. We’d heard this was some game-changing protein powder, yet even then we remained skeptical… we’ve already seen and tried it all, right?

Well, CJ & Robert got lit up with all four flavors of Patriot’s Whey care of the ‘Merica Labz team, and to say the duo was blown away by the flavor would be an understatement! This is quite possibly the best tasting whey protein powder on the market, especially if you’re a cereal fiend!

Patriot’s Whey Review: REAL Cereal Chunks?!

Also, take note of the massive chunks of actual cereal you get in each flavor! Three of the four flavors were absolute home runs, while Yosemite S’mores left a little bit to be desired. Perhaps that one is best saved for some protein hot chocolate, oatmeal, or nighttime sludge concoctions.

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