Cellucor Super HD Xtreme – Long Lasting Energy!

Cellucor Super HD Xtreme

Cellucor’s Super HD Xtreme ushers in a new era of long-lasting fat burners.

Not to be outdone by the likes of MusclePharm and MuscleTech with their cavalcade of new products and exclusive “graduate” line of supplements, Cellucor has served up another new product with Super HD Xtreme.

Much like the G4 line’s C4 50x and soon to be released Alpha Amino Xtreme, Super HD Xtreme (or Super HD X) looks to turbocharge your body with a more “hardcore” version of their popular fat burner.

It’s been designed to last a whole lot longer than your standard fat burner, so if caffeine wears out on you before you’d like it to, you may enjoy some of the ingredient research below.

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Super HD Xtreme Ingredients

As with all previous iterations of Super HD, Cellucor’s Xtreme version uses a proprietary blend of ingredients dubbed SuperHD X Blend. The 435mg blend contains several ingredients seen in Cellucor’s “G4x” series of products and a few new comers.

Cellucor Super HD Xtreme Ingredients

Super HD Xtreme borrows some ingredients from its other Xtreme counterpart C4 50x and brings a few other new faces to the game to really amp up the fat burning potential!

So, while we unfortunately don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient is in HD Xtreme, we do know that we’re in for a heavy hit of caffeine (300mg per capsule). Let’s dive in and see what we’ve got to deal with!

  • Caffeine Anhydrous

    You’re well aware of caffeine’s effectiveness and its role in fat burners, so we won’t waste your time digging into the science behind it. It is worth mentioning its effect though, which include:

    • Improving mood
    • Boosting metabolism
    • Increasing alertness
    • Stimulating lipolysis
  • But, caffeine isn’t all that Super HD Xtreme packs in its blend (though it does account for two of the six ingredients). However, it is a strong contributor to the blend and works synergistically with another ingredient in Super HD X…

  • TeaCor™ (Tetramethyluric Acid)

    TeaCor™ is also known as theacrine and has shown up before in Cellucor’s G4 series of products.  We speculated late last year that theacrine would catch on in the industry and it looks like we were right as Super HD Xtreme makes it a part of its formula.

    More focus, more power, more stims. It now has Xcellicor and TeaCor — Cellucor on Facebook

    Theacrine has a similar structure to caffeine, and is actually created from caffeine in certain varieties of plants.[2] The current research points to it having similar effects and benefits. An additional perk to theacrine is that it appears to be less likely you’ll develop a tolerance to it (as opposed to caffeine) which will reward the user with longer lasting effects and energy.[1]

    Finally, theacrine acts on your dopamine and adenosine receptors. This will provide an additional boost in mood and overall energy level similar to caffeine, but much more sustained and without the tolerance buildup![3]

  • Capsimax® Cayenne Fruit Extract


    Capsimax is an encapsulated cayenne pepper extract that prevents the side effects of taking capsaicin directly (like heartburn). We love it…. when it’s in a capsule based product like this one!

    Capsimax® Cayenne Fruit Extract has some solid research proving it as a fat oxidizer. If you’re a fan of spicy food, you’re well aware that capsaicin is the chemical that gives chile peppers their “kick”. It burns stored fat and increases overall energy expenditure.[6]

    Capsimax® is an encapsulated form of highly concentrated natural capsicum which will slow digestion and prevents the possibility of any heartburn or other nasty side effects typically attributed to other capsaicin based supplements. So, you’re left with all of the fat burning benefits of this potent compound without any of the unpleasant gastric upset!

  • XCELICOR™ (Caffeine Pterostilbene Cocrystal)

    Caffeine Pterostilbene Cocrystal is a combination of 43% caffeine and 57% pterostilbene cocrystals.[4,5] The ingredient is the brainchild of Chromadex. It is similar to regular caffeine expect that initial studies show it to be more potent and longer lasting than traditional forms of caffeine.[4]

    In fact, the research done so far shows that the half-life lasts 6-8 hours LONGER than caffeine alone. This translates into prolonged energy boost, improve mood, enhanced focus and concentration. Most importantly, its increased effectiveness results in a lower dose of overall caffeine needed to elicit the same benefits as you would with traditional caffeine supplements.

    This could be of particular benefit to those who are overly sensitive to caffeine as a much lower dose would be needed to elicit the same benefits those of us with a higher stim tolerance enjoy with higher amounts of caffeine.

Caffeine Pterostilbene Graph

The novel form of caffeine included in Super HD has a much longer half-life than standard caffeine, leading to sustained energy and fat-burning!

  • Zembrin® Aerial Parts Extract

    Zembrin® is an extract of Sceletium tortuosum, an African herb more commonly known as Kanna. Traditionally it was used by the San people of South Africa for over 300 years to support mental and emotional well-being.

    We all know that dieting and weight loss adventures entail a certain amount of stress and anxiety for everyone. Zembrin® was included as part of Xtreme’s prop blend for its particular effectiveness in reducing stress and anxiety[8,9], while at the same time improving overall cognition.[10]

    We haven’t used this specific extract from Zembrin®, but anecdotally, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every supplement that has Sceletium in it.

  • Rauwolfia vomitoria Root Bark Extract

    Also known as the poison devil’s pepper, Rauwolfia vomitoria is a plant species in the genus Rauvolfia. Ancient African medicine used this all-natural herb as a treatment for possible mental disorders.

    If that fact worries you a little bit, don’t fret. Research has shown it to aid in lowering body weight.[11] Another study has shown that it decreases pain sensitivity and could potentially counteract certain mental disorders.[12] So if nothing else, you’ll at least have some protection from going crazy while dieting!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

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Take one serving (1 capsule) with 8-12 fl. oz. of water in the morning, and one serving (1 capsule) with 8-12 fl. oz. of water 5-6 hours later in the mid-afternoon. Do not take this product within 6 hours of bedtime. DO NOT EXCEED 2 CAPSULES PER DAY.

This is definitely one of those products that you won’t want to take too late at night. You may think you can sleep with some caffeine in your system, but this combination of ingredients will definitely hang around a lot longer than your standard caffeine dose!

That launch price!!!

SuperHD Xtreme

Image courtesy Cellucor Social Media

Super HDX is initially retailing at GNC for the price of $99.99!!! If you’re a member, you can get it for “just” $69.99. Now, before you get too upset, consider a few things on how some of these major brands release products into the wild:

  1. They typically start out  on backorder at GNC, as this one is right now.

    This happens because GNC (and sometimes Bodybuilding.com) frequently get the exclusive launches for X number of months

  2. The products usually eventually make their way into our other retailers
  3. Some products are exclusive to GNC forever, though. We’re not sure if this one is. However, we typically do find that certain GNC operators put the products on Amazon for far cheaper, so we’ll find that.

What we’re getting at is that if you can’t handle the initial $99.99 / $69.99 price, sign up for price drop updates in the widget above or below and we’ll take care of you!


So, Cellucor has joined the ranks of MP and MT in releasing exclusive “graduate” lines of their most popular products.  Super HD Xtreme does contain some novel ingredients and looks to bring one of the first long-lasting fat burners to the market through the combination of theacrine and caffeine pterostilbene cocrystal.

However, we find it hard to justify the hefty price tag all in the name of store exclusivity. Is this truly a revolutionary fat burner that will push you to the Xtreme? Time, and dollars, will tell. Until then..

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Cellucor Super HD Xtreme - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

Super HD X

Coming soon: discussion on Alpha Amino Xtreme, the new energy-based amino acid drink from Cellucor! (Image courtesy Cellucor social media)

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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