PES High Volume is Here! Get in my veins

PES High Volume

The High Volume stimulant-free pre workout has been picked up by PES. Rumors have it that it’s loaded

Update: High Volume is now out, and the label is SICK – See it below! Analysis below.

2014 has been the year of the stimulant-free pre workout supplement, and PricePlow’s house-favorite brand, PES, is joining the fray with High Volume.

If you recognize that name, that’s because it’s a product that was originally created by Athletix. PEScience now has the rights to this product and possibly the rest of the Athletix profile, but has decided to only move High Volume to the PES line for now.[1]

High Volume’s Ingredients will be updated

Word on the street is that PES is updating the formula a bit.

“High Volume is the best non stimulant pump based pre workout on the market” — Ben Carpenter

We hope they don’t stray too far from the original formula, because Athletix caused a stir over this product for a reason: it’s loaded.

There’s no word as to what the ingredients are, but we’ll keep this post up to date when we do know.

You can sign up for updates below, and we’ll hit you up when free samples are available[2]:

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The new High Volume ingredients

Published October 31, 2014:

PES High Volume Ingredients

The New PES High Volume Label is out, and it looks KILLER!

WOW. This is going to below the market away! We’ll have a write-up soon!

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The original formula’s ingredients

Athletix High Volume Ingredients

The original ingredient label from Athletix. We’ll update this with the new one as soon as we can!

To the right, you can see the original formula’s ingredients, from Athletix. It required two scoops, and had 20 servings at that dosage. It’d still be powerful even at 1-1.5 scoops if you wanted to make it last longer.

As you can see, this is a glycerol / citrulline / agmatine sulfate combination product. Basically… nobody can not like this, since it has something for everyone.

The proprietary blend leads us to believe that there’s a few grams of glycerol monostearate (which is popular in iForce’s HEMAVOL – the product that got this whole category started).

Glycerol is popular because it acts as a “sponge” for water in the muscles, giving you a nice and full look. But while that’s great, it’s the next ingredient’s dosage that really wowed us:

Mega-dosing L-Citrulline

PES High Volume Review

Ben Carpenter, PES athlete, posted this picture on his Facebook. Read about it below, and Like him on Facebook (BY FAR one of the best fitness guys on Facebook!)

However, the overloading of L-Citrulline is where the real performance gains happen. This is becoming a familiar thing in the pre workout category, and edges closer to what the science states about L-Citrulline.

Another product that uses a heavy dose of L-Citrulline is the incredibly popular JYM Pre JYM, which is currently #2 on our Top 10 Pre Workouts list.

Also note that this is legit L-Citrulline, not citrulline malate (which has half the pump-inducing citrulline dosage by weight).

Agmatine sulfate – Icing on the cake

Finally, a whopping 1g of agmatine sulfate was added to the original High Volume, which induces even more nitric oxide based bloodflow, and gives that “skin-tearing” pump sensation.

Agmatine rocks because it not only induces a great metabolic chain reaction with all sorts of beneficial health functions (including cardiovascular output help), it even gives a cognitive focus bump!

These dosages are huge, and you could definitely get away with 40 workouts on this stuff! We’ll see how PES balances that though.

Speaking of our Top 10 List, we won’t be surprised to see this product, or potentially Giant Pump, replace HEMAVOL when all is said and done.

Ben’s early High Volume Review

Ben Carpenter is one of PES’ sponsored athletes, and has one of the best Facebook pages out there.[3]

Anyway, he was lucky enough to get to review the new High Volume formula. In addition to his review below, he sent us a great picture of his horseshoe-shaped triceps bulging out at the camera. You can see that picture above!

“I use non stimulant pre workouts a lot for photo shoots. Usually I have to combine two or three to get the desired effect. Now I only have to take High Volume.

Most products I have used often fall short of clinically studied doses so people would need to exceed maximum dose to achieve them. Not anymore.

High Volume is the best non stimulant pump based pre workout on the market” — Ben Carpenter, PES Athlete

Take it with a grain of salt since it’s coming from their own employee, but Ben certainly isn’t the lying type, and just look at the ingredient formula they’re starting with!

Free Samples, you said?

That’s right – coming soon will be, which will offer free samples. Similar to other free sample sites that use PricePlow’s technology!

Crowded category… who’s gonna win?

Between High Volume, the aforementioned HEMAVOL and Giant Pump, and oncomers like Chaos & Pain’s Cannibal PermaSwole… on top of dozens others, including the upcoming MAN NOOPUMP… this is one insanely crowded category.

HEMAVOL is still the one to beat, and we honestly believe that some of these formulas are stronger. But what will the customers say with their wallets? Because that’s what matters.

Having been big fans of PES’ other products, including Select Protein (see our review here), we’re confident that this science-based, low-hype company will pull through.*

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  2. – Free sample site coming soon!
  3. Ben Carpenter on Facebook
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