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Myprotein has a ton of products like this in Europe. And they’re bringing many of them to American shores!

At the beginning of May, Myprotein expanded the Pro Range, a line of premium sports nutrition products, with THE Coffee Boost. This instant coffee mix is far from your normal cup of Joe. Myprotein combined the finest Colombian coffee with a trademarked ingredient called Dynamine. Every serving of THE Coffee Boosts is just 5 calories and contains 150 milligrams of natural caffeine and 75 milligrams of Dynamine.

Dynamine is a trademarked form of methylliberine developed by Compound Solutions. It’s a purine alkaloid primarily found in tea leaves. Dynamine is touted for its ability to boost energy, focus, alertness, motivation, and productivity. While caffeine and Dynamine have slightly different mechanisms of action, they do work synergistically. When combined, they do a great job of supercharging mornings.

Dynamine vs. Caffeine: A Dynamic Duo

Dynamine Runner Small

Elevate your productivity with Dynamine.

Caffeine increases energy primarily by blocking adenosine receptors, whereas Dynamine activates dopamine receptors and enhances the production of other key neurotransmitters.

Dynamine does interact with adenosine receptors as well, however, it doesn’t affect the cardiovascular system like caffeine. For example, too much caffeine can cause a rapid heart rate and elevated blood pressure. By combining caffeine and Dynamine, you get a great increase in energy, but without the types of negative side effects stimulants are famous for.

Learn more about THE Coffee Boost by reading this in-depth product breakdown: THE Coffee Boost by Myprotein: Not Your Average Cup of Joe

The Next Flavor of THE Coffee Boost is Dark Chocolate!

When Myprotein first launched THE Coffee Boost, it was only available in one flavor: mocha. Fast forward to November, Myprotein just released another flavor that may be even be better. THE Coffee Boost is now available in dark chocolate.

Coffee Boost Dark Chocolate

Get your day started right with THE Coffee Boost, now available in dark chocolate.

Keep in mind that THE Coffee Boost does not contain any creamers or sweeteners, so if you want to add a non-sugar sweetener, we suggest picking up a couple of bottles of Myprotein’s FlavDrops, a very affordable zero-calorie sweetener and flavoring agent.

Some things we like most about THE Coffee Boost are the taste, the minimal ingredient list, and how easy it is to prepare. To make THE Coffee Boost to your liking, all you have to do is heat approximately 8 to 12 ounces of water and stir in one serving (~8.5 grams) of powder. The only ingredients in THE Coffee Boost are instant coffee, natural and artificial flavors, and Dynamine. It’s simple, yet extremely enjoyable and an effective way to give yourself a bit of a lift.

A cup of THE Coffee Boost, with one serving of the FlavDrops, is a great way to get your day started. If you want to pick up a tub of THE Coffee Boost, in either mocha or dark chocolate, use code PLOW40 for 40% off. For more Myprotein news, reviews, interviews, and deals subscribe below!

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