Myprotein Layered Bar Chocolate Brownie: Treat Without The Cheat

Over the past few months, Myprotein has drastically expanded its line of functional foods in the United States. But rather than just launching a bunch of new protein bars, Myprotein decided to be a bit more creative by offering a variety of high-protein snacks, such as:


Fuel your ambitions with Myprotein.

Myprotein does manufacture several protein bars that have a texture and taste similar to a candy bar, but without all the sugar. One of the newest protein bars that Myprotein has come out with in the U.S. is the Layered Bar.

As the name suggests, the Layered Bar is stacked with five indulgent layers. It’s about 220 calories, 20 grams of protein, and less than 5 grams of sugar. The Layered Bar is a great snack because it curbs your cravings and keep you feeling satiated for hours. Not to mention, it’s a delicious way to hit your daily protein target.

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The Layered Bar is Now Available in Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie Layered Bar Box

Crush your sweet tooth with the new Chocolate Brownie Layered Bar

Since Myprotein just released the Layered Bar a few months ago, the flavor selection is pretty minimal. Up until this point, it was only available in cookies n’ cream. Myprotein recently announced they’ll be introducing chocolate brownie.

With five layers of chocolate, this new flavor will definitely hit the spot for all the chocolate lovers out there. Just like the cookies n’ cream Layered Bar, the chocolate brownie bar contains 20 grams of protein. But it will have even less sugar — only 2 grams.

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