MusclePharm Whey Diesel – The “Hardcore” Protein Formula

MusclePharm Whey Diesel

MusclePharm completes its Hardcore Series of products with a shiny new protein powder!

MusclePharm’s 3rd entry into their Hardcore Series has made its grand debut and we’re here to fill you in on what Whey Diesel has to offer!

Diesel is MP’s latest whey protein powder supplement that teams up with Wreckage and Gainz to complete MP’s Hardcore Series.  As with saw with both other entries into this product line, it is a completely open label with NO proprietary blends!

We couldn’t be happier that yet another company is taking this step towards full disclosure of its products contents.  This way, we don’t have to speculate anymore if we’re getting a “spiked” protein.

Although we haven’t seen any 3rd party tests confirming the quality of the powder, MusclePharm states right on the label that Diesel is “Eurofin certified” showing that it is free of any amino-spiking and what we are left with is 25g of pure whey protein goodness.

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We’ve already commented on MP’s Hardcore Series’ very similar profiles of their pre and post to the JYM line of supplements.  Let’s take a look at Diesel’s ingredients and see if it’s more of the same here as well…

Whey Diesel’s Ingredients:

MusclePharm Whey Diesel Ingredients

MP’s Whey Diesel brings a 100% open label WITH the complete protein breakdown.

MP’s newest protein powder does have some “good” and “bad” elements to it.  Follow along with us as we break it down…

  • The “Good”

    As promised, Diesel’s label is 100% open, and as such, MP tells us right up in front exactly what we’re getting in each scoop.  Each serving of Diesel provides your body with 25g of whey protein, split between 15g of whey protein isolate and 10g of whey protein concentrate.We put this under the “good” category because very few companies disclose the exact composition of their protein powders.

    Diesel’s mix is 60% isolate and 40% concentrate of whey. Of the most popular pure whey products that are primarily isolates – Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize, Cellucor, and MuscleTech – none of them disclose this. So for all we know, they could be 51% isolate. With Whey Diesel, we know for sure.

  • The “Bad”

    Diesel is pure whey protein, but with that comes whey concentrate that accounts for 40% of its protein content.  Concentrate is the cheaper form of whey protein and often leads to digestibility issues for some.[1]  If you’re one of those individuals whose particularly sensitive to lactose or known to have milk allergies, this is not the powder for you.

    Additionally, this isn’t a blend of several types of proteins (whey, casein, egg, etc.) and with that will come a thinner consistency protein shake – it’s a pure whey as the name implies. You may not enjoy the same “mouth feel” from Diesel as you’ve come to enjoy from MP’s other protein powder Combat with is a blend of 8 different proteins. Thickness will ultimately come down to the thickening agents added, which are discussed below.

  • The “Suspect”

    We said there was no amino-spiking in Diesel, and according to their Eurofin tests, this rings true.  We do have to wonder why there are an additional 5g of glutamine added though.  Whey protein already boosts a complete amino acid profile and glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body.[2]

    MP claims it’s included to “fuel recovery and muscle growth.”  We’d prefer if our protein powders just contained, well you know, protein, not extra free form aminos.  So, while MP fully discloses that added glutamine we’re just not sure it’s really necessary.[3]

  • The “Rest”

    Just like all other protein powders on the market, Diesel contains Natural & Artificial Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose Gum, Salt, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium.The gums will help solve some of the mouth feel and texture issues we touched on earlier.

    As for the artificial sweeteners, you can’t get away from them in protein powders unless you enjoy the taste of wallpaper paste and don’t want your protein to taste very good.

Overall, it’s things like that open formula that make this product a ripe candidate for our Top Protein Powder Buyer’s Guide!

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Macronutrient Breakdown:

We mentioned earlier that MP’s Hardcore Series is an awful lot like the JYM line of supplements, so let’s see how their macros stack up.

  • Calories: 140 for Diesel (10 calories from fat) 140 for Pro JYM (25 calories from fat)
  • Protein: 25g for Diesel vs 24g for Pro JYM(breakdown shown above)
  • Fat: 1g for Diesel vs 2.5g for Pro JYM (0.5g saturated)
  • Carbohydrates: 3g for Diesel vs 5-8g for Pro JYM
  • Fiber: 1g for Diesel vs 0-1g for Pro JYM, depending on flavor

As you can see, there are some similarities between Diesel and Pro JYM.  However, Diesel is a pure whey protein product while JYM is a blend for several proteins, so it would be comparing apples to oranges if we were to nit-pick the differences in the macro breakdown between the two.

Flavors & Sizes Available:

So far, Diesel is available in Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Ice Cream.  Pretty tame as far as flavors are concerned, but hopefully they’ll expand into some more adventurous flavors or utilize some of the flavors from their Combat and Casein protein powders!

MP’s entire Hardcore line of products is exclusive to and can only be purchased through their store.

At time of press, Diesel available in a 4-lb tub for $53.77. We’ll see how the prices drop – you can sign up for price drop updates above or below!

Whey Diesel

You have to agree that “Whey Diesel” is a killer name

Early Reviews

MP’s Hardcore Series has just landed in the store and as yet, no reviews have been posted.  But you can bet as soon as they start rolling in, or when we get our hands on some, we’ll be here to update you on our thoughts (complete with pictures)!

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