HydroxyElite – OxyELITE Pro Clone *with* DMAA!!!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals HydroxyElite

Does this bottle look familiar or what?!

Were you a fan of the original OxyELITE Pro? Well, it’s usually not available, and when it is, it’s at a hefty price tag of $150.

There is good news though: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a company known to push the envelope, has created what seems to be an OxyELITE Pro replacement / clone in the form of HydroxyElite.

The ingredients include DMAA, which the FDA has warned supplement companies not to sell. Hi-Tech claims that it was never officially banned (warning letters do not constitute law), so they can legally sell it – and they are actually suing for the right to do so!

We’ll get into that later on, but first let’s show the prices and then get into the ingredients:

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Note: While HydroxyElite is the OxyELITE Pro replacement, Hi-Tech is doing the same with Jack’d Up, their Jack3d Replacement. If you’re more interested in a pre workout supplement than a fat burner, you can read about Jack’d Up instead.

HydroxyElite Ingredients

HydroxyElite Ingredients

Look familiar? It’s nearly an exact clone / replacement of Oxy Elite, except an added 250mg of garcinia.

The ingredients are shown to the right. We dive into each one, but note that this is nearly an OxyELITE Pro clone, with an added 250mg of garcinia cambogia.

This write-up got long. The fact is, it’s hard not to like this formula. It’s modeled off of the best-selling fat burner for years, and for good reason – this fat burner does it all.

In this article, we’ll explore how the ingredients promote an all-encompassing mixture of fat burning effects:

  • Two ingredients work to properly boost thyroid output
  • One ingredient gives unrivaled focus and mood improvements, and seems to suppress appetite in most users
  • One ingredient helps burn fat by unlocking your often-unused fat-releasing mechanisms
  • Another ingredient prevents weight gain by inhibiting receptors that promote fat storage
  • …and all with just 100mg of caffeine, so you don’t have the jittery side effects of too much stimulation!

It’s such a wisely put together supplement, we can’t blame Hi-Tech for bringing it back. Now let’s get into the science below.

  • Bauhinia Purpurea L. (Leaf And Pod) Extract

    This is a thyroid booster that helps converts your thyroid hormones into a more beneficial ratio. Before we talk about the studies behind it, you should first understand the two hormones at play and why improving the conversion from one to another is so beneficial:

    Quick background on the T3 and T4 thyroid hormones

    The quick background is that two of your thyroid hormones, T3 (triiodothyronine ) and T4 (thyroxine) are released by your thyroid and help regulate your metabolism.

    You release far more T4 than T3 (about 20:1 ratio), but T3 is about 3-4x stronger than T4. Some of your T4 actually converts to T3, and that’s great because of all of the benefits:

    T3 is what increases your basal metabolic rate (your resting metabolic rate) the most.[1] It also increases the rate of protein synthesis[2], increases the body’s glycogen breakdown rates during gluconeogenesis[3], decreasing insulin’s fat-storing effects, and stimulates cholesterol breakdown[4]… amongst other things like increasing mood-boosting serotonin!

    Clearly, T3 is potent and we want it functioning at a high level if we’re on a diet. And although patients with serious thyroid problems can get synthetic boosts of T3, that’s far beyond what the vast majority of us want or need (if you have a legitimate thyroid disorder, see your doctor and do not mix supplements with thyroid medication).

    So can we safely and naturally boost T3? Hi-Tech thinks so with HydroxyElite…

    This is where bauhinia comes in

    T3 / T4 Thyroid Hormone Effects

    The effects of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones (credit wikimedia)

    But if you want a natural boost in your conversion from T4 to T3, bauhinia purpurea is the ingredient to look to.

    This is a flower that grows in South China as well as Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida.

    In an animal study, bauhinia extract increased T4 by 37% and boosted T3 by 83% in healthy animals.[5]

    Another study then took animals, gave them drugs to significantly reduce their T3 and T4 levels, and then were able to use bauhinia purpurea to counteract and restore those levels![6]

    We’re not sure why this isn’t used in more supplements — we have a feeling that it was actually this ingredient that did a lot of the “heavy lifting”, while DMAA got all of the attention and focus.

    To summarize, this ingredient boosts T3 to T4 conversion, which in turn does a great deal to improve your resting metabolism, energy expenditure, overall fat burn, and even your mood.

  • Bacopa (Leaf) (Bacopa Monnieri) Extract

    Bacopa Monnieri, also known as water hyssop, is a type of perennial, and even though it’s normally used as a brain-enhancer (to reduce anxiety and improve memory formation), it is used as another thyroid booster in HydroxyElite.

    This was added for pure synergy with bauhinia shown above. Reason simply being that it boosts your T4 levels, which then aids in the conversion from T4 to T3 that bauhinia plays.

    An animal study showed that bacopa extract taken orally naturally increase T4 levels by approximately 42%.[7] T3 remained the same in that study, but that’s why we have bauhinia purpurea as discussed above.

    We’re definitely fans of bacopa for the anti-anxiety benefits it brings, but this is a unique way of using it that few other companies have used (again, despite the massive popularity of OxyELITE Pro).

  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl

    This is the big one. The controversial 1,3… also known as DMAA. The story is long and drawn out on this one, and opinions are diverse.

    This is a neural stimulant with a similar structure to ephedrine (and adrenaline). It is an aliphatic amine, and with a structure like it has, it behaves just as expected when dosed reasonably: a feel-good stimulant that typically boosts focus, productivity, mood, and aerobic output.

    If you’ve used it in the past and you’re here with interest in HydroxyElite, then chances are that you love it. It’s the make-it-or-break-it ingredient in the formula, and most users (but not all) do indeed love its effects.

    The appetite supression effect

    Note that this is purely anecdotal information, but few will argue with it. 1,3 seems to be the ingredient behind the incredible appetite suppression effects that OxyELITE users had. Given its chemical structure, that’s not surprising – other aliphatic amines behave similarly.

    So there’s no research to back this, but the reason we feel that 1,3 Dimethyl was responsible for the appetite suppression effects. Reason being… when it was removed, the number one complaint was that the product was no longer suppressing appetite!

    It turns out that this is what many users wanted most. So if this product was similarly formulated, then there’s a good chance that appetite suppression is back!

    But with the good comes the bad

    DMAA Structure

    DMAA’s Structure is similar, but still very much different to amphetamines. That said, low-quality drug tests have been tripped up by it.

    However, of the nationally accepted research shown on 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, we know that it does notably increase blood pressure, though it does not boost resting heart rate.[8]

    For that reason, it is highly encouraged that you seek a doctor’s approval before using this or any other supplement, and you must stay within the recommended dosage and never mix this product with any other stimulants.

    We are serious about the above statement!

    Two sides to every coin

    However, it is our opinion that this was never successfully proven to be dangerous in healthy users who are using it properly. When USPLabs was fighting the FDA’s DMAA ban, they performed seven research studies on healthy individuals attempting to show this.[9] Take them with a grain of salt — they might be slightly biased and were likely done on healthy athletes — but they may give you some confidence if you are as well.

    The FDA and Hi-Tech’s Risky Play

    With that said, the FDA is still very much against DMAA, and was never sufficiently happy with evidence that it is natural (from geranium plants), and Hi-Tech is taking a risk by manufacturing this product, to say the least.[10]

    The FDA may argue that marketing this as a dietary supplement is flat out illegal, whereas others, notably Hi-Tech, still disagree. So much so that they are suing the FDA for the right to sell this! You can read those details on our DMAA Lawsuit article, which we are keeping up to date with the news.

    So as of right now, and most of the risk falls on Hi-Tech, not the consumer.

    Our take is that if you’re looking at this product, chances are that you enjoyed OxyELITE Pro and want something similar, and you know what you’re getting yourself into. But if you’re new to this ingredient and you’re not in 100% healthy condition, you need to get a clear cardiovascular pass from your doctor.

    We have provided as much research and links from all sides, so do your research and stay informed.[8,9,10]

    Drug tested athletes – stay away!

    One last note – if you’re a drug tested athlete, this is definitely banned, and if you take any drug test of any kind, you should stay away due to the potential false positives (since it’s structured similarly enough to amphetamines and cheaper / lower-quality drug test kits could fail).

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  • Cirsium Oligophyllum (Whole Plant) Extract

    When OxyELITE Pro first came out, it was a bit tougher to find quality research on cirsium. That is no longer the case, and this herb has since proven itself in a few other products, namely PES Norcodrene.[11]

    There are two main effects from circium, the first of which is most important:

    1. It helps you burn bodyfat by exciting the beta-adrenergic receptor (discussed a bit below).
    2. It boosts the expenditure of energy by increasing the action of uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1)

    What is the Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor?

    A flowchart of Noradrenaline beta-adrenergic receptor activation (image courtesy of PathwayMaps)

    Click the image to see a more detailed flowchart of how Noradrenaline stimulates the beta-adrenergic receptor (image courtesy of PathwayMaps)

    Your body is meant to save fat for emergency situations. After all, it doesn’t know if you’re ever going to be out of food, or if you’re going to be in that dreaded “fight or flight” situation.

    When you’re in a fight or flight response situation, your body releases epinephrine, which then provides you an incredible boost of energy to get done what you need to get done.

    That epinephrine binds to your beta-2 adrenergic receptors, which causes a massive chain reaction that ultimate ends in releasing fat for energy use. The process is known as lipolysis, and it’s when you break down triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. It’s a long and complex biological process, so you can read the sources on how it works.[12]

    Cirsium boosts beta-2 activity

    Cirsium oligophyllum comes in because it boosts beta-2 adrenergic activity just a bit.[13] Nothing insane, but it “tricks” your body into a mild flight or fight type of response, and gets your body to mobilize that fat for energy use.

    Cirsium Oligophyllum's Effects on Brown Fat Tissue

    Cirsium Oligophyllum’s Effects on Brown Fat Tissue

    But you have to work out!

    The thing is, some of that fat that’s been mobilized can reattach. Unlike the thyroid boosters discussed above, which boost your resting metabolic rate, this one needs a bit more of your help.

    Once that fat’s been released, you need to get active. We always recommend a sound exercise program that involves at least some resistance training, and this is one reason why.

    It’s also why one of your HydroxyElite doses should be taken pre-workout, if at all possible (disregard this recommendation if you work out late at night – it’s best not to take this anytime after say 4 or 5pm because the DMAA will keep you up).

    However, unlike many other beta-2 boosters, with cirsium, some of that fat can still get burnt without working out, thanks to the way it works on UCP1:

    The UCP-1 Connection

    On top of that, the entire process of thermogenesis gets kickstarted due to UCP1 (uncoupling protein 1) getting a boost from cirsium, which was shown in that same study discussed above.[13]

    When activating UCP1, it actually does burn some of the fat on its own, because it has thermogenic properties (which heat you up and output your energy as that heat), and its expressed in brown adipose tissue.[14,15]

    All in all, we didn’t know exactly how great of an ingredient this was when we first used Oxy Elite, and now we do.

  • Rauwolscine Extract (Leaf And Root)

    Hi-Tech DMAA Stack

    Save when buying both, but please follow the labels and do not use them at the same time!

    Rauwolscine is a form of yohimbine, and exerts similar effects, but is more potent. This is why it’s last on the list in the proprietary blend — it’s strong.

    Also known as alpha-yohimbine, rauwolscine works to prevent fat storage by acting as an alpha-2 adrenergic antagonist.

    Whereas beta-2 receptors promote fat burn (which is why we stimulate them above with cirsium), alpha-2 receptors promote fat storage, so it’s best to inhibit them a bit. And that’s exactly what both yohimbine and rauwolscine have been shown to do.[16,17]

    The two studies cited above are on rauwolscine specifically, but there is admittedly a bit more research on yohimbine. However, the molecule is very similar in structure, and the research on rauwolscine shows that it definitely behaves similarly.

    Start with one cap to assess tolerance

    So with that said, some users are extremely sensitive to yohimbe/yohimbine, so if you’re not sure of your tolerance, it’s best to start at the minimum dosage (one capsule).

    The big picture comes together

    At this point, you should be starting to see the big picture. HydroxyElite does a little bit of everything!

    You have caffeine for energy and to “start the engine”; bauhinia and bacopa to synergistically work on the thyroid; 1,3 dimethylamylamine to boost focus, mood, aerobic output, and suppress appetite; cirsium to induce beta-2 fat burning; and rauwolscine to prevent fat storage through alpha-2 inhibition.

    It is modeled off of the top selling fat burner for a reason – it works both “on paper” and in real life.

    But one more thing was added beyond what was in OxyELITE Pro, so let’s see if this is actually better than its “mentor”…

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (fruit rind) (250mg), Standardized to 60% Hydroxy Citric Acid

    The good news here is that this is a total bonus ingredient. Thanks to everything written above, this is a rock star product with or without garcinia.

    (-)-Hydroxycitric acid is the main isomer from garcinia, and this has been standardized to 60%, meaning you get 0.6*250mg = 150mg of hydroxy citric acid.

    HydroxyElite Label

    The Full HydroxyElite Label, courtesy of Hi-Tech Pharma

    The bad news is that this ingredient simply has not lived up to the hype. It performs admirably in rat studies, but unfortunately did not cross over to humans.

    Still, its mechanisms might help, and it certainly won’t hurt having it in there, but its likely that this ingredient was added for marketing and label recognition purposes. We’re fine with that, because like mentioned, Hydroxy Elite is a wonderful formula regardless.

    The mechanism

    (-)-Hydroxycitric acid works by inhibiting citric acid lypase, an enzyme that is required to create fatty acids. And it works in rats — oral consumption reduces rats’ food intake and body weight to a significant degree.[18]

    Failure to do much in human studies

    Yet sometimes, research just doesn’t cross over from rats to humans — at least not enough to create significant changes.

    What about that one successful study?

    Thanks to Dr. Oz mentioning this one time too often, this is one of those ingredients that fell into the wrong hands (shady internet marketers), who ultimately helped front studies that confounded results.

    For instance, many of the studies cited on those slimy looking “free trial” pages have garcinia mixed in with a slew of other supplements that we already know work… so the research cannot be trusted.

    When you remove those studies, you’re left with the truth – this just doesn’t do much for humans when their diet was no different.[19,20,21]

    So why is it here? Blame Dr. Oz.

    The likely reason this is in here is for label recognition. As is often the case, the ingredients that actually work (such as those mentioned above) have daunting names and get zero mainstream press.

    And then the ones like garcinia that get shilled on TV by your favorite talk show hosts do next to nothing (yet are also safe). At this point, several dieters have heard of garcinia, and it gets a huge amount of search volume on Google.

    But we don’t mind…

    The reason we’re cool with this is because we believe in the philosophy of “sell ’em what they want, but give ’em what they need. And as long as the primary ingredients in the proprietary blend are as good as they are and in solid dosages, we are quite allright with Hi-Tech doing a little bit of “keyword stuffing” on the other parts of the product — just so long as it isn’t overly expensive.

    So yes, garcinia is in HydroxyElite. But no, it doesn’t do anything. And ultimately, we don’t care, because the product doesn’t need to rely on it whatsoever.

Overall, this is an incredible formula, and if you liked the original OEP, you should definitely get it while it lasts:

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Update: This product has received some special attention in our “Best Fat Burner for YOU” buyer’s guide, where we talk about other high-energy supplements as well.

Now it’s time for a quick rant.

Is Hi-Tech Crazy or What?

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

If you thought your favorite supp company had balls, then take a look at what Hi-Tech is up to…

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is no stranger to drama with the FDA. They’ve been at each other’s throats for years (Hi-Tech was one of the leaders in the fight regarding ephedrine in the early 2000s).

We are mildly amused that they are manufacturing this product, and are honestly impressed with the balls it took to do this.

In fact, as we write this, Hi-Tech is suing the FDA for the right to sell DMAA!

Hi-Tech also had some issues with the FTC, but it was their claims and lack of proper yohimbine warning that got them in hot water![23] They ended up winning that court case, with little to no updates from the media, however.

With everything said, Hi-Tech definitely has some valid points in their FDA lawsuit, which you can read in the link above. We’ll be sitting with our popcorn watching.[24]

Interestingly, they were never sent a warning letter regarding DMAA, so they’re letting it rip, and consumers are loving HydroxyElite in the meantime!!!

Our stance

We believe that you have the right to make an informed choice, and we feel that we’ve presented both sides of the research quite well, and link to them both. It is our opinion that you have the right to do with your body as you choose, so long as you get what they say they’re giving you and the research is made available somewhere.

So, once again, if you already liked the original OxyELITE formula, and you want something very similar, and you have a doctor’s approval and a clean bill of health, then by all means, give it as shot, and start at the lowest dosage.

So long as you are good with DMAA, have a clear bill of health, and have your doctor’s approval.

But if you’re on the conservative side, then you may want to look at the non-DMAA products on our best fat burners page.

Any HydroxyElite Reviews?

So far, the users who have come back to us have told us that they’re loving this product. Several Amazon reviews stated that this was the only thing that could hold a candle to the original OxyELITE (for obvious reasons), but Amazon took those pages down.

However, anecdotes weren’t enough, so we’re currently running a log below with Brian, and his success has been phenomenal. You can read it below, after the PricePlow price comparisons:

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Brian’s HydroxyElite log


Hi-Tech claims that the FDA never formally banned DMAA, nor did they ever send them a warning letter. As such, they’re still selling DMAA supplements such as this popular OxyELITE Pro clone

Many readers have been asking how good Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ HydroxyElite really is.

You can read about that above – in short, HydroxyElite is an OxyELITE Pro original formula “clone” – DMAA and all. Garcinia cambogia was also added for good measure.

So does it work? We enlisted Brian, a US Army Veteran, to give it a shot.

Brian’s Intro

I’m an Army veteran and have been out of the fitness world for a few years. Competed in bodybuilding in 2012 and before, doing very well locally. Played two years of semi pro football but completely tore my bicep last year and had a concussion with a hematoma earlier this year.

So I have decided to take on Powerlifting. I have a meet in 9 weeks and am looking to make the 220 weight class if possible.


Will be training 3-6 times per week. 3 days are dedicated Powerlifting movement days with accessory work and the others are bodybuilding days to stay balanced.


Diet will be a paleo-type approach, but not Paleo.

  • Breakfast: Spinach, 4 eggs, guacamole
  • Lunch: 6oz meat, veggies
  • Dinner: same as lunch.

In between meals will either be protein shakes or BCAA (starting with BCAA).


To get to less than 220lbs by October 23rd while gaining or maintaining strength.


  • Age: 33
  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 246.6

Before Pictures

Brian provided two before pictures, which will be used to compare after his two-month run:

HydroxyElite Before Picture

Before Picture #1

Hi-Tech HydroxyElite Before

Before Picture #2

Week 1 Recap and Results

Down 8lbs!

First let’s cut to the chase and get the first week’s worth of pictures in:

HydroxyElite Log Week 1 Picture #1

After 1 Week Picture #1

Hi-Tech HydroxyElite Log Week 1 Picture #2

After Week 1 Picture #2

  • Diet: Here is an example of this week’s diet:

    • Breakfast – 4 whole eggs, 3oz Moe’s Guacamole, handful of baby spinach
    • Sipped on EAA’s all day in between meals
    • Lunch – 8oz of chicken breast wrapped in bacon, 1 cup of jasmine rice, broccoli
    • Dinner – 8oz meatloaf, 1 cup of jasmine rice, broccoli and a veggie juice
  • Training: Training intensity has been amazing and focused. No Preworkout needed at all.
  • Diet / Appetite Suppression: Appetite is next to nothing especially throughout day. If I stay up too late then around 11pm I am hungry but that is 11 hrs after last Hydroxy dose.
  • Energy and Focus: Energy has been amazing. Waking up is super easy and hardly even have a morning coffee anymore, which I used to consume daily.
  • Body Recomposition Changes: Down exactly 8lbs from Monday 8/17- Sunday 8/23. Stomach looks leaner and muscles still look full.

Week 2 Recap and Results

Down another 3lbs, so over 11lbs lost total so far!

Starting with the pics (three of them this time), you can see noticeable improvement:

HydroxyElite Log Week 2 Picture #1

After Week 2, Picture #1

Hi-Tech HydroxyElite Log Week 2 Picture #2

After Week 2 Picture #2

We’ll start with the written stuff since the training portion is longer:

  • Diet / Appetite Suppression: Appetite hasn’t been there at all.

    Saturday nights are my cheat and I have it about 4 hrs later than I’d normally eat. At that time I can feel hunger but besides that I eat when I have to and nothing more which is usually not the case with me. Diet has been perfect throughout the week.

  • Mindset and Mood: Been Slightly edgy but that’s due to dieting and it’s not unmanageable by any means. I am normally in a good mood.
  • Energy and Focus: Energy has been great! I can tell it’s not as high as week one but I expected some decline in energy after my body adjusted.

    Focus is always there!

  • Body Recomposition Changes: Losing most my weight off my midsection and some from my legs. Almost down a notch in my belt but at the uncomfortable spot between two notches.
  • Weight: Down another 3 lbs so 11.2 lbs total in 2 weeks! Weight Saturday AM was 235.4.
  • Training: (DELOAD WEEK)
    • Sunday workout:

      Squats 295x1x5

      Pause squats (1 sec in hole) 205x3x6

      Rolling planks 20 per side

      Reverse sled drags 145lbs for 4 trips (300ft)

    • Monday workout:
      HydroxyElite Log Week 2 Picture #1

      After Week 2, Picture #3

      LAT Pulldowns: Pin 13x4x10 Supersetted with

      Cable Pullovers: 150x4x10 Cable rows: Pin 12x4x10 Supersetted with DB shrugs: 50x4x50 Lying Leg Curls: 90x4x15 Supersetted with GHR’s: 4×15

    • Tuesday workout:

      Bench press: 5 explosive sets with 225

    • Wednesday workout:

      Front squats: 205x3x15 Supersetted with Leg Extension: Pin 10x3x failure

    • Thursday workout:

      Deadlifts for form/speed: 315x1x5 Rack pulls (below knee): Worked up to 545×3 Zercher squats: Worked up to 295×6 GHR’s: 60 reps

    • Friday’s workout:

      Close grip incline barbell press: 135×5, 185×5, 225×5, 275×2, 225×5, 185×5 Floor press: 135×5, 185×5, 225×3, 185×5, 135×5 Tricep pressdowns: 240x4x20 Skull crushers: 75x4x20

    • Saturday workout:

      DB Bicep curls: 25×20, 30x3x20, 25×20, 15×20 Reverse cable curls: 240x4x20 Bent over laterals: 30x4x20

    • Sundays workout:

      Squats: 135×5, 225×5, 315×3, 405×2, 475×2, 505×2, 505×1 Close stance squats: 205x4x6 Straight leg deads: 225x4x6 Rolling planks Supersetted with sled drags: 4 rounds

Week 3 Recap and Results

More improvement, despite some time off on the Holiday!

HydroxyElite Log Week 3 Picture #1

After Week 3, Picture #1 – Notice the tightening up of the lovehandle area!

Hi-Tech HydroxyElite Log Week 3 Picture #2

After Week 3 Picture #2

  • Diet / Appetite Suppression: Had to take a few days off of the HydroxyElite to see if it was what was contributing to my lack of hunger.

    Wow it definitely is helping me more than I thought. Without taking it this weekend I could not control my hunger and gained 11lbs. Back on it today and seemed to have already dropped 7lbs by the next day! (A lot of this is water weight, but the appetite suppression is truly there with HydroxyElite)

  • Mindset and Mood: Mood and mind has been fine. No anger or anxiety, which is great. Typically I have a lot of anxiety on an stimulants.
  • Energy and Focus: Energy and Focus are great as well. The days I didn’t take it I was slightly more sluggish but that is also probably due to me stuffing myself.
  • Body Recomposition Changes: As of Saturday am I was 232 lbs. That’s a 3.4lb loss for the week! Should shed these 11lbs quickly and break into the 220’s. I feel fuller and stronger because of the few day bump I’m calories.
  • Training:
    • Monday
      HydroxyElite Log Week 3 Picture #1

      After Week 3, Picture #3

      No training, 10 30sec intervals on the stair mill and some rotator cuff work

    • Tuesday:

      Bench: 315×2, 325×2 Rev Band 1.5 board press, close grip: 315×3, 365×3, 405×3, 455×3, 405×3, 365×3 Overhead DB tricep extension: 4 sets @ 30×10 Incline DB bench: 40×50, 40×35

    • Wednesday:

      Squats: 135×5, 185×5, 225×5, 275×5, 315×5, 365×5 Lying Leg Curls: 75×20 @ 4 sets, Supersetted with Leg Extension: Pin 10 til failure – 4 sets

    • Thursday:

      Slingshot bench close grip: 135×5, 185×5, 225×5, 275×5, 315×5, 365×5, 405×5 Deadlift: 455×2, 475×2 Yates rows: 225×10, 315×10, 365×10, 405×10, 455×9 Barbell in hands back extension: 185×10, 225×10, 275×8 4 rounds of GHR, reverse sled drags and up/down planks

      Friday (took off from gym)

    • Saturday:

      Db curls: 20×20, 25×20, 30×20, 35×12, 30×15, 25×15 Reverse cable curls: 170x4x20 Tricep pressdowns with close grip handle for lat pulldowns with elbows flared: Pin 6x4x20 Skull crushers: 75x4x20

      Sunday (took off from gym)

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