Genetidyne: Now There’s CANDY Inside of Your Protein?

Is this brand the godfather of protein-infused with goodies?


Genetidyne claims to be the original infuser of goodies into whey protein!

A company we weren’t formally aware of, Genetidyne spiked our interest when we heard these guys put candy in its whey protein!

First thing is first – how do pronounce the name? For the record: it’s “jen-net-ta-dine”.

The Original Innovator of Adding Goodies Inside of Whey Protein?

The article title probably piqued your interest — When we say candy-infused, we aren’t talking about any old off-brand candy — we mean real bits of real candy bar favorites. Reese’s? Yep! Snickers? Sure, why not! Even Oreos are an option!

This is the closest thing we have to a whey protein ice cream parlor (Marble Slab or Cold Stone, anyone?). You go in, pick your ice cream flavor, and then pick the goodies you want smashed up inside. That is basically what Genetidyne is doing with its protein.

In a world where more and more companies are putting cereal, cookies, and other goodies into their whey proteins, Genetidyne claims to be the first to put this idea into practice.

A Truly Hands On Company?

Genetidyne Whey Snickers

You read the label right – Snickers Bars!

The company prides itself in fully disclosed and transparent labels across all of its products, and you know we’re all about that! The company is so confident in its product, because it supposedly owns its own FDA-registered production facility, where it can oversee everything that happens with the product. We tend to like brands that do this (right NutraBio fans?).

The company doesn’t outsource its creations. Everything is formulated in house, to ensure that consumers get what they really want. Well, what we really want is candy and actual cookies and cream flavors!

Genetidyne reportedly offers certificates of analysis for all of the raw materials it uses and they are available on request for consumers. So, if you have any questions about where the materials are coming from, you can call up a friendly rep with the company and simply ask!

What Kind of Options Are There?

Genetidyne Oreo

Ready for some real candy in your protein?!

The company offers users five total protein supplements. Those include the following categories (links go to the PricePlow category pages):

Whatever “type” of protein supplementation you are looking for, these guys have your back.

As an example, we’re going to break down the basic whey protein.

The Genetidyne Whey Protein Label

Now, since this product has two base flavor options and each option can be added with candy bits, the nutrition and calories will differ a bit. Let’s use the Chocolate Snickers as an example. The chocolate flavor infused with Snickers pieces will have a serving size around 30g with:

  • 114 calories (115 in a standard chocolate tub)
  • 3g of fat (2g in the standard chocolate tub)
  • 5g of carbs (2g in the standard chocolate tub)
  • 18g of protein (23g in the standard chocolate tub)
Heath Bar Protein

Heath Bar Protein? Now this is going to add some texture! Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Okay – so the biggest question mark here is, why is there so little protein in the candy infused version? It might help to remember that even with the infusion of candy, a serving of this protein is still under 114 calories.

Obviously not a “clean” food

This brings the percent-protein-by-weight down to just 60%… so you have to ask yourself if this is worth the tradeoff, to have a superior tasting whey protein.

To reiterate, the company does offer equally creative isolate options to help counter this. But hey, if you’re adding real candy and real cookies into protein, we have to expect some extra carbs and fats!

The Whey Protein Ingredients

Genetidyne Whey Protein Label

You make the protein seem cleaner, but realize there’s 18g protein in a 30g scoop to make the carbs and fat look low. Still… candy!

This whey protein powder is entirely whey protein concentrate and Snickers Bars (or whatever candy you choose)! We also have some sucralose for sweetening effect, but if you are drinking candy infused protein, you might not care too much for which sweeteners are used, because – hey, this is a cheat protein!

The company has an isolate which is strictly isolate and a casein which is strictly casein. Again, we are only looking at the whey protein version, since it’s the one with real candy!

Amino Acid Profile

Genetidyne Whey Protein Ingredients

This amino acid profile adds up to exactly 18,000! What are the chances of that!

Now, when we see a pure whey concentrate that doesn’t specify the higher-quality WPC-80, we’re generally skeptical of the amino acid profiles, as we don’t ever want to be subject to amino spiking again. Genetidyne decided to avoid this discussion by placing the amino acid profile on the label! We love it when companies use this “prove it” approach. Customer should appreciate it too.

So here, we have a solid profile for aminos – the company even marked which ones are BCAAs and which ones are EAAs. Again, the profile might be slightly less than a typical protein due to the lesser amount of total protein (18g) in the recommended serving size.

Heck, if you don’t want to use this for post-workout, you might this consider this as a great low calorie meal replacement shake during the day! Why reach for the snickers bar when you get one third of the calories with all of the same “Snicker-y” taste! We’ll hit on the other impressive flavors in a bit.

Outside of adding more protein or using your own BCAAs/EAAs, you may find that 1.8g of leucine, 1g of valine, and 1g of isoleucine might not be enough for you to spike muscle protein synthesis. We fixed that and added another half-scoop to ensure we hit that 2:1 ratio threshold, bring the calories up to 160 and the total protein up to 27g.

When companies add this amino acid profile, it makes our lives so much easier. It lets us know whether or not we need to supplement with other types of proteins or not. We are impressed Genetidyne decided to give us this peace of mind

Shut Up and Tell Me The Flavors

Now we can talk about the good stuff. For the Whey Protein product (not addressing the casein or isolate) there is an impressive lineup of flavors. Remember, buyers can choose a base flavor of vanilla or chocolate, and then choose which goodies they want infused:

Snickers Protein

Mars had a Snickers Protein Bar coming out… but this seems like a better play!

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Heath®
  • Chocolate Oreo®
  • Chocolate with Crispy Peanut Butter Candy*
  • Chocolate Reese’s Pieces®
  • Chocolate with Mint Candy
  • Chocolate with Snickers®
  • Vanilla Oreo®
  • Vanilla with Crispy Peanut Butter Candy*
  • Vanilla Reese’s Pieces®
  • Vanilla Snickers®
  • Vanilla Mint Candy

*We’re guessing this similar to Butterfinger.

Note: We’re not sure if Genetidyne has approved use of these registered trademarks for their other flavors, but their website lists these flavors!

Matt’s Review

Now the fat kid in all of us can express ourselves in a less devastating way! Matt, a new member of our team, tried the following three flavors as our test experiment:

  • Chocolate Snickers

    Genetidyne Review Heath in Chocolate

    Matt’s review of Genetidyne’s Heath Bar in Chocolate

    First, he went with the chocolate Snickers. There are definitely real Snickers bits inside the protein – but not huge chunks that you need to worry about choking on. This flavor packs a smooth and silky chocolate with all the perks of a Snicker bar. You might need to chew those little pieces to really bring out the Snickers flavor but it is well worth the work!

  • Chocolate Heath

    Next, up was chocolate Heath. Similar to chocolate Snickers, you want to let the whey linger in your mouth a bit. Swish it, chew it, just make sure you savor it – because it tastes like Heath Bar!

  • Vanilla Oreo

    Finally, Vanilla infused Oreo. Sounds like a typical cookies and cream flavor, in theory. The difference between other cookies and cream proteins, are that they’ll use some cookie impersonator made from rice/tapioca flour and cocoa. Nothing wrong with that at all – but sometimes, you just need the real thing! This has it with real Oreos! The taste is similar to a cookies and cream, but you can taste the difference that only America’s favorite cookie can offer.

Matt noted that the whey itself

Is this 100% legal?

Genetidyne Review Oreo in Vanilla

Matt’s Genetidyne Review – Oreo in Vanilla

In a world where protein flavors are becoming more and more desert-like or cereal-inspired, it is great to finally see some candy spin-offs! Not only are these candy inspired, they are literally combined with some of the world’s most iconic candy!

The company gets extra brownie points for offering the amino acid profile and a fully disclosed label. The macros and nutrition might not be exactly where we would like, but we realize the trade-off for having sugar-laden candies inside the protein.

All in all, this was a fun experience and worth a try if you want to shake up your same ole’ protein routine. We love protein, we love candy and now we get both in one jar!

Tell us in the comments! Would you try Genetidyne’s candy infused protein?

Check out all the options here!

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