EVL 100% Isolate Brings Lactose-Sensitive Back to EVLution

EVL 100% Isolate

EVL finally brings their fans a pure WPI to their tasty product line!

GI issue squad who enjoys the flavor systems from EVL Nutrition, rejoice! EVLution Nutrition, one of the most prolific companies of 2018, finally has a 100% Whey Isolate to bless you with protein without increasing your time under gastric tension. Does it have a place in your pantry? Let’s find out, but note that we’re always fans of EVL’s flavor systems, so we’re expecting it to shine.

The Premise: Pure whey isolate with hydrolyzed iso

Commonly known as EVL Sports, Evlution Nutrition has dropped an obscene amount of products as of late. Products like the new double-layer Pump Mode Capsules and Z-Matrix were both most impressive, but we’re always excited to see them dropping more “ordinary” staple products too. This one is their take on a pure whey isolate powder, aptly named “100% Isolate”. And boom, that’s the story — it’s a 100% whey isolate product from the same brand that brought you Stacked Protein. Use it and enjoy the gains!

…just kidding. 100% Isolate appears to be EVL’s trying to compete with mass-market products like ISO-100, as you’ll see in the protein used. Its similarities to other products on the market makes our job much easier as we have an industry baseline to compare the product against.

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More about EVL’s 100% Whey Protein Isolate

EVL 100% Isolate Ingredients

This is the vanilla flavor’s ingredients, which brings you a couple more servings in a tub!

EVL’s 100% Isolate offers an isolate-blend of sorts, with part of the isolate being hydrolyzed for easier digestion and faster absorption, while the rest is a standard strict whey isolate. In addition, they also put the powder through a triple filtered cross-flow microfiltration process. EVL claims this process will help prevent the structure from becoming denatured.

100% Isolate has standout features we love at first glance. The blend of isolates should give it an edge for those with digestive issues.[1] The product is also gluten-free, which is a blessing for those that suffer from celiac disease. Last, the price is good for a whey isolate. Whey isolates are infamously expensive… it requires more work and processing and raw material input, and there isn’t as much demand as there is for whey protein so companies can charge higher rates. While it isn’t absurdly cheap, EVL Nutrition will win over customers due to its reasonable price.

Initial Flavors – Starting off Basic

100% Isolate is starting off standard — it comes in a decadent Double Rich Chocolate flavor and a Vanilla Ice Cream. Based on our forum dives, the double rich chocolate has been the biggest hit so far. For our take on the flavors, you must watch the video review on 100% Isolate that we’re dropping soon on the PricePlow YouTube channel!

There’s been some incredible chocolate isolates lately, and we’re split over at PricePlow with an ongoing chocolate vs vanilla civil war for years. I’m boring with my vanillas like that, but the rest of the team is into chocolate. We’ll find out who’s right soon enough.

EVL 100% Isolate Ingredients

EVL 100% Isolate Benefits

Isolate Benefits image egregiously ripped from EVL’s website.

The nutrition labels for each flavor are similar, despite the chocolate flavor edging out the caloric content of the vanilla due to an additional 0.5g of fat and 1g of carbohydrate, which you won’t really get away from in any chocolate flavor due to the cocoa.

However, if you look up any review online, the popular consensus amongst consumers is that the additional calories are worth it: the chocolate flavor holds a coveted 10/10 rating so far at the PricePlow retailers.[2]

Each flavor contains:

  • 120 calories
  • 25g protein (from Whey Protein hydrolysate and Whey Protein Isolate)
  • 1-2g carbs (depending on the flavor)
    • only 1g sugar per serving in both flavors!
  • 0.5–1g fat (depending on the flavor once again)

Due to the higher caloric content, the chocolate flavor has a heavier serving size than the vanilla — and this means you get a bit more servings of vanilla in the same-sized tub. The label recommends a 32g serving for the chocolate flavor and a 30g serving for the vanilla. Therefore, based on flavor, 100% Isolate is delivering ~78-83% protein by weight. This is right around what we could call “pretty good” for a whey isolate… we’ve seen both tighter and “looser” protein-by-weight specs lately!

Note that due to the lack of “room taken up by the cocoa”, vanilla will get you a bit more protein in the actual tub!

Naturally and Artificially Flavored

EVL Pump Mode Capsules

The other recent product from EVL — if you’re ready for capsule-in-a-capsule inception, EVL PumpMode Capsules give you 100% glycerol!

While we don’t mind artificial flavorings here and there, we know that some citizens of PricePlow nation prefer one over the other. For those that hate the aftertaste of all-natural protein powders… rejoice! The artificial flavoring, backed up by sucralose in the chocolate flavor, should help pave over any awkward flavoring issues.

There is also some salt added to round out the sweetness of the flavor. Please note that the ingredients mention naturally and artificially flavored, as is the norm in most proteins. We wish we know how much of each sweetener was being used in the formula, but we digress. As it stands, the vanilla flavor is the “cleanest”.

Due note that sucralose is one of the better-tolerated artificial sweeteners according to recent research.[3-4] If we had to choose an artificial sweetener for a product, sucralose would be decently high on our list. Like all things in life, take it in moderation.

Flavors Available

    Conclusion: About time EVL gave us an Isolate!

    EVL Stacked Protein Review

    Don’t need a pure isolate or lower carbs? Then you may instead want to check out EVL’s Stacked Protein!

    EVL’s had Stacked Protein out for years, and we can’t write a blog post about them without bringing up how much we like their flavor systems — especially their Fruit Punch BCAA Energy.

    100% Isolate pulls no punches nor does it need to — it is as its name says: a whey isolate product. While EVLution reinvented the capsule game with Pump Mode Capsules, they stuck to conventional supplement industry ideas for this protein product. Down the line we may get some crazy-flavor-twist, but isolate fans who like to support EVL will now have somewhere to start and can at least get their fruit smoothies going with a solid vanilla.

    For those that want to try the newest isolate on the block, sign up for our EVL news alerts so you don’t miss our giveaways and new product/flavor alerts, or try ordering a tub for yourself.

    EVLution Nutrition 100% Isolate – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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