Dymatize Keto Whey: A Ketogenic Friendly Protein Powder?

Dymatize Keto Whey

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Dymatize has made something of a name for themselves not only with their high quality-protein powders, but also in experimenting with pH-targeted products, such as their post-workout MPS (which we took a look at here).

We’ve been tipped off that they may be back in the labs stirring over a boiling cauldron, but this time the experiment centers around a ketogenic whey protein powder named Dymatize Keto Whey.

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Dymatize makes incredible protein

First, note that Dymatize’s proteins, especially Dymatize ISO-100 and Dymatize Elite Whey, are some of our favorites – as demonstrated by them being everywhere on our Best Protein Powder guide!

If you need a great low-carb protein powder right now, take a look at Dymatize ISO-100 — you won’t be disappointed. This is a very well-trusted protein brand who moves a lot of quality product. Several of their higher-carb proteins are also frequently on our hot supplement deals page, since they provide a lot of protein per dollar.

The Basics of Ketogenesis

If you’re not familiar with the ketogenic diet, it’s basically the central principle behind the Atkins diet and similar extremely low-carb nutritional programs.

To simplify it as much as possible, the body has two basic states that determine what it is using for its fuel source — ketosis and glycolysis.

  • In glycolysis, the body is using blood glucose for most of its energy, which is largely driven by carbohydrates that it has on hand.
  • In ketosis, the body turns to ketone bodies in the blood, which are driven mostly by releasing stored fat.

The Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Given enough time, the ketogenic diet switches your body into using ‘alternative’ sources of energy – your body fat. Image courtesy PubMed[1]

So the purpose of the ketogenic diet is to keep the body in a state of ketosis as much as possible so that stored fat is the primary fuel source. The simplest means of doing that is denying it carbs. Healthy fats are actually heavily emphasized on this diet, even more so than protein.

We don’t want to criticize or advocate for ketogenic diets here, we simply want to point out that we expect this supplement to have no carbs, similar to a couple of competing products that label themselves this way.

But it’s fair to note that this isn’t the easiest diet in the world to get started on, but some absolutely swear by it. You probably won’t need to be on the diet to enjoy the product either (otherwise Dymatize would sorely be limiting their reach, since a very low percentage of fitness enthusiasts live in keto mode).

What We Expect

As mentioned, there are already at least a couple of products out there that bill themselves as “zero carb” whey supplements, though Dymatize appears to be the first to take on the “keto” label for itself, other than the KETOSlim High Protein Shake (and KETOSlim Bars) from Nature’s Plus — but those are soy– and vegetable-based proteins.

Dymatize ISO-100

In the meantime, check out Dymatize ISO-100

We’re actually expecting the product to compare more to Isopure Zero Carb, however. This is a whey isolate powder that’s pretty much nothing but protein. Some synthetic vitamins are added to the mix, but that’s about it.

If anything, some healthy fats could be added, probably emphasizing omega-3s or MCT oil (the healthy saturated fatty acid chain from coconut oil).

There’s an outside chance of seeing beta hydroxybutyrate, which is used in Patrick Arnold’s KetoForce, and directly raises levels of blood ketones temporarily (for about three hours). Beta hydroxybutyrate is extremely expensive right now, however, so we’d be surprised to see it unless Dymatize is planning on marketing this as a super-premium product.

Stay Tuned!

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