Colby’s OxyELITE Pro Powder Review (USP Labs Fat Burner)

USPLabs has released OxyELITE Pro Powder, an amazing fat-burner powder mix! Wondering what’s so great about this stuff? Colby Strunk has done a review on our Youtube channel. Check it out below:

To sum it up, OxyELITE Pro Powder is AWESOME stuff. There are no fillers in this, and that much is obvious by the tiny size of the scoop – just one is needed to get all the benefits you need for a good workout. The scoop is even smaller than USPLabs’ Jack3d Micro scoop!

Taste & dissolvability

Colby tried the fruit punch flavor. The fine powder dissolved in just a few shakes of his waterbottle, leaving no residue. The flavor is good, not bitter but a bit sweet.


The powder contains no DMAA, just like the new OxyELITE Pro Formula. It does contain aegeline, higenamine, and 125mg caffeine per dose. You should be taking 1 scoop on your first go, hiking it up to as much as 2 if you need more of a boost.

Just remember to keep track of your caffeine and stim intake so you don’t overdose yourself.

Thanks for the review, Colby!

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You can see more of Colby at – Watch some of his lifts, he can move some serious weight around!!

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