Get a FREE VO2 Max Test at Wodapalooza 2019 Courtesy Xtend!

Attention athletes in Florida!

We come with good news from the fine folks at Xtend regarding a special surprise to attendees at the 2019 Wodapalooza event in Miami!

Xtend is offering free VO2 Max tests to anyone at Wodapalooza!

To get in on the action, all you’ll need to do is find the Xtend tent, talk to the team, and get ready to ride!

Free VO2 Max Test from Xtend?! But what’s that?

Also known as “maximal oxygen uptake” VO2 Max is the measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilize during training! We’ll cover some studies demonstrating the importance of knowing your VO2 Max levels very soon (think: training smarter and elevating your competition fitness), but for now, we encourage anyone who plans on being in the area or attending Wodapalooza 2019 to take Xtend up on its offer!

Wodapalooza Free VO2 Max Tests

Did somebody say free?!

There’s a reason for this: Xtend Elite and PeakO2 may elevate it!

At the end of December 2018, we discussed the inclusion of Compound Solutions’ PeakO2 in the Xtend Elite formula. Xtend Elite is a supplement that attacks endurance, and PeakO2, which is a mushroom blend led by the potent cordyceps militaris, is a key ingredient for its effects.

As we covered in that article, PeakO2 has the incredible ability to empower athletes to increase their stamina and maximum power output! Similarly, we’ve personally noticed lower heart rate for similar exercises when using Xtend Elite for a period of time. For anyone looking to add some extra volume (thanks to the extra endurance) into their training regiment, you should definitely consider the effects of PeakO2, one of the most fascinating ingredients to come out this decade.

Xtend Elite gets updated and rebranded with the rest of the Xtend line

Asked about the recently reformulated and rebranded Xtend Elite, Xtend’s Greg Tetzlaff had this to say:

“Xtend Elite is all about muscle recovery, endurance, and performance. We are super excited to launch the new updated version of Xtend Elite, specifically at Wodapalooza. That audience has been asking for something more to help support their rigorous training and recovery demands. We have partnered with PeakO2 (one of the main ingredients in Xtend Elite) to deliver an unforgettable experience at our booth at Wodapalooza. We will be offering free VO2 Max testing!”

— Greg Tetzlaff, Xtend Education Team

Again, why is knowing your VO2 Max so important? Greg had this to say:

Xtend Elite New Formula

Xtend Elite has a new bottle and an updated formula, chasing VO2 Max and endurance more than ever!

“Knowing your own VO2 Max is a critical benchmark in assessing one’s overall health and fitness levels. PeakO2 is a great ingredient that is proven to support improved VO2 Max output, stamina levels, and increased time to exhaustion during intense training.”

We can talk about VO2 max and research studies all day long until we’re blue in the face, but if you don’t actually know yours and track it over time, it’s tough to see if your endurance regimen is actually working and enhancing your peak capacity for racetime. Consider this test your first of many on your way to elite conditioning.

So head on over to Wodapalooza in Miami this weekend, and if you want to increase your stamina and time to exhaustion, PeakO2-powered Xtend Elite could be the holy grail you have been looking for!

We will be covering the reformulation of Xtend Elite very soon. Stay tuned to our Xtend Elite news alerts below!

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