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ATP Nutrition Perform Kinetics: The Perfect Surprise Pre Workout

ATP Nutrition Perform Kinetics

ATP Nutrition has crafted the ultimate performance enhancing pre workout in Perform Kinetics, and we LOVE it!

When we released the latest version of our Top 10 Pre Workouts list, there was one product in there that nobody saw coming in the non-DMAA side of things.

So here’s the story.

Recently, we came across a new supplement company titled ATP Nutrition, short for Aspire. Train. Perform. ATP was founded by Daniel Valdez, a former military vet and active duty firefighter that’s committed to bring transparently labeled, efficaciously dosed supplements to the market.

The brand currently has a dynamite performance-enhancing […]

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Militant Supplements Shell Shock: Pre Workout Designed for a Monster

Militant Supplements Shell Shock

Militant Supplements is a new brand started by wounded combat veteran KC Mitchell. Shell Shock is the brand’s debut pre workout, and it’s a beast!

If you’ve been a follower of Primeval Labs for some time, you’ve no doubt encountered one of their most well-known sponsored athletes KC Mitchell. Known as “@that1legmonster” on Instagram, KC has gained a huge following as a powerlifter and wounded combat veteran.

KC has been working hand in hand with Primeval to develop his own line of products named Militant Supplements. This new line will definitely be touting a military theme and […]

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HAKNutrition PreHAK – The Ultimate Workout Hack!

HAKNutrition PreHAK Rapberry

HAKNutrition is a new company that has burst onto the scene with PreHAK, an incredibly well dosed pre workout that will provides the perfect “hack” for endless gains during your workout!

We’ve had the privilege of working closely with many up and coming brands lately, and with that been privy to some of the inner workings of how “the sausage is made” so to speak when it comes to product formulation.

At the end of 2016, we hooked up with upstart HAKNutrition and began to discuss both their pre workout and post workout supplements which provide everything you need to […]

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Repp Sports ReactR: Go Nuclear on your Workouts!

Repp Reactr

Repp Sports recently burst onto the scene with their DMHA powered pre workout ReactR.

The end of the year is typically notoriously slow in the supplement industry, but 2016 has been exceptionally busy with tons of new products and companies bursting onto the supplement scene.

Repp Sports is one of the newest of the new brands that’s attacking weaknesses in the industry with a few hot products we’ve seen so far. The brand is headlined by their fusion-powered pre workout ReactR that’s sure to have you going nuclear on the weights come workout time.

If this bottle doesn’t catch your […]

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Muscle-Building Nutrition – Fully Dosed All the Time

Muscle-Building Nutrition Logo

Muscle-Building Nutrition is a new supplement company that is bringing only fully clinically dosed ingredients to its products.

If you regularly visit the PricePlow blog, you know we’re a bit of a consumer watchdog for the supplement industry. In addition to discussing the latest news, products and ingredients the industry has to offer, we also keep our eye out on new companies that pop onto the scene and do our best to make you aware of them, so you know who some of the best and brightest up and comers are.

On today’s blog, we feature one of those new […]

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CT Fletcher’s Supplements are Out! Introducing IRON ADDICTS

Iron Addicts

CT Fletcher is a man driven by his obsession for the weights and being a true badass in and out of the weight room. It’s CT’s way or the highway – when he says to get to work, it’s time to get to motherf*ckin’ WORK!

CT’s the original Iron Addict, and now all like-minded iron heads around can unite under one common banner: CT’s new supplement line, Iron Addicts.

Read about CT’s brand and see prices on our Iron Addicts page on PricePlow, where we also have quotes from CT and a 10% coupon on their website,[…]

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VMI Sports: Enhancing Your Performance and Gains!

VMI Sports Logo

VMI Sports is an up and coming brand that’s committed to improving your athletic performance and muscular gains.

Today we feature VMI Sports, a burgeoning brand that’s 100% committed to making you better each and everyday, whether you’re the ultra-competitive athlete, or just the average gym rat. The take performance seriously and have put together a diverse array of products to help you be all that you can be, and MORE!

See more info on the VMI Sports page on PricePlow, where you can compare prices and save money![…]

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Sparta Nutrition Supplements: Seize Your Glory!

Sparta Nutrition Seize Your Glory

Sparta Nutrition is a new supplement company committed to “bringing the best to the best” through its diverse line of prohormones and monstrous pre workout.

Today’s society seems more complacent than ever. We live in a day and age where everyone is awarded a participation trophy and are told it’s “OK” to be average. Worse yet, that kind of  attitude has bled into the supplement industry, where a new company pops up every other day with the same old rehashed formulas that are just carbon copies of everyone else’s garbage products.

Enough is enough for a select few — the […]

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PrimaForce Peak O2: Enhance Your Workout with Mushrooms

PrimaForce Peak O2

PrimaForce Peak O2 has sixty 2g servings of the extract, straight from Compound Solutions!

This year, Compound Solutions introduced a new cordyceps-based ingredient blend named PeakO2™, which was first encountered in Scivation’s Xtend Perform.

If you’ve spent much time following the PricePlow blog here, you know we’re always interested in the new up-and-coming ingredients helping to make athletes bigger, stronger and/or faster. This one could lead to performance-based gains, allowing you to train longer and harder while using less oxygen and energy up.

Previously, Xtend Perform was the only way to get it in, but thanks […]

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Sparta Nutrition KRAKEN Pre Workout: Unleash the BEAST!

Sparta Nutrition Kraken

Kraken is a clinically dosed, transparently label BEAST of a pre workout from Sparta Nutrition that brings EVERYTHING you’d want, and then some!

It’s a true rarity these days when we come across a supplement that simply leaves us speechless. We get may one or two products a year that we see, and just say WOW!

Today is one of those “wow” moment, thanks to Sparta Nutrition. A company that’s mostly made its name as a prohormone supplier, Sparta is in the midst of revamping its entire line up and upgrading everything to V2 status.

Part of the V2 line […]

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