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Protein POPCORN is Here! Meet Protes: The Team That Fixed Popcorn

Protes Protein Popcorn

When it comes to finding high-protein snacks, we’ve seen just about everything. But there’s one category that’s been growing in the general food market — ready-to-eat popcorn — that hasn’t been dented at all by the sports nutrition or health […]

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Anarchy Labs Shogun — Obey the Master of Fat Loss

Anarchy Labs Shogun

Apollon Gym is the legendary hardcore gym in Edison, NJ, often called the gym of the “HARDCORE, OLD SCHOOL, EXTREME, NO BULLSHIT” athlete. It’s no surprise that some of the greatest combat athletes have come out of the no-nonsense gym […]

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GlycerPump – The Supreme Glycerol Supplement

GlycerPump Logo

GlycerPump is a new, stable from of 65% glycerol powder made by Pinnacle Ingredients.

Enhanced hydration, increased stamina, super-saturated muscles, and tubs of clumpy pre workout.

What do these four characteristics have in common?

They’re all attributed to glycerol.

Yes, […]

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Zhou Neuro-Peak: Amazon’s $20 Nootropic for Beginners?

Zhou Nutrition Neuro-Peak

Zhou Nutrition Neuro Peak is one of the best-selling nootropics on Amazon, but is it all hype? We have some mixed opinions.

Type the words “nootropic” into Amazon and you’ll be bombarded by a never-ending supply of cheap […]

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The Pitbull Labs Pre Workout: Energy and Focus with Bite

Pitbull Labs Pre Workout

Pitbull Labs Pre Workout is rocking some incredibly packaging to match an extremely well-dosed energy and focus fueled Pre Workout supplement.

There’s been a new brand on the scene that’s got open labels, well-dosed products, and some of the coolest[…]

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EPG Supplements — The Next Generation of Extreme Supplements

EPG Logo

Extreme Performance Group (EGP) has been around for almost 10 years, and still continues to lead the way in aggressive, extreme supplements

Recently, we jumped into one of the most potent and talked about stim-based pre workouts available in Edge […]

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FREEZinda! Turn Any Whey Protein into Protein ICE CREAM!


Get ready to turn any protein powder into a tasty frozen dessert / ice cream with FREEZINda.

We love our protein shakes, but sometimes drinking them gets boooooring!

So how about some protein ice cream?!?!

Enter FREEZINda, a […]

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Psycho Pharma Edge of Insanity: The Heavy Metal of Pre Workouts

Psycho Pharma Edge of Insanity

Edge of Insanity is a high stim, focus and energy boosting pre workout from Psycho Pharma looking to push your limits to the edge.

Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing incessant musing about a particular pre workout that […]

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Clinical Labs Galvanize: A Pre Workout to Shock the System

Clinical Labs Galvanize

Galvanize: To stimulate or shock with an electric current;
         To arouse to awareness or action.

Check out Clinical Labs Supplements Galvanize. It’s packing EVERYTHING you’d want in a pre workout all along 200mg DMHA.

2017 has most certainly been […]

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RAW Synergies Black Lion: Full-Spectrum Testosterone Booster

RAW Synergies Black Lion

RAW Synergies Black Lion is a new take on the standard natural testosterone booster that also brings some nootropic supplements to the formula enhancing testosterone production and brain function.

“Complete Male Optimization”, from brains to brawn:

RAW Synergies is an […]

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