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Admired Athletes on PricePlow

Welcome to our PricePlow Admired Athletes section! This is where we interview our favorite bodybuilders, fitness models, sports athletes, and bikini models!

If you’re an athlete and want to do an interview with us, then contact us. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsponsored, a brand rep, or an exclusive sponsored athlete – we work with everyone here!

Ghost Teases Nine New Whey Flavors and a Vegan Protein!

Ghost is sampling nine possible new proteins!

After dropping new editions of Ghost Legend, featuring Maxx Chewning and Christian Guzman, Ghost is teasing nine new potential flavors of Ghost Whey!

A fan favorite for flavor, Ghost hinted at nine possible new flavor editions to […]

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Christian Guzman’s Blue Lime Ghost Legend Pre Workout is Here!

Christian Guzman Ghost Legend Blue Lime

Another legendary flavor for a legendary athlete for Ghost Legend has arrived!

Add “flavor innovator” to Christian Guzman’s growing resume.

After releasing a new Ghost Whey flavor and the Maxx Chewning Mango Margarita Ghost Legend, Ghost dropped its latest […]

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CT Fletcher Got His Heart Transplant! Updates Soon…

CT Fletcher Heart Transplant

Update: On May 5th, 2018, CT announced that a heart had been located for him! We await updates!

He’s had your back for years – now it’s time to have his. Read the story and see how you can help […]

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Steve Cook Leaves Optimum Nutrition, Starts a Gym and an App

Steve Cook Gym

PricePlow has been covering more news lately on our YouTube channel via CJ’s vlogging.

One story that could have a big impact on the industry is that Steve Cook is no longer with Optimum Nutrition. Despite the brand never […]

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The PricePlow Podcast is Launched, and it’s Powered by Pre Workouts

The PricePlow Podcast is here!

The PricePlow Podcast is Here! Watch our introductory episode, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and get ready to rumble!

You read that right: The PricePlow Podcast has officially begun!

This is a new Podcast Series (initially on YouTube but eventually […]

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Dallas McCarver Interview: RedCon1 Athlete Just 2 Weeks Out from the Arnold!

Dallas McCarver Interview

CJ Interviews bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, RedCon1‘s top tier athlete, who’s just 15 days out from the 2017 Arnold!


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Shawn Rhoden Signs with PROSUPPS!

Shawn Rhoden ProSupps

It’s official! Shawn has signed with ProSupps!

The Arnold Sports Festival is only a few weeks away, and no time of year is busier around the bodybuilding and supplement industry. We’re flooded with an endless stream of new product announcements […]

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Kevin Love’s Diet: When Weight Loss Goes Awry

Kevin Love Diet Homer Bias Warning: PricePlow is run by a native Clevelander, who is willing to do whatever it takes to get his home team a championship.

With Game 5 in the books, the 2016 NBA Finals have gone from “case closed” […]

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The Top 5 Supplements to Calm Richard Sherman Down

If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Judging from Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with an unsuspecting Erin Andrews, we’re guessing that he took one too many scoops of Mr. Hyde during halftime. (Mr. Hyde is a potent pre-workout […]

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PricePlow Writer Colby Strunk Dominates NAS Redmond, OR Strongman Competition

Colby's Log Press - VERY Solid!

We’re proud to congratulate staff writer and inspiration Colby Strunk for his excellent job at the NAS Redomond, Oregon “Feats of Strength” Strongman Competition this past weekend!

See Colby’s email below:

Hey guys, it’s Colby. Here is the video of […]

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