Chef Rush Joins Team MuscleTech: Delicious Protein Recipes Incoming!

At the 2023 Arnold Sports Festival, another big piece of MuscleTech news was announced and posted to the @MuscleTech Instagram account, but with the hype surrounding Blessing Awodibu‘s appearance and the live demonstration of Black Box VR, it hasn’t (yet) gotten the attention it deserved:

Chef Andre Rush Joins Team MuscleTech

Alongside Blessing, MuscleTech Associate Director Scott Welch announced that Chef Rush had joined Team MuscleTech.[1] If you’re unfamiliar with Andre, then the long story short is that he’s a celebrity chef who cooked at the White House through four Presidential administrations — Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump!

Chef Rush Joins MuscleTech

Four-administration White House Chef, Andre Rush, has joined Team MuscleTech! Are you ready for some epic protein powder recipes and perhaps a flavor collab or two?!

We have more information on Chef Rush below, but our readers in the supplement industry will first want to know what will happen with MuscleTech:

MuscleTech’s plans for Chef Rush

Prior to MuscleTech’s official press release,[2] the brand’s marketing communications director, Eric Hesse, gave us some plans that include four major points:

  1. For starters, Chef Rush will be taking MuscleTech’s protein recipe game to a new level. They’ll be tailoring some of his popular weekly social content to incorporate MuscleTech, and you can expect some unexpected collaborations with other Team MuscleTech athletes.
  2. As with the Arnold Expo, Andre will be making key public appearances for MuscleTech throughout the year, as well as some military appearances.
  3. On a longer timeline, MuscleTech will be working with Chef Rush on flavor collaborations, getting his input on flavor selection but also partnering with the branding and likeness of the Chef Rush name, which will be in a number of product categories. A Chef Rush dessert protein?! Make it happen, MuscleTech!
  4. MuscleTech will also work with Chef on some of the social causes he’s passionate about. For example he does 2,222 push-ups every morning to honor the 22 veterans that commit suicide daily,[3] so look for MuscleTech campaigns aligned with him on those.

So this is definitely not your typical sponsorship! A formal announcement is in the works, slated for April 2023, but we’re excited to bring the news first.

More background on Andre Rush

Chef Rush was the youngest of eight children, and his talents in the kitchen blossomed quite early as he helped his mother make meals for the large Columbus, Mississippi family.[4] He also had a talent for lifting weights, and is now quite well-known for his massive biceps.

Andre’s time at the White House at the end of an incredible 24-year Army career that included multiple deployments. He was a member of the U.S. Army Culinary Arts Team, later cooking for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and then on to the White House cooking staff.[4]

2018: Chef Rush Goes Viral

Well-known within the administrations he worked in, it wasn’t until his fourth administration — under President Trump — where Chef Rush became famous. In 2018, a couple photos of him sporting his enormous biceps went viral,[5,6] and from that point on, things began to blow up.[7,8]

He starred on some reality TV cooking shows, and is now very well-known for his entertaining and mouth-watering cooking on his @RealChefRush account on Instagram.

Now, we get to look forward to recipes with various MuscleTech protein powders. In addition, we can excitedly hope for Chef Rush flavors, just like the Boogieman Punch EuphoriQ pre-workout flavor was also teased at the 2023 Arnold.

This partnership is undoubtedly going to be a fun one.

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