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Beast Super Test MAX: A Guerrilla Chemist Take on Testosterone

Super Test Maximum

What happens when two massive players in the supplement game team up? Things get taken to the MAX. And in this case, we’ve been gifted an incredible new product, packed full of top-notch ingredients to make it extremely effective […]

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Olympus Labs NO MERCY Stim-Free Pump Assault Unveiled

Olympus Labs No Mercy

The legendary Ben Kane at Olympus Labs dropped us with this magnificently-labeled, stimulant-free beast:

Olympus Labs No Mercy

We’ll have a full blog post soon, but this is one of the first supplements displayed on PricePlow with the new S7[…]

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Muscle Elements Post Pro Review: America Pop Flavor!

Muscle Elements Post Pro America Pop Review

We finally got it in!

We’ve been hearing for a long time that Muscle Elements was going to release a bombsicle flavor of their exceptional, catch-all post workout recovery and muscle building supplement, Post Pro, but never saw it… […]

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Muscle Elements Post Pro: Post-Workout Recovery in a Hurry

Muscle Elements Post Pro America Bomb Pop

Since launching in 2013, Muscle Elements has been synonymous with top-notch quality supplements, as evidenced by their 3rd-party lab-tested protein powder, T.R.U.T.H., and monster pre workout PreCre (or PreCre XS if you’re into higher caffeine).

It’s been awhile since […]

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MusclePharm Re-Con: The Return of Recon and MusclePharm!

MusclePharm Recon

Look who’s staging a comeback — and what better way to do it than with a comeback supplement – a post workout product!

To say MusclePharm has had a rough couple of years would be an understatement, the brand has […]

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Core Flex Powder – Full Spectrum Joint Support

Core Flex

One category that we absolutely love, but never see enough of in this industry is joint health supplements. Sure, we’ve seen a few notable additions to the category pop up over the previous year, but not enough to satiate our […]

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HAKNutrition PostHAK – Better Recovery is Here

HAKNutrition PostHAK Watermelon

We recently introduced you to HAKNutrition and their clinically dosed pre workout PreHAK — a clinically dosed pre workout that supplies everything you need heading into your workout.

As expected, the product was very well-received on social media, so it […]

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Blue Star Post-Factor: A TRUE Post Workout Formula

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Post-Factor

Last we heard from Blue Star Nutraceuticals, we were digging their revamped mental-productivity supplement Elevate. The standout Canadian supplement company is back again with an all new post workout supplement, that’s set to revolutionize the post workout segment […]

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Carbon Recover – Layne Norton’s Post Workout Supplement

UPDATE (September 2017): Much to the dismay of lovers of Layne Norton, this product, along with the entire Carbon product line, has been discontinued. See our video below discussing it:

Yesterday we covered Layne Norton’s new pre workout, Carbon […]

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BPI Creatine HD – Multi-Faceted Creatine

BPI Best Creatine HD

BPI Sports has been one of the busiest companies in recent months releasing several new products including the delicious nitric oxide booster Pump HD and a new 1-pill fat burner, Burn XS.

No rest for the wicked — BPI […]

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