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GHOST Hydration DRINK is Here: Taste Test and Nutrition Inside

Ghost Hydration RTD

While in Las Vegas for SupplySide West 2023, we spoke with Dan Lourenço from GHOST on Episode #116 of the PricePlow Podcast. The conversation was involved, but the big news to come out of it was the imminent release of the GHOST Hydration Drink!

Ghost Hydration RTD: As First Seen and Tasted on[…]
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Ghost Energy Drink: Cans That Rebel Against the Status Quo (200mg Caffeine)

Ghost Energy PricePlow

Launched in 2020, updated in 2021 with an improved formula, and relentlessly pursuing exciting new flavors and collaborations, Ghost Energy Drink has taken the beverage world by storm. This article explains the flavors, ingredient profile, backstory, and more.

Ghost Energy Drink: More Energy, More Life

Ghost Energy has some key features that you just won’t […]
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Ghost Sour Patch Kids Pineapple Back in BCAA & Gamer

Ghost Sour Patch Kids Pineapple

Sour. Sweet. Gone? Ghost X Sour Patch Kids Pineapple is back for Summer 2022!

Nearly four years after the launch of the monumental collaboration between Ghost and Sour Patch Kids (dubbed “Project X”), the hits keep coming from the duo. On July 18, 2022, Ghost Lifestyle is re-launching their hit flavor collaboration with the […]
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Ghost Hydration Now in Sour Patch Kids Stick Packs

Ghost Hydration Sour Patch Kids

On March 9, 2022, Ghost launched Ghost Hydration, the next major piece of their legendary sports nutrition puzzle. This well-balanced electrolyte and cellular hydration supplement had been teased a year before, and was well worth the wait.

Just a couple of months later, they’re back with a couple of new flavors — but not […]
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Ghost Energy Drink Launches in Sour Patch Kids BLUE RASPBERRY

Ghost Energy Drink Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry

Just a few months after the launch of Ghost Energy Drink, the team at Ghost Lifestyle pushed their fifth flavor out: Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry!

As is the motto with Sour Patch Kids flavors, it follows the “Sour… then Sweet!” mantra, and delivers on both notes along with a hugely strong blue razz […]
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Ghost BCAA V2: Better Formula, Lower Price

Ghost BCAA V2 Lemon

Ghost was started in 2016 by Dan Lourenco and Ryan Hughes. Ghost hit the ground running with numerous supplements that have stood the test of time, including Ghost Whey, Ghost Legend, and Ghost Amino. One of the first products that the company released in 2016 and that featured multiple licensed flavors was Ghost BCAA.

Throughout […]
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Ghost Licenses Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish (“Project X”)

Ghost Project X Sour Patch

Post Updated with Mike’s tasting review of these two flavors at the bottom!

Are you a fan of candy? Do you happen to like Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, and Warheads? Dan, Ryan, and the team over at Ghost have now finalized two more co-branded collaborations that will appeal to the candy-loving […]
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