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Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme: Long-Lasting Pumps & Focus

Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme

Blackstone Labs is one of the hardest hitting companies on the market with their line up of extremely aggressive stimulant-based pre workouts. They made waves back in June 2016, when they announced a new pre workout was in development, but […]

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PWO-MAX: Prime Nutrition’s MONSTER Reformulation

Prime Nutrition PWO-MAX 2016

It’s been a wild year for Prime Nutrition, which went through some ownership turnover between Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun, but after Jared Wheat of Hi-Tech Pharma recently bought shares of Prime, things appear to be settling down […]

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Nutrex N-Vein: Multi-Faceted Pump Aid

Nutrex Research has long been synonymous with making incredibly effective and well-dosed pre workout supplements. From their original pre workout Outlift to the newer offering Outrage (both of which have spots on our Best Pre Workout guide), the company has […]

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