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Kaged Whey Protein Isolate: New Branding, Same ProHydrolase Power

Kaged Whey Protein Isolate

The Kaged rebrand continues through 2022, and autumn brings us updated Kaged Whey Protein Isolate tubs – renamed from “Micropure Whey Isolate”.

Kaged Whey Protein Isolate has the same fantastic formula — a pure whey isolate that’s third-party lab tested and approved for drug-tested athletes, has natural flavoring, mostly natural sweetening, the patented ProHydrolase […]
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Glaxon PROTOS Vegan Amplifies Dairy-Free Protein

Glaxon Protos Vegan

Long-time readers of The PricePlow Blog will know that we’re huge fans of Glaxon, a supplement industry newcomer launched in late 2019 that rapidly became known for extremely innovative formulas backed by the bleeding edge of nutritional and biochemical research.

No matter how many times something has been done before, Glaxon finds a way to […]
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Glaxon PROTOS Whey: HUMAN-Inspired Protein Powder

Glaxon Protos Whey PricePlow

Regular readers on PricePlow know that the name Glaxon has become our watchword for innovation. Glaxon’s rigorous and creative approach to nutritional science has them developing new and exciting supplements at a breakneck clip.

This time, they’ve really outdone themselves, as they’ve succeeded in reinventing the protein powder supplement, a classic and mainstay of […]
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Kaged Muscle Micropure Whey Protein Isolate S’MORES: A Summertime Treat!

Kaged Muscle Whey Protein Smores Graphic

Last time Kaged Muscle was on the blog we were raving about their newest flavor addition to Re-Kagedrefreshing Fruit Punch!

Re-Kaged is one of the most unique protein powders on the market. Not only because it comes in nontraditional fruity flavors, but it also features 28g of protein from whey protein isolate[…]
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The Kaged Muscle PIP Stack – Pre/Intra/Post Workout Obliteration!

Kaged Muscle PIP Stack Kris

Walk into your local supplement store, or log onto your favorite supplement-selling website (hopefully with a PricePlow coupon handy!) and you’ll slowly realize one thing – there are a ton of options. From pre-workouts to testosterone boosters to protein powders, various bottles and containers fill up every wall and screen. While this means you’ll […]
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Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged – Whey Powered Recovery Supplement

Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged

Last week, we dug into Kris Gethin’s brand new pre workout Pre-Kaged. Today, we’re back with a look at their post workout offering, Re-Kaged. What does KG and Kaged Muscle have in store for us?

The answer is that it’s marketed as a post workout supplement, but we’d probably end up using it […]
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