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Core Nutritionals MRP Packs: On-the-Go Meal Replacement Packs

Core Nutritionals MRP Packs

Core Nutritionals started the year off strong with the release of their Daily Health Pack, a product that builds on Core Multi to include more than mere vitamins and minerals (as important as they are). Now, they’re releasing their OG meal replacement supplement in a new format, and it looks like Core is sticking […]
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Core MRP Banana Nut Bread is in the House

Core Nutritionals MRP Banana Nut Bread

Who doesn’t love Banana Nut Bread?! It’s a common home-baked favorite, especially useful if you’ve bought too many bananas that are getting overripe. We’ve seen it used as a protein powder flavor system, but we think it’s best used like this — as a meal replacement flavor! And that’s exactly what we today with the […]
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Kaged Clean Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter: A Flavor as Good as the Ingredients

Kaged Clean Meal with a Classic Combo

The Kaged rebrand has been in full swing all year, with their beautiful and simple new labels covering nearly their entire product line. It started this year with the insanely powerful Pre-Kaged Elite, which we revealed in PricePlow Podcast #058 with CEO Michael McClane when he announced the name change from Kaged Muscle to Kaged[…]
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Myprotein Clear Whey Meal Replacement: An MRP with Olive Oil.. That’s Clear!

Myprotein Clear Whey Meal Replacement

As you’d probably guess from their name, Myprotein has historically specialized in protein supplements like powders, bars, and high-protein snacks. In this they differ a bit from most of their industry competitors, where the focus is almost always on performance-boosting ergogenic sports supplements like stimulants and nitric oxide precursors.

Myprotein has plenty of performance-boosters as […]
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Core MRP Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Flavor Released

Core MRP Cinnamon and Brown Sugar

Who doesn’t love Cinnamon and Brown Sugar?! Not many people, as far as we know – but for whatever reason, it’s not a very common protein flavor. That changes today with the latest flavor of CORE Nutritionals MRP!

Core MRP now comes in a Cinnamon and Brown Sugar flavor!

Last time we talked about MRP […]
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Kaged Clean Meal: The Most Underrated Meal Replacement on the Market

Kaged Clean Meal

Proper nutrition is essential for health, performance, and recovery. But for people with busy lifestyles, it’s difficult to properly prepare and eat three square meals a day every day. Sometimes you need a little help, and that’s where meal replacement powders (MRPs) come in.

But if you look at the most popular products in this […]
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5% Nutrition Real Carbs + Protein, Special Fall Release: Apple Cinnamon Pie

5% Nutrition Real Carbs Protein Apple Cinnamon Pie

Nobody knows nutrition better than a bodybuilder, and Rich Piana was one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, so we can learn a lot from his views on food. Although he emphasized that most of your calories should come from nutrient-dense whole-food sources, Piana was a results-oriented pragmatist who understood that under the right […]
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Eddie Hall Joins MyProtein for The ALL-IN-ONE Protein

Myprotein Eddie Hall All-in-One Protein

In November of 2021, Myprotein teamed up with world-class strongman Eddie Hall to bring some world-class full-strength supplements. They’ve launched with two supplements, the first being the Eddie Hall version of Myprotein’s The Pre Workout (which you can compare against the original The Pre Workout) and Eddie Hall’s The All-in-One Protein.

All-in-One Protein:[…]
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CARROT CAKE Protein? Core MRP Changes the Game Again (S’Mores too)

Core MRP Carrot Cake S'Mores

Who doesn’t love Carrot Cake?!

Well, some people don’t… but some people really do. And for those who do, the supplement industry hasn’t been too kind to them. Limited to just a couple of protein bar flavors and perhaps a limited-edition launch here or there, there really isn’t much carrot cake flavored protein out […]
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Mission Critical Meal Replacement Plus: An MRP for Special Operators

Mission Critical Meal Replacement Plus

Imagine going out into a harsh and stressful environment for three days. What would you bring? What would you leave behind?

This is a constant question for special operators in the military, who customize their rucks and loadouts for each mission. Part of their decision-making process is how much food and water to bring, as […]
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