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2023 Supplement Industry Awards | Episode #121

PricePlow's 2023 Supplement Industry Awards

It’s a new year, and you know what that means! It is now time for PricePlow’s annual Supplement Industry Awards ceremony, where we take a look at the past year and decide the coolest and most interesting supplements and brands that hit the market.

PricePlow’s 2023 Supplement Industry Awards

This year, we have quite a […]
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Core Nutritionals ISO Clear Protein Launches in Fun Sweets Cotton Candy!

Core Nutritionals ISO Clear Fun Sweets

The big news over at Doug Miller’s Core Nutritionals last month was the release of their MOOSE TRACKS Protein Brownies. They launched in two flavors: Blondie, and Brownie, and they are nothing short of delectable.

This month, though, we’re getting another new product from Core – ISO Clear! This isn’t just a new […]
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Core Nutritionals Hydrate: Fun Sweets Cotton Candy Collab

Core Nutritionals Hydrate Fun Sweets

CORE Nutritionals, headed up by the legendary Doug Miller, is a brand known for its no-holds-barred, ruthlessly professional approach to supplementation. They take the business seriously.

It seems to have worked out for them – CORE has been around for 18 years now, and the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing. Through a combination […]
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CORE Nutritionals Fun Sweets Cotton Candy Collab Now in 3 Products

Core Nutritionals Fun Sweets Cotton Candy

The Flamingo finally makes sense!

Over the past several months, Doug Miller and his team at CORE Nutritionals have been making social media videos with a little extra Fun inside. The team can often be over-the-top, but wearing an inflatable flamingo in multiple videos[1-4] had to have meant something, because even that’s a bit […]
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