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Ghost Legend ALL OUT Bubblicious Strawberry Splash for Summer Workouts

Ghost Legend All Out Bubblicious Strawberry Splash

Birthday celebrations are in the air! It’s been seven whole years since Ghost Lifestyle burst onto the scene and rewrote the script on supplement industry branding.

Ghost has made its name through killer flavors, strong formulations, and perhaps most innovatively: collaborations. Ghost pioneered the merging of athletic supplementation with famous, nostalgic flavors from household […]
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Ghost Gamer BUBBLICIOUS® Cotton Candy is Here!

Ghost Gamer Bubblicious Cotton Candy

The world of esports is growing, and it’s growing fast. There are numerous gaming organizations, massive competition events, and countless online streamers. One brand that is no stranger to this space is Ghost, with a loaded Gamer supplement specifically tailored for those seeking an edge up on their opponent. Not only does Ghost […]
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Ghost Energy Bubblicious Cotton Candy Sets New Bar in Energy Drink Flavors

Ghost Energy Bubblicious Cotton Candy

The hottest energy drink on the market is getting a brand new flavor, and it’s a home run. The hard-charging, flashy Ghost Lifestyle originally released Ghost Energy three years ago, and since then, we’ve seen some incredible collaborations like Swedish Fish as well as some game-changing standalone flavors like Orange Cream and Cherry Limeade[…]
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Bubblicious is Back! Ghost Legend Lightning Lemonade Launch

On April 24, 2020, Ghost Lifestyle launched one of their most creative flavor collaborations to date – Ghost Legend Bubblicious Strawberry Splash. Dan Lourenco, Ryan Hughes, and the team at Ghost did what had been impossible up to that point – made a bubble gum supplement flavor that was both true to name and[…]
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Bubblicious Strawberry Splash Ghost Legend: Bubble Gum Gains

Ghost Legend Bubblicious

May 2021 Update: This flavor has been re-launched in Ghost Legend V2, along with a new Bubblicious Lightning Lemonade Legend collab! Article and label below have been updated.

Somehow Ghost keeps getting deals with iconic brands outside of health and fitness, and no matter what your take is, that’s something to respect. Ever since […]
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