Nature Sport Protein – All-Natural Organic Protein Powder

Yesterday, we leaked news that MusclePharm was creating a new spin-off brand, Nature Sport, which will be producing all-natural, organic supplements for stores such as Whole Foods.

So far, three products are expected upon launch:

So far, we know the most about the protein powder, thanks to the picture that leaked below:

Nature Sport Protein

This preview image of Nature Sport Protein shows that it’s going to be an all-natural, organic plant-based protein

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Now let’s get into what we know:

About Nature Sport Protein

We’ll obviously have to keep this post up to date when we find out more, but judging from the picture, we know the following:

  • This will be a vegetable-based protein protein powder
  • It’s all natural
  • It’s organic

Our guess is that it’s going to be a mixture of pea protein and rice protein, but time will tell on that. Pea protein has an incredible amino acid profile[1], but tastes like… peas. Brown rice protein would add much desired taste and texture to the powder, which is why we guess it’s in there.

There could also be some soy, but the current backlash against soy leads us to believe that MusclePharm wouldn’t do that. You might also wonder about hemp protein, but the high amounts of fat, plus the stigma against hemp, may make it unappealing. So we’re sticking with our pea / rice mix guess.

Do I need organic protein?

We could argue this one until we’re blue in the face, but our main concern over any product on this website is price. PricePlow is a price comparison site for supplements like protein powders, after all.

As mentioned at the end of our main Nature Sport write-up, most supplements are extracted for active ingredients. At the end of the day, a gram of protein is basically a gram of protein.

Most quality protein powders are between 70 and 80% protein by weight, leaving you with 20-30% other stuff. Having your protein come from organic plant matter will definitely leave you with a slightly cleaner “other” portion, but if you’re taking a scoop or two a day, is that enough to justify the high price that an organic protein powder will bring?

We leave the answer of to you.

We’re happy to see the vegetable protein movement, though

Although we’re not vegetarians by any means here, we understand it. The problem is, research has consistently shown that high protein diets are the true source of fitness success.[2]

And vegetarians, by default, do not get what we consider to be adequate amounts of protein. By any means.

However, the booming vegetable protein market (which MusclePharm is smart to jump on with Nature Sport) is a great indicator that vegetarians are realizing that it takes protein to build beautiful bodies.

At the end of the day, we really don’t care how you do it – we just want you to look good and not go broke in the process. If Nature Sport Protein can be a small piece to that puzzle, then we’re all for it. Time will tell, and we’ll keep this post up to date for that very reason.

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