How to Deadlift: Texas Champion Powerlifter Steve Smith

Last Saturday, champion powerlifter Steve Smith over at Big Tex Gym in North Austin, TX gave a free seminar on How to Deadlift in the Power Room of the gym.

Without further ado:

Video Review

In this video, you see some of the following:

  • Standard deadlift technique – from the front and from the side
  • Sumo deadlifts
  • User demonstrations
  • Deadlifts with Bands – these increase the resistance as you pull up, helping you at the lock-out. Steve shows two different methods
  • Deficit Deadlifts on plates – this makes you squat down deeper, and will help you at the starting position
  • Breathing

My memory card filled up during this presentation, so I missed the chains section. Steve put some chains over the top of the bar in the middle of the bar.

There are also some chain attachments at Big Tex, and those can go on the ends of the bar, but Steve doesn’t like them because the plates tend to “land” on the chains, making things a bit awkward.

More on Big Tex Gym

Big Tex Gym is in North Austin, TX, and can be found at The Power Room has a deadlift jack for your heavy deadlifting days!

See Big Tex Gym on Facebook at and on Yelp at

Big Tex Gym is located here: 1921 Cedar Bend Drive Austin, TX 78758 (512) 775-7838

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