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Mike doing what he loves best - celebrating after a successful paddle race

Mike is the founder of PricePlow, a price comparison shopping website for nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Mike combines his background in competitive sports, computer programming, and biomedical science to deliver one of the most helpful nutrition tools on the web -- with, of course, the help of his incredibly talented writing and programming team.

In the sporting world, Mike is a competitive sand volleyball player and swimmer, specializing in endurance ocean swims as well as freestyle butterfly sprints. He is 6'0 and 195lbs as of February 2014.

But it's not all water -- when he's not spending ridiculous hours developing PricePlow, you can find him working out regularly with our sponsored bodybuilder, CJ Woodruff.

Mike lives in Austin, TX and is always happy to jump in on a triathlon relay as your swimming leg. He will bring you a great starting time, fun laughs, and a ton of supplements to get you through your race!

You can see Mike regularly on the PricePlow YouTube Channel.

Hi-Tech’s FDA DMAA Lawsuit: The Appeals Waiting Game Begins (Jan 2018)

Hi-Tech DMAA FDA Lawsuit Appeal

You thought DMAA was formally banned by the FDA? Not so fast, according to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. We have the latest updates to the ongoing DMAA supplement saga here.

January 25, 2018: Hi-Tech’s Response to the FDA’s Response Filed… and now[…]

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Primeval Labs Protein Coming… with MASSIVE Cereal Chunks?!?!

Primeval Labs Protein Preview

What is this we have here?!?!

You know the team’s excited about something when Mike and CJ both comment on the same picture without realizing it!

Yeah, Mike still types stuff like “ZOMG”. But look at this stuff?! Primeval Labs […]

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NutraBio PRE Extreme V5: A Serious Carb-Enhanced Pre Workout

NutraBio PRE Extreme V4

NutraBio’s PRE Extreme is another in a wave of high quality effectively dosed pre workouts hitting the market in 2016.

Update: PRE Extreme has made it atop our 2018 Best Pre Workout Supplement List! Read on to see why!

Take […]

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Study: The Blood Sugar / Alzheimer’s Disease Link Continues to Grow

Alzheimer's Diabetes

Does a higher-carb diet contribute (or even cause) diabetes? A recent longitudinal study showed that higher blood sugar just might, adding to the evidence that questions why non-athletes should eat so many carbs. Can intermittent fasting help prevent it?

In […]

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Granite Supplements Speed Force: Burn Fat in a Flash ⚡

Granite Supplements Speed Force

John Meadows and Granite Supplements usher in the next wave of metabolism-spiking, fat burning powders in SpeedForce.

The Mountain Dog is BACK!

It’s been far too long since we’ve featured John Meadows and Granite Supplements on the PricePlow blog. The […]

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DMAE: The Lesser-Known Choline


In the world of nootropics, everyone has their personal favorites. Some like tyrosine, others like choline, still others really enjoy racetams. But within each of those families, there are personal favorites. For Tyrosine family, we prefer regular L-Tyrosine, while […]

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Why EAAs are the New BCAAs: Essential Amino Acids Stage a Coup


“BCAAs vs. EAAs?”

For quite a while, that was the big argument. Over the decades, branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements have been some of the most popular (and profitable) products on the market. Catapulted into the spotlight by some early […]

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SNS Joint Support XT Contest — Relieve Those Achy Joints!

SNS Joint XT Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win one of three bottles of SNS Joint Support XT, the premier joint health formula on the market.

Have the years of heavy lifting left you feeling achy, sore, and creaky all over?

It happens […]

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RedCon1’s LOVE IS WAR — TOTAL WAR — Contest (Win the New Formula!)

RedCon1 LOVE IS WAR Contest

RedCon1 and PricePlow want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day – The RedCon1 way!

LOVE IS WAR. TOTAL WAR. Now get you and your Valentine in here and WIN

And since we all know that LOVE IS WAR, […]

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Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey is Here, and it’s Everything We Wanted

Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey Highlights

Sparta Nutrition has finally released their highly anticipated protein Spartan Whey, which is FULLY DISCLOSED and OPEN LABEL.

Well it’s about time!! Sparta Nutrition, the company behind the legendary Kraken Pre Workout, has finally put out a protein […]

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