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Mike doing what he loves best - celebrating after a successful paddle race

Mike is the founder of PricePlow, a price comparison shopping website for nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Mike combines his background in competitive sports, computer programming, and biomedical science to deliver one of the most helpful nutrition tools on the web -- with, of course, the help of his incredibly talented writing and programming team.

In the sporting world, Mike is a competitive sand volleyball player and swimmer, specializing in endurance ocean swims as well as freestyle butterfly sprints. He is 6'0 and 195lbs as of February 2014.

But it's not all water -- when he's not spending ridiculous hours developing PricePlow, you can find him working out regularly with our sponsored bodybuilder, CJ Woodruff.

Mike lives in Austin, TX and is always happy to jump in on a triathlon relay as your swimming leg. He will bring you a great starting time, fun laughs, and a ton of supplements to get you through your race!

You can see Mike regularly on the PricePlow YouTube Channel.

Dallas McCarver Interview: RedCon1 Athlete Just 2 Weeks Out from the Arnold!

Dallas McCarver Interview

CJ Interviews bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, RedCon1‘s top tier athlete, who’s just 15 days out from the 2017 Arnold!


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Granite Supplements Arc Reactor – John Meadows’ Pre Workout!

Granite Supplements Arc Reactor

The Mountain Dog John Meadows has launched a new supplement brand titled Granite Supplements headlined by their dynamite pre workout Arc Reactor.

After leaving Prime Nutrition, the masses were wondering what would happen to a key contributor to the Prime […]

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5% Nutrition 6-Pack Bag – Eat Like Rich Piana All Day!

Rich Piana 6-Pack Bag 2

Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition have released their very own 6-pack bag to make eating healthy a breeze.

Everyone knows the hardest part of getting big, isn’t the training (although that can be tough!) — it’s the eating! To get […]

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StimuKal: Metabolic Nutrition’s Next Major Fat Burner

Metabolic Nutrition StimulKal

StimuKal is the newest stimulant-based fat burner from Metabolic Nutrition that crushes appetite, increases mood, and enhances thermogenesis.

It’s been awhile since we’ve covered any fat burners of note, but we had to see what Metabolic Nutrition was up to […]

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sho Nutrition Energy+: Natural Energy Boost with Light Caffeine

sho Nutrition Energy+

Energy+ combines natural caffeine from matcha Green Tea and a full complement of B vitamins to enhance energy levels at the cellular level.

Back in January, we introduced you to sho Nurtrition, and their founder Joy Wang. sho is […]

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Primeval Labs BIOS3 Xanix – Sweet Slumber

Primeval Labs BIOS3 Xanix

BIOS3 Xanix is an unconventional yet highly effective sleep aid from Primeval Labs that packs a solid dose of Humanofort.

Research shows that getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night can severely impact health, and worse yet, chronic […]

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Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme: Long-Lasting Pumps & Focus

Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme

Hype Extreme is a brand new stimulant free pre workout from Blackstone labs that significantly enhances pumps and focus.

Blackstone Labs is one of the hardest hitting companies on the market with their line up of extremely aggressive stimulant-based pre[…]

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Nutrex Outlift RTD: Finally a Clinically-Dosed Pre Workout RTD!

Nutrex Outlift RTD

Nutrex Research has created the ultimate on-the-go pre workout in Outlift RTD, the first clinically dosed RTD pre on the market.

In the age of “give it to me now” convenience that we seemingly live in, one category that has […]

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AZOTH – Holy Fully Loaded Nootropic!!

Seeking Azoth

Are you Seeking Azoth? After reading this write-up, you might want to…

At the end of last year, we forecasted that 2017 would be the “Year of the Nootropic” as they seemed to be catching on a bit at the […]

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sho Nutrition Balance: Enhanced and Easy Digestion

sho Nutrition Balance

sho Nutrition Balance helps restore your gut health to improve digestion, regularity, and immune system health – but it also has an easy-to-use, patent-pending delivery system to help you keep track of time!

Recently, we introduced you to Joy Wang […]

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