PricePlow Admired Athlete: Katie Cates Fitness

Today, we’re starting a new feature: Admired Athletes! Our first athlete is a local superstar with an incredible following that receives her daily meal plans, recipes, and workouts!

Katie Cates Fitness – The Texan Connection

Katie Cates

Introducing Katie Cates – PricePlow’s First Admired Athlete!

  1. Who are you, what do you do, and why do you do it?

    Katie Cates Hits the Weights

    Katie Cates Hits the Weights

    My name is Katie Cates and I am the owner and founder of Katie Cates Fitness. I am a personal trainer, sports nutritionist.

    Most of my work comes from online where I write custom meal plans and custom workout programs, but I also have a VIP area on my website where customers can have access to my daily meal plans and workout plans, plus recipes and videos.

    I do what I do because I understand how it feels to accomplish big goals. I once was fat, but after losing 72+ lbs I feel I can relate to others, especially women. I am a mom, wife and aspiring fitness model.

    The Vitals

    Height: 5’7 Age: 28 Weight: 140lbs Sponsorship Status: Unsponsored, but is a rep with 1st Step Pro Wellness

  2. Are you in training for anything right now?

    I am not training for anything. I am however doing my best to stay lean year round.

    Every other year I did an “off season” and never truly got a chance to enjoy being “small”. I went from fat, to skinny fat, to chubby, and stage ready.

    I just want to live a healthy life and be lean doing so.

    After my competition last year I realized the stage isn’t where my heart is. My heart belongs to helping others and living the same way I preach others to live.

    Bikini Model Katie Cates

    Katie’s Love Isn’t the Stage, but she has competed at a high level

  3. You have a killer following on Facebook – Give us some links for our readers to click!

  4. What’s in your fridge? Any go-to meals?

    1st Step Pro Wellness Whey Protein - Katie Cates

    Katie Isn’t Huge on Supplements, But Whey Protein is a Staple

    My fridge contains carton egg whites, whole eggs, already boiled and peeled eggs, pre-chopped veggies and fruit, pre-cooked chicken breast, cottage cheese snacks, and Greek yogurt.

    Since I am a mom, I also have things 4 year olds love too.

    To get Katie’s daily menu and workout plans, you can join as a VIP at the Sign-Up Page

  5. I know you’re not huge on supplements, but what are the few things you like?

    Katie’s Oddball Preworkout

    Editor’s Note: We dug up this video of Katie mixing 2 scoops of AmiNO Energy and 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein together as a pre workout. We’ve made some interesting concoctions in our day, but this one is definitely a first!

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    Katie is a Rep for 1st Step Pro Wellness

    Katie is a Rep for 1st Step Pro Wellness

  6. What’s your general weekly workout schedule?

    I just want to live a healthy life and be lean doing so.

    Monday – Delts (high reps) & abs Tuesday – Legs & HIIT Wednesday – Arms & abs Thursday – Back & Chest & HIIT Friday – Delts (low reps and heavy) & abs Saturday – Glutes & Hamstrings & HIIT Sunday – Either rest or light cardio

    To get Katie’s daily workout plans and menus, you can join as a VIP at the Sign-Up Page

  7. Everyone has a moment where the “switch flips” or they “snap” and get SERIOUS into fitness and training. What was your ah-hah moment?

    Mine would be during my pregnancy. I was gaining weight and things were becoming harder. At that moment I decided after I gave birth I would get into shape and never stop. I have done just that! :)

  8. What kind of male bodytype do you prefer from the following:

    Fight Club Brad Pitt Body

    Choice A: The Lean and Mean Brad Pitt Fight Club Body

    Gerard Butler 300 Body

    Choice B – The Gerard Butler “300” Body

    Cedric McMillan Bodybuilder Body

    Choice C: Cedric McMillan Bodybuilder Body

    Strongman - Derek Poundstone

    Choice D: Big ol Strongman Body – Derek Poundstone

    Katie’s Answer:

    I like the 300 body type. Not too beefy and not too lean.

  9. Name one of your pump-you-up songs for when you are having a flat day.

    I love Nero, the song “Promises”

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  10. Any “oddball” things you do that most “fitness gurus” or other trainers would disagree with?

    Katie On Stage

    Katie On Stage – Big on Circuits and Supersets

    Possibly my cardio, but I didn’t lose the weight I lost doing something wrong. LOL.

    I am forever a student of my body and if something isn’t working, I am open to suggestions or help. I do a lot of research and try a lot of different methods of training, but my body likes circuit and superset style training.

    So I am not one to focus on “weight” where most if not all fitness “gurus” focus on weight.

  11. This is for your younger followers. If you could write a quick letter to the YOU from 5 years ago, what would it say?

    I would tell myself to start now! I have nothing holding me back, I have all the time in the world to train and eat clean. There will be times to drink and party, but being healthy and loving the way you look is much more important than any party or alcohol. #confidence

  12. Name any other unsponsored up-and-coming bodybuilders / bikini models / competitors that you follow that we should know about

    Elizabeth Hill is a great friend of mine. She is a wife, mother and has a great weight loss and competition story too.

    And of course my buddy CJ–he will make it bigger than he already has. ;)

  13. Thank you Katie!! Once again, is where you can learn more from Katie, and her VIP membership is a total steal considering all of the meals and workouts you get every day!

    Find Katie at:



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